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Halloween hairstyles London

Blow dries and Hairstyles inspiration for Halloween 

The most Spooktacular day of the year is fast approaching and no I’ am not talking about the day Brexit is supposed to happen! It does fall on the same day but Halloween is the annual event we should all be looking forward to.

Halloween is a great time of year to experiment with more unusual and creative hairstyles and of course, if you are dressing up this year for a Halloween party your hair will need to look the part, won’t it?

So, let’s look at some ideas for Halloween hairstyles.

Crown Braids 

This isn’t the most obverse choice for a Halloween hairstyle but let’s be honest Halloween isn’t always about looking like a ghoul or monster is it? These days plenty of people go for a more heroic costume when it comes to Halloween parties.

The classic crown braids are perfect for women wanting something to suit a classic fairy-tale princesses look. However, if you want something with a darker edge it can always be adaptive into a monster-princess look. A charming and unusual choice crown braids can work very well for all manner of Halloween ideas.



Glamourous Voluminous Curls  

Now, this is a hairstyle you can rock for Halloween and beyond! The classic 80’s inspired curls hairstyle is ideal for all kinds of costumes a more glamourous witch, Rockstar and plenty of famous villains from TV and movies have rocked curls. Why settle for a cheap curly wig when you can transform your hair and do it the right way instead?   

Beach Wave Blow Dry 

We are specialists when it comes to stylish blow dry hairstyles and while this style might not seem overly suitable for a Halloween you might be surprised by how effective this look can be. This classic style is full of big bold loose waves and bends. So, you can enjoy it after Halloween as well!

But to fully showcase this hairstyle for Halloween I would suggest going for either a mystical mermaid look, you can even use accessories like shells to make things a little more nautical. Or dampen the hair a touch with a spray bottle and try and drowned zombie look. Whether you want glamorous or ghoulish this hair will do the job.

High Pigtails 

With the popularity of characters like DC’s Harley Quinn, this is sure to be a popular look around Halloween. Now making your own high pigtails can usually be accomplished but if you want your hairstyle to look good and last you should get it done by a professional.

Blow drying your hair for pigtails is one of the best ways to prepare your hair and there are plenty of ways the hair can be customised to make it more unique. From adding small additions to the hair to using temporary dyes and much more.

Messy Curls 

This is a similar style to the voluminous curls I talked about earlier but with a messier more out of control look to it. Think Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and you’ll get the idea of what this style is all about.

Smaller curls will frame your face and meet in a higher bun at the top of your head. It’s a messy but charming look and one that is perfect for Halloween parties and events although if you want to wear it while you are out and about you certainly can.

Medusa Hair

The classic Medusa hairstyle is a look that can be employed in a number of ways but one the best ways to rock this hairstyle is by using some long tight braids. The braids can be used to fashion a high-bun around your head and then you can decorate it using some plastic snakes.

If you want something longer and a bit more flowing a classic blow-dry can help. If you have long hair a stylish blow dry will help give it more volume then all you need to do is use some snake accessories to give you hair that classic medusa charm.

Alien Hair

Why not try something a little more out of this world and intergalactic? A sci-fi inspired hairstyle can be great for Halloween and beyond and is perfect for the woman not afraid to try something new! An alien inspired hair cut is something that can be done in many ways but let’s look at a few of our favourites.

If you want an intergalactic royalty look why not some Princess Leia inspired buns? In fact, buns can be adapted to fit all kinds of alien-inspired looks. If you have short hair then a bold bob can be a very sci-fi inspired look especially in a more unusual colour as well.  

So, that is just a few ideas for Halloween inspired hairstyles. Remember you can always mix and match ideas as well, don’t be afraid to be bold and creative. Halloween is a great time to leave your comfort zone and try something new.

You can book an appointment with us below for your Halloween hairstyles:



1940’s Theme Party Hair Inspiration

1940’s Theme Party Hair Inspiration

The 1940s has a style and fashion all of its own and many people look back at these retro-styles fondly.

Whether you want to turn back the clock and try something a little more old school or are having a 1940’s themed throwback party a classic hairstyle is a must.

The 1940s had its own unique fashion trends but it’s the hairstyles we most remember and there are some simply fabulous old-school hairstyles women will still be sure to love.

But where should you start if you feel like going back in time for a classic 1940’s hairdo? Well let’s look at some of the best 1940’s looks, shall we?

The Victory Rolls

The classic double victory roll hairstyle will look great at any event and it fully captures the spirit of the latter end of the 1940s. This look is said to encapsulate the stronger enthusiasm people had after the end of the second world war.

1940s hairstyle victory rolls

It’s also a look many famous actresses had at the time and a stylish yet deceptively minimalistic look. However, while this hairstyle might look simple actually doing it will require professional assistance to fully get right. So, if you want to try out this timeless hairstyle get in touch with our team today.

The 1940’s Pompadours

The 1940’s pompadour fully captures the attitudes towards wavy hair at the time. If a woman had a fringe it was almost always kept away from the front of the face and the hairstyle of the choice for doing this was the pompadour.

1040s hairstyle The 1940’s Pompadours

A 1940’s pompadour can be done in a variety of ways but the classic look was to stand the hair high up on the forehead. Wavy styles where popular but there was also some more smoother pompadour looks as well. It’s a versatile style sure to look good at any 1940’s style event.

The Omelet Fold

Now, this is one of those more unique 1940’s hairstyles that you don’t see around much today. So, if you want to rock something a little different but also want a hairstyle that fully captures the 1940’s then this a great choice.

The Omelet Fold 40s hairstyle

This hairstyle as a parting down the middle and each sided is rolled up and pinned back. It is beautifully retro and was best known for being the hairstyle of choice for actress Gene Tierney. A retro classic that will be sure to stand out it’s a great option for 1940’s events of any kind.

Pin Curls

The pin curl hairdo might look simple but it takes precision and patience to get just right. Pin curls are delicately placed around the top of your head into a flowing bun hairstyle. It looks beautifully elegant and was a popular style for formal events during the 1940s.

Pin Curls 40s hairstyle

In fact, while this hairdo is undoubtedly retro it is still something that can be worn for formal events these days as well. But whether it is for dinner out with friends or family or for a 1940’s style party this pin curls hairstyle is an elegant charming style woman can still enjoy today.

The 1940’s Curled Bob

This classic 1940’s look was famous because of actress Ava Gardner and was a popular choice for women with medium and long hair. Soft and wavy this elegant style takes some time to prepare as it requires hot rollers to fully get right.

The 1940’s Curled Bob

Once the rollers are cooled and removed the hair can be styled into this classic curled bob hairdo! You’ll look and feel like a 1940’s movie star with this hairdo and it is ideal for 1940’s inspired events like parties and other celebrations. Charming and beautiful even today anyone women will love this beautiful flowing bob.

So, now you have seen some of our favourite 1940’s hairstyles are you tempted to try one out?

If so then you’ll be glad to know that at the aer blow dry bar we can do all these great hairstyles and many more 1940’s classics!

We follow the traditional techniques but with a few modern innovative touches to fully replicate these classic hairstyles and many more 1940s favourites.

So, whether you feel like going a little retro or are holding or attending a 1940’s style event if you want your hair to look its best and capture that 1940’s charm book an appointment at the aer blow dry bar today.

Blow dry Bar Kensington

8 reasons why we believe we have the best blow dry bar in Kensington

Now we know that the blow dry bar market is a busy one and there are plenty of other bars just like us in the London area.

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we really do believe that we have the very best blow dry bar in the whole of Kensington.

Want to know why we think that? Well, we have 8 reasons to share with you. 

We believe in quality 

One thing that is always for sure with us here at Aer Blow Dry Bar, it is that we want to make sure that every client that walks through our doors, walks back out feeling amazing. With this in mind, we always focus on the quality of the hairstyle that we give everyone. We want to make sure that you feel as amazing as possible.

We take our time 

There are plenty of other salons and bars out there that want to get as many customers as possible through their doors on a daily basis, however, this is not the case with us. Sure, we get busy, but it is always our aim to take our time with every single person who comes to us. We never want to rush through your experience, we want you to feel that you have been truly taken care of. 

We are always professional

Whilst we like to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere within the bar, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to be professional. Every single member of our team is dedicated to providing the very best service and making sure that we always approach our customers in the right way. 

Our staff know what they are doing

As well as being great with customer care, the members of our team are all trained and experienced to a high standard. This means that they always are going to know what they are doing or what they need to do for you and your hair. 

You can relax when you are with us

Everyone deserves a spot of pampering and relaxation from time to time and this is definitely something that we can offer at Aer Blow Dry Bar. We want you to be able to forget all your worries, at least for a short while and simply enjoy some time which is all about you. 

We will give you helpful advice

Aside from making sure that your hair looks amazing when you leave the bar, we also can help you to try and keep your hair in the best condition possible in-between appointments. We are able to give you plenty of helpful advice which will ensure that you can take proper care of your hair. 

We cater to any occasion 

Big party coming up? Maybe you are off to a wedding? Fancy a treat just for yourself? Or perhaps you are heading to a job interview and you want to impress? It doesn’t matter what the occasion, with Aer Blow Dry Bar you will be able to find exactly the style that you are looking for. 

We are always friendly and welcoming 

From the moment that you walk through our doors, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. That is why we work hard in creating a warm, welcoming and friendly environment that people love to visit time and time again.

Want to see for yourself just how amazing we can be here at Aer Blow Dry Bar? Why not come and see us in Kensington and see if we are able to deliver all these things and more. 

Summer Blow dry bar

Summer Hair Styles: 2019 Trends

Summer is here (although the rain might tell us otherwise) which means that we need to think about how to style our hair during the summer months. Especially if we want to make sure that our locks look sleek and stylish not frizzy and wild.

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we have put together our guide to the top summer hairstyle trends for 2019

Fishtail Bun 

A bun is a great way to keep longer hair off of your neck and shoulders when the weather is really warm, but it might not be the most interesting of styles, especially if you want to wear it that way every day. A great way to spice things up is to style your hair into a lower bun, with fishtail braids (or just plain old French if that is all that you can do) that then wrap around the bun giving a touch of texture.

Ponytail with curls

Wavy, loose hair is something that many women look for. However, it can be hard to keep looking sleek, especially as the weather gets warmer and hair looks frizzier. An alternative that you can try out to having your hair down and in loose curls is to tie it up into a regular (albeit high) ponytail and then curling the hair that hands down. This will give your hair volume, but will make sure that it stays as sleek as possible.


Braids are the ultimate summer hairstyle, especially if you are heading to a festival and you want to keep your hair up and off of your face. There are so many different braids that you can try out for yourself, double, single, fishtail or French. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to braids and just how awesome that they are going to look in your hair.


Top knot

We have already covered buns, but a top knot is an entirely new breed of the classic bun and definitely deserves a category all of its own. The idea of a top knot is that it is easy to do and takes all of your hair off of your neck. The beauty of a top knot is that it doesn’t matter how messy it gets throughout the day, it is still going to work and even will look better the messier it gets.

Don’t forget a good blow dry

Of course, wearing your hair down during the summer months might not seem like the most fun thing to do. However, if you are heading out for the night, or you just want to give yourself a bit of a treat, then come and see us in Chelsea? Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we offer a dedicated blow dry service that is going to make sure that your hair feels amazing, no matter whether it is summer or winter!



3 Sure Signs It’s Time To Find A New Blow Dry Bar In London

Blow dry bars are often confused with hair salons and while there is some crossover and you might find an establishment that offers the services of both there are some big differences between the two. So, what is a blow dry bar and why might you need to find a new one?

A blow dry bar is a salon in many respects but it focuses on providing blowout services this generally includes styling, blow drying and washing. You won’t find services like cutting and colouring at every blow dry bar although there are some similar services. There will often be services like massages and manicures though.

The main reason people go to blow dry bars is for a relaxing experience and to get their hair blown out. A hair blowout will help lock your hair into your desired look and style making it look more stylish, healthy and full.

It might seem like a simple treatment when you are watching it get done but it requires a skilled professional to get it right. When you pay for the service you want your hair to look and feel amazing don’t you? But there is certainly a big scale when it comes to a high-quality blowout and a poor one.

Let’s look at some signs that might mean you need to find a new blow dry bar if you haven’t been happy with your blowout results so far.

Best Blow Dry Bar London

The Blowout Isn’t Holding For Long

One of the most common warning signs that you need to find a new blow dry bar is the fact that your blowout doesn’t hold for long. No one wants to pay to have a blowout only for the results to disappear within a few hours, do they?

Exactly how long a blowout will last will vary depending on the style you want and what you actually do after it’s done. But on average your desired style should last for around 3 – 5 days if your blowout is losing its lustre after a few hours then it wasn’t done very well so you should try to find a new blowout bar to get it done properly.

Blow out services in London

The Blowout Process Is Uncomfortable

One of the reasons blowouts are so popular is because the process of getting them done is designed to be a relaxing experience all about making you happy and feel more beautiful. There are various ways a blowout can be achieved and any good blow dry bar should provide a range of different techniques.

But if your experience getting a blowout feels rushed and uncomfortable then you should start looking for another blow dry bar to go to.

A blowout shouldn’t be rushed as it involves a lot of prep work aimed to help you relax and enjoy the experience. So, if you find yourself dreading the process then you should start looking for another blow dry bar.

You Can’t Get Your Desired Look With A Blow Out

Blowouts are designed to let you enjoy your desired hairstyle for longer and you can get various unique styles from modern urban hairstyles to old Hollywood glamour looks.

A good stylist will be able to help you get your desired look using a blowout but as I said earlier there is a lot of skill involved in how effective the blowout treatment will be.

So, if your current blow dry stylish is struggling to get you the hairstyle you want then it is time to find another establishment that can. Blowouts can be expensive (especially more high-end luxurious treatments) so you will want to ensure a trained and experienced stylist is carrying out the service.

aer blow dry bar london

Is It Time To Find Another Blow Dry Bar?

So, have you seen any of these signs when you go to your blow-dry bar for a blowout? If so don’t worry because getting your hair back to its best is much easier than you might think. There are plenty of places in London to get your hair styled with a professional blowout.

A blow dry bar is not your average salon it offers a more unique and professional service and if you want to give your hair the treatment it deserves you should visit the Aer Blow Dry Bar in London. Aer has appeared in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Hello and more so you can ensure high-quality.

You can get fantastic treatments from specialised AER blow dry services for all kinds of hair, massage treatments, threading, tinting, manicures and much more. So, if you are looking for the best London blow dry experience book a visit to AER today!

hair styles for extensions

Great Hair Styles for Hair with Extensions

Extensions are a fantastic addition to your hair. Not only can they add length, but they can add volume and thickness too. You can buy real hair extensions which not only feel great, but they look great too and they can easily be heat styled, just like your own natural hair.

With extensions in, there is so much that you can do with your hair. So, to help inspire you, we have put together our guide on the very best hairstyles if you have extensions.

Beach waves

If you like the idea of letting your hair flow freely, but want to give it a bit of oomph, then you might want to think about beach waves. Of course, the quickest way to get waves in your hair is to use a wand, but, if you want to minimise the amount of heat that is on your extensions then there is an alternative.

If you wet your hair then you can twist two strands around one another, all around your hair. Secure them and let your hair dry. When you remove the hairbands your hair will be wavy and the smaller the twists, the tighter the waves will be.

Half up-half down with high ponytail

When you have extensions in your hair you may be worried about having it tied up, just in case anyone can see where they meet your natural hair. A great alternative style is to go for half up and half down.

You can make this even cuter (a little Ariana Grande if you like) by having the up part as a high pony on top of your head. This helps to get some hair out of your way, but also keeps any extension connections covered over.


The messy bun

Of course sometimes you just need to put your hair up and the great thing about extensions is that they give your hair so much volume that up do’s can look gorgeous. This is especially true for the messy bun.

Not only do extensions help you to put your hair up, but, it also means that you have plenty to have down to create that messy look. The stands that you do pull out of the main bun section not only add to the style, but, can also help to cover over any parts of your hair whereby you can see that you have extensions.


There are so many things that you can do with extensions in that sometimes it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

If you feel like you need a helping hand with styling your extensions, then you might want to book in to see us at our Blow Dry Bar in London. We are experts in styling hair, whether you have extensions in or not.

Arrange an appointment and see just how we can help you to feel, and look, fabulous.

How to match nail colour with outfit

How to match your nail colour to your outfit

When you are putting an outfit together you are going to need to carefully consider each and every part to make sure that it looks its best. Colours need to complement one another and not clash, else you could end up looking nowhere near as good as you hoped. One part of your outfit that you might not even think about, but that is still important is your nail colour.

But how do you make sure that your nail colour works with your outfit? Especially without making it obvious?

match nails

Match all your nails to really complete the look

One of the most obvious ways to make sure that your nails match the rest of your outfit is to make it match perfectly. You can do this by choosing a nail colour that works perfectly with one of the colours that you are rocking (or the only colour if you have picked something subtle).

Contrast with the main colour in your outfit

nails and outfit

Of course, having nails that perfectly match your outfit is the safest option, but that isn’t always the most exciting of choices. A different approach to take is to contrast your nails with your outfit, think primary colours such as red with a blue outfit or yellow with a green outfit. These colours might not complement each other, but they do work together to create a contrast.

Think about your accessories and match them

There is a good chance when you are putting together your outfit that you will also think about which accessories you want to go for. If your outfit is relatively plain in colour (think white or black) and that isn’t going to work for your nails, then why not match your nail colour to your accessories rather than your outfit?

Stay away from nail art if your outfit is printed

Prints are big in fashion and they look amazing no matter your shape or size. The only trouble with prints is finding anything to match them.

Plain nails might not seem the most exciting of choices, but nail art on your nails might actually clash with the print on your outfit. That said, don’t be afraid to go for some sparkle or a simple stamp as, if you keep it basic, it can actually add into your overall outfit.

Fancy treating yourself to some professional nails that you can be proud of? Why not come and see us at the Aer Blow Dry Bar? Of course, we create amazing hairstyles, but we also have staff on hand to take care of your nails too, offering a range of nail treatments. All of which will really help to make sure that your outfit looks amazing.


How to keep your scalp healthy during the winter months

There are plenty of things that are great about the winter months, snuggling up inside, drinking lots of hot chocolate and the chance to wear big snuggly jumpers. Whilst these things are amazing, there are plenty of things about winter that you probably won’t look forward to quite as much.

One of these is the impact that the winter can have on your hair and scalp. Winter’s hair is a real problem and here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we know that it can be hard to know exactly what to do when your hair is not quite looking its best.

To help you to take proper care of your hair and scalp over the winter, we have put together some of our top tips that you can try out for yourself.

Protect your hair as best you can

One of the first things that you should try to do is to keep your hair protected from the elements. We all know that hot weather can make your hair frizzy, but the cold weather can really have an impact on your hair and your scalp too. Of course, the easiest way to keep your head protected is to wear a hat, but this comes with its own issues. Hats that are too tight can restrict the flow of blood to and around your scalp, as well as causing your scalp to become sweaty, irritating it.

Always stay hydrated


It doesn’t matter the season, one thing that you should always make sure you do is to drink plenty of water. During the winter it can be all too easy to forget just how important your water intake is, however, you really need to remind yourself to keep on drinking. Otherwise, your poor scalp is going to become dehydrated, dry and possibly flaky too.

Keep up with your trimming routine

Money can be tight during those first few months of a new year, which means that often those things that we don’t deem as a necessity are forgotten about. Such as having your hair cut. Haircuts are incredibly important and are something that you should not forget about. A regular trim makes sure that your hair is always in good condition and puts less pressure on your scalp too, which is going to make everything feel and look better all round!

Avoid washing your hair in a hot shower or bath


When it is cold outside, you are going to want to warm up with a hot shower or bath. However, when it comes to washing your hair this is the worst thing that you can do. Hot water will damage your hair and can cause irritation to that delicate scalp area, which means that both will start to be past their best. It is much better to try and wash your hair with warm or cool water as this will limit the damage that can be caused to them.

Try not to wash your hair too much

We all like to have clean hair, but sometimes frequent washing is going to have a huge impact on your hair and scalp. This is because it removes all the natural oils from your hair. Of course, you do need to wash your hair if you don’t want to end up a greasy mess. But you should aim to wash it every 2 or even 3 days.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Hat hair is not attractive, flat, limp and lifeless hair can make you feel a little sad when you are already feeling glum on a winter’s day. The good news is that there are things that you can do to try and revive and refresh your hair. Dry shampoo is one of the best lift me ups for your hair during winter months. All you need to do is spray it into the roots of your hair, which will keep your hair full and give it back some oomph.

Dry your hair naturally at home

When the weather is cold you need to make sure that your hair is dry before you leave the house, however, if you can, this should mean that it is air dried rather than heat styled. Heat styling is unavoidable sometimes, but if you can, let your hair dry naturally in the air. This will make sure that all the natural oils and moisture are kept in your hair where it needs to be.


Treat your hair

It is important for us to look after our skin, not only in the summer but in the winter too. This means that you need to use the right products to keep it at its best. The same is true for your hair. You can use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a treat, but if you really want your hair to feel better, then you might want to come and book in to see us.

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar we have the right techniques, products and knowledge to ensure that your hair feels, and looks amazing. No matter the season.

So, there you have it, our top tips for making sure that your hair looks amazing throughout the winter. Whilst we can’t promise you that you will have beautiful weather, what we can promise is that your hair will feel great.

Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, which means that you are going to want to make sure that your eyes always look their best. There are a number of ways that you can do this and one of the most popular beauty treatments out there for your eyes are eyelash lifts and eyelash extensions.

Both treatments are known to increase your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. However, they are different and offer different things. Not sure that you know the difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts? Well, take a look at some of the things that sets them apart.

All about eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, the idea of eyelash extensions is that they take your natural eyelashes and transform them. This is not only by giving them additional length, but also volume and thickness too. Eyelash extensions can be made from a variety of materials, include faux-mink, silk and synthetic. Each one has its own price bracket and level of natural look.

The extensions are either applied as a cluster to your natural lashes, or as individual strands of lash-like fake lashes, these are glued in place, much like you would with a strip lash, but only much more complex and they must be applied by a professional who is fully trained and knows what they are doing.

The pros and cons of eyelash extensions

One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that they look amazing. You only have to see someone fluttering their newest lashes to know that they are a worthwhile investment. They are great for people who have barely any lashes or that feel self-conscious about their sparse lashes or short lashes. They also encourage ladies to take a much more natural approach to their make-up, often because they feel happy because their lashes look amazing.

The bad thing about eyelash extensions is that they require quite a look of upkeep too, especially when it comes to washing and drying them to keep them looking at their fluffy best.

All about eyelash lifts

An alternative to eyelash extensions is having an eyelash lift. Essentially, a lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. It takes the natural lashes that you have, no matter how short and stumpy they are and transform them into the fluttery lashes of your dreams. They do this with a chemical solution that is applied to your lashes, before they are glued down to a silicon shield which pulls them up as the chemical solution sets. Lash lifts are usually completed with a lash tint, which makes them look darker as well as longer and curly.

The pros and cons of eyelash lifts

Compared to applying lash extensions, lash lifts are relatively low cost and budget friendly. Whilst they will need doing again, the results usually last as long as 8 weeks (depending on how well your hair holds a curl). This means that they are much better for someone who has a tight budget.

They are also great for those who want a low-maintenance way to make sure that their lashes look amazing. Whilst you should avoid getting them wet during the first 24 hours after the treatment, after that, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet in the shower.

You can even wear mascara on top of your lashes, even after a lift. This means that you can opt for a natural look during the day, then perhaps pop on a bit of mascara for the evening.

One negative to a lash lift, especially when you compare them to extensions, is that you are probably not going to get the same effect as you would with extensions. The results that you can expect to achieve will also depend on your own natural lashes, not exactly ideal if you want lashes that are fluttery and flirty.

Which one is best? Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

The thing to remember with both of these treatments is that there really isn’t one that is better than the other. Sure, the results with an eyelash extension are definitely going to be more visible than with just a tint, however, the upkeep is so much more. You really need to think about which is going to match your lifestyle and the time that you have and then you can pick a treatment that is right for you.

If you are not sure which one is going to work out best for you, then why not discuss the results that you want to achieve with an expert? They will not only summarise the differences between the two treatments, but also whether or not they are going to give you the look that you crave.

You can book an appointment with our Beautician in here

Whether you choose an eyelash extension or an eyelash tint, one thing is for sure, you might as well make sure that you feel great all over. Treat yourself to a new outfit, or two and maybe even arrange for a facial or another beauty treatment.

Last, but definitely not least, there is your hair. Come and see us at the Aer Blow Dry Bar and book in for one of our amazing updos or blow dry treatments and you can make sure that you feel absolutely gorgeous, from your head to your toes.

How to totally rock your New Year’s Eve

How to totally rock your New Year’s Eve with our top hairstyle and outfit ideas

If there is one celebration that lots of people enjoy, then it is New Year. Not only is it time to celebrate the good from the past year (or wave goodbye to the bad) it is also the hope that the next year will be better.

So, with this in mind, it makes sense that you are going to want to look your very best when you head to your chosen New Year’s celebration. But where to start? It can be hard to figure out where to start, so, to help inspire you, we have put together some of the best outfits that you can opt for this New Year’s and the hairstyles that are going to look best with them.


Now, we have to admit that we are fans of the jumpsuit. Not only does it look amazing on a night out, but it is also super comfy too, which is a pretty awesome combination if you ask us. Jumpsuit come in a wide range of colours, fabrics and styles, and there is a good chance that you will pick one that depends on your body shape/size as well as your own personal style.

Once you have the perfect jumpsuit in mind it is time to move onto the hairstyle. The great thing about wearing a jumpsuit is that there are lots of ways that you can style your hair. However, we really like the idea of opting for a sleek updo, such as a simple pulled back ponytail, which will keep all of your hair off your shoulders and back. This is especially true if the jumpsuit that you are going for has lots of detail that you want to show off.

Little Black Dress

There is a reason why the little black dress never ever goes out of fashion. Not only is it classically stylish, but it is flattering and going to make you feel amazing when you pop it on. The great thing about little black dresses is that you can accessorise them in whatever way you see fit, adding colour with shoes or a handbag, or perhaps leaving things plain with just a pair of black heels and a simple clutch.

When you choose a little black dress, you are going to be rocking something that is simplistic, however, you can bring your entire outfit to life by teaming it with an eye-catching hairstyle. We think that one style that really goes well with a little black dress is a glorious bouncy blow dry. Not only is this going to give your entire look a lift, but it also makes sure that your hair looks full of volume and healthy too.


The great thing about the little black dress is that it always looks gorgeous, however, if you want to give things a little bit of extra glamour then why not add in a smokey eye as this will bring everything together to create a truly sultry look?

Mini- skirts and turtlenecks all the way

Are you not a fan of getting cold? Want to make sure that you look super stylish whilst you celebrate New Year whilst still being cosy and snug? If this is true for you then it might be time to bring out the turtleneck and min-skirt combo. We really do love this look, mainly because it is not only comfortable, but it can also be oh so chic and stylish too.

You can team the miniskirt with heeled boots if you like the idea of bringing it up a notch, and don’t forget the opaque tights too. You also want to think about your hairstyle too, seeing as this is a simple look but one that is chic and stylish, we think something simple such as an elegant wavy blow dry is going to work perfectly.

If you are worried that things are looking a little too casual, then you could also opt for glam make-up. Maybe even going for a red lipstick as this will really add an extra touch to your look.

Sparkles and trousers

We have already shown you that you don’t have to wear a skirt or dress to a New Year’s party. Not only can you consider wearing a jumpsuit, but you could even opt for trousers as your epic outfit. But when you are wearing trousers you may think that you need to pair it with something eye-catching. So, why not team your trousers with a touch of sparkle? Come this time of year there are so many amazing sparkly tops out there that you are going to be spoilt for choice.

With such a sparkletastic outfit, you are going to need to make sure that your hair compliments it perfectly. Why not opt for a slightly messy high bun? This popular style will move your hair off of your shoulders, leaving your top to be the main focal point, whilst still making sure that you look party ready and glamorous. You could even team this look with some sparkly eyeshadow (although not too much of course) to really bring everything to life.

As you can see, there are a number of awesome pairings that you can opt for when it comes to putting together your New Years Eve outfit. If you want to make sure that your hair looks its best and you are not sure that you can do it alone, then why not book in to see us here at Aer Blowdry Bar? Not only are we experts in making sure that your hair is 100% on point, but we are also there to make sure that you feel amazing about yourself.

Which we think really is the best way to start the New Year!

Holiday season in Chelsea

The top things to do in Chelsea this Holiday Season

London is a great place to visit all year round, however, if there is one time of year that it is particularly magical, it is during Christmas and the New Year. Not only are there an assortment of events on, but the entire city becomes a twinkling sea of lights too.

There are plenty of places in London that you can plan to visit whilst you are in the city. One of which is Chelsea. But what can you actually do in Chelsea whilst you are here? Let’s take a look at some of the top things to see and do.

Bluebird Café Chelsea

Who doesn’t love the idea of spending some time in a cosy and welcoming café? Especially during the winter? This is definitely something that you wouldn’t think that you would see in Chelsea, however, with the Bluebird Café you can find just that. Dubbed as a café on a grand scale, there is nothing second class about this amazing eaterie. Not only does it serve a variety of amazing and top-quality food but during the festive months the courtyard is transformed into a white wonderland, Narnia if you like, complete with heated lodges that you can while away a few hours in.

Cambio de Tercio Restaurant

Found on Old Brompton Road, Cambio de Tercio is one of those places that you go to when you are looking to experience something truly special and remarkable. It offers up some of the finest food in the area, with flavour combinations and presentation that is definitely going to leave you feeling utterly impressed. Ideal for a festive treat, we highly recommend getting yourself booked in for this particular restaurant as it can be busy with eager diners looking to explore everything that has to offer.

Eclipse Cocktail Bars

Sometimes all you need to do really enjoy some time in Chelsea during Christmas and the New Year is to sit and relax in a bar, chatting and catching up with someone special. A really great bar located on Old Brompton Road is Eclipse. Old Brompton Road is known for being home to a number of Shops and boutiques, however, it is also a great place to enjoy some social time. The Eclipse cocktail bar has a distinctly intimate feel. Eclipse isn’t all about the style, of course, it is also a place to try some amazing cocktails, as well as indulge yourself in some delicious food too. A really great way to spend some time.

Shopping on Fulham and Kings Road

One of the best things about the holiday season is that you have plenty of excuses to treat yourself and those around you. Which means that you are going to need to get some shopping time in. Thankfully, Chelsea has plenty of amazing places that you can head to if you want to get some shopping done. Not only are there a number of high street names out there, especially in the Fulham Road and Kings Road, but there are also a variety of boutiques and smaller name stores that you can visit for something that is a little bit different. There are also a number of designer stores too, all of which have something a little special to offer you when you are on a shopping spree.

Hollywood Road

If you are feeling peckish and you are not sure where to go, then one great place to head is Hollywood Road, Hollywood Road is absolutely packed full of amazing places to eat, with a restaurant to suit every single taste and cuisine preference. There are places that suit those on a budget, as well as places that are probably more for a special occasion. It really does depend on who you want to spend some time with and how much of a budget you have set aside.

Of course, all of these things are great fun, but what if you fancy giving yourself a bit of a treat during your time in Chelsea? Aer Blowdry Bar is the place to come. Based in the area we are easy to get to. Not only this but we also offer a wide range of beauty treatments and many blow dry options for your hair. All of which will make sure you feel festively fabulous whilst you are in Chelsea.


Then, it is down to you where you take your amazing hair, you could spend it dancing the night away, eating at an amazing restaurant or perhaps simply sitting and catching up with someone special.

Whatever it is that you want to do, one thing is for sure, you will never be short of things to do in Chelsea.

Happy Holidays from aer 🙂

Eyebrow Shapes for your Face Shape

It’s time to talk about eyebrows! Everything that you need to know about your brows!

They may not seem like the most important thing to think about, but your eyebrows are so much more important then you may realise. Not only do they protect your eyes from anything coming from on top of your head, but they also go a long way to creating your look too.

The thing about eyebrows is that it can be hard to look after them properly, and not only this, but it can also be tricky to know which way to go when it comes to shape and style.

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar, we know a thing or two about hair, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know about eyebrows. So, with this in mind, we have put together our guide to all thing’s eyebrows and all the important stuff that you need to know to ensure that yours look perfect.

How to know which brow shape will work with your face shape

When it comes to our faces, we know that no two are the same, however, that said, there are a variety of different face shapes out there which are similar. Knowing your face shape can really help with the choices that you make for your hair and even for the make-up that you choose too. Another thing that you should never underestimate is how your face shape can have an impact on the eyebrows that you go for too.

So, what style of the eyebrow is going to match your shape of face?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common face shapes and which eyebrows match them.

Round Faces

Those that have round faces (Adele and Kelly Clarkson are two examples of this) need to stay away from other round shapes on their face. Now, of course, an eyebrow is never going to be a circle, but there are some styles which are much more rounded than others. These are not the best option, instead, you are going to want to opt for a high arch in your eyebrow shape also for men, this will stop your face appearing quite as broad and will open up your eyes and lengthen your face.

Heart shaped faces

A heart-shaped face can look truly beautiful, especially on someone like Reese Witherspoon, however, what you will realise about Reese is that she knows which eyebrow shape is going to work best with her face. High arches are a big no-no as they are far too dramatic for the chin area, however, a low arch, slightly rounded and curvier brow is going to be the ideal complement to the top of the face.

Square Faces

When you think of a square face, chances are that you think of someone like Keira Knightley. One thing that you will notice about Keira is that her eyebrows are set in a strong style. This is to ensure that they are balanced and just as attention-grabbing as the stronger lower part of the face, namely the jawline. A barely-there, the thin brow is never going to capture the same level of attention, so this is definitely reason to stay away from this style.

Oval faces

Oval faces are known to be a truly beautiful face shape as it means that everything is in perfect harmony, rather than one part of the face being stronger than the others. In order to keep this balance, those who have oval faces should try and opt for softer eyebrows, as this will keep the balance that is seen in the rest of the face.

Long faces

Long faces like Sarah Jessica Parker are known to be a strong look, those who have long faces will want to opt for an almost straight brow, eyebrows that are flat and long, this will help to widen the face and take away from some of the overall length.

Taking care of your eyebrows

Now you know more about the type of eyebrow shape that you need to be rocking, it makes sense that you are going to need to understand more about how best to take care of those eyebrows.

Always encourage growth

The first thing that you should remember is that your eyebrow hair is just like the hair on your head, in order to make sure that it looks its best, it needs to grow. In order to encourage growth, you need to make sure that you are getting plenty of Vitamins A, C and E in your diet, you also want to try and apply natural oils to the eyebrows too in order to get them to grow better.

Avoid over plucking

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your eyebrows at home, however, it is vital that you never, ever over pluck them. It can be tempting to really go to town on them, especially when they are looking messy, but not only can this lead to you having eyebrows that are not quite the style that you hoped for in the short-term, but you may also find that in the long-term your eyebrows will be thin and you will find that they don’t grow very well.

Visit a professional

Whilst you can tidy up your eyebrows yourself, if you really want to make sure that your eyebrows look perfect, then you are going to need to visit a professional.

You can choose threading, plucking or waxing, all three of these work really well, however, what you need to remember is that a professional is not only going to know the right shape for your face but also be able to carry out the perfect technique to minimise pain and make sure that your eyebrows look beautiful too.

Think that it is about time that your eyebrows had a bit of a makeover? Feel inspired to change them up? Why not book in to see us here at Aer Blow Dry Bar? Based in London and offering a wide range of hair and beauty services, we are the place to come when you want to transform the way that you look and leave feeling like a brand new version of yourself.

Have a look at the Services we Offer in Here 


Christmas Party Hairstyle Ideas 2018

Find your Christmas party hairstyle with these amazing ideas and inspiration for your hair

Christmas is not only a time for giving, and spending with your family, it is also a time to party. The thing about Christmas parties is that you are going to want to look your best.

Your outfit and make-up can be relatively easy to sort, but one area that many people are not quite sure what to do has to be their hair.

Being experts in all thing’s hair, we have put together our inspiration guide on how to create the most amazing hairstyles for any Christmas party.

Check out these amazing ideas and see if you can find the hairstyle that is going to have you feeling and looking amazing.

The high ponytail

Nothing says party ready like a high ponytail. Not only is this hairstyle incredibly easy to put together, but if you add a touch of a curl to your hair before you pop it up then you are going to give it more volume and a whole other dimension. The best thing about a high ponytail is that it doesn’t degrade over time with all the merriment, but it simply stays the same throughout the night. No matter how much dancing and fun that you have.

Half up and half down with a ribbon touch

The half up and half down hairstyle is a classic one, for good reason. It is a style that is not only elegant, but it is timeless and classic too. The only trouble is, is it glitzy and glam enough for a Christmas party? To add in an extra dimension to the style, you could always add in a ribbon tied around the secured part and then hanging down amongst your hair. This could be a classic black ribbon, or you could make sure that it matches in with your outfit, shoes or handbag.


There is a reason why a chignon is still around, despite it being an older style of hair. They are so amazingly stylish and versatile, Which of course, never goes out of style. Chignon can be worn tight and slick to the head, or, if you like the idea of something a little softer, then you can choose to wear them looser and more relaxed. Best of all, you can then add in a touch of sparkle with some statement earrings or maybe a sparkly clip in your hair.

The low bun

Much like the chignon, the thing about a low bun is that it never ever goes out of style. It is a really elegant hairstyle that works well for a more formal occasion. We love the idea of this style with a side parting and very few strands loose, best of all, keeping it all tight against your face is going to make sure that you don’t have to worry about flyaway hairs come to the end of the night.

The Heidi plait

If you are really worried about frizzy hair from all that dancing and having fun, then you are going to want to make sure that your hair is perfectly kept back off your face. In order to do this, and look stylish, you are going to need to opt for a braid. These work really well in long or short hair and they can be relatively easy to master at home. The great thing about plaits, especially this Heidi style, is that it doesn’t matter if some hairs start to make their way out of it, it is still going to look great as the evening draws on.

Sleek and straight

Picture of Sleek Straight Layered Hairstyles –

Sometimes, you are not going to want an updo. Instead, you are going to want to make sure that your hair looks a whole lot simpler. Although, who is to say that you can’t give it a helping hand to look beautiful too? With this in mind, we think that sleek and straight is a pretty great option to go for when it comes to your hair.

It is something that you can do yourself at home and that you won’t need to worry about lots of products or having lots of time. You will need to make sure, however, that you do some hair treatment on your hair as straightening it can lead to it looking frizzy or being damaged over time.

Add some waves

Another down do, if you want to keep your hair loose, but you want to make sure that it has some texture and volume, then you really can’t go wrong with a few waves. These are easy enough to do yourself at home and is one of the ultimate party hairstyles. What we really love about adding waves to your hair is that it is simple to do and still has a really bold impact. Something that is hard to beat.

The hairstyle that you decide on will really depend on your own personal sense of style and the overall look that you are going to go for on the night. Ultimately, you are going to want to make sure that you look and feel fabulous, as isn’t the overall plan for any big event, party or night out?

Struggling to find the ultimate hairstyle for your Christmas Party? Not sure that you can make any of these ideas come to life yourself? Why not give yourself a Christmas treat and book in our London based blow dry bar. Here at Aer Blow Dry, we not only know how to create the most beautiful hairstyles, but we also know how to make sure that you leave our salon feeling a little more than amazing and completely ready to party.

Halloween hair Ideas

Halloween Hair and Nail Ideas 2018

Halloween is almost here and we have to say that we are pretty excited. Not only does it mean that there are going to be tons of sweets lying around, but we also get to have some fun and dress up. The trouble is, not everyone wants to go down the usual route when it comes to costumes, so what can they do?

To help give you the most amazing look this Halloween, we have put together our guide to some of the very best Halloween hair and nail ideas for 2018.

Halloween hair ideas

So, when it comes to planning an outfit for Halloween, there is a good chance that you are going to forget about your hair. However, your hairstyle can really make or break a Halloween outfit, as well as this, it can also help to give you a spooky look, without having to go to the effort of designing an entire outfit.

But where do you start with Halloween hair? To give you some inspiration we have put together a variety of Halloween ideas that you can try out for yourself.

If you are feeling creative, not to mention if you have hair that is light enough to take on a dye, then a pumpkin bun is a great option for you to consider. Not only is it easy to do, but it is perfect for any Halloween party too. All you need to do is bring your hair up into a ballerina bun (using a doughnut if needed) before spraying it a nice bright orange.

For those who are particularly crafty, you could take it one step further and make a leaf-like hairpiece, which will definitely add to the illusion.

Another great bun based Halloween hairstyle that we love is a spider style bun. This works much the same as the pumpkin hair, but instead of painting orange, you can paint it black (if you dare) before adding in some pipe cleaner legs. You could even take this one step further and add some googly eyes if you want to make it cute rather than out and out scary.

For those who may be opting for a fun Halloween costume, such as a doll or something similar, then a hair bow is a great option.

These can be hard to master, however, the effort really is worth it in the end and a hair bow can look amazing, as well as really add into an outfit, even one that is relatively plain and uninteresting.

More Halloween Hair Ideas:


Halloween nail ideas

When you are planning an outfit for an event or for a party, then chances are that you will always take the time to think about your nails. However, the same isn’t usually true when it comes to Halloweens outfits.

However, it is important to remember that if you really want to perfectly finish off your Halloween outfit, then you might need to consider some Halloween themed nail art. There are a variety of designs and decorations you can use to create Halloween-esque nails, so if you are looking for inspiration then you might not want to look any further than our assortment of Halloween Nail Ideas.

You can keep things simple with an orange and black colour scheme, which might be more basic than other approaches, but we can assure you, when it is finished, you will be really pleased with the results.

If you are feeling a skeleton vibe, then you may find that a sparkly skeleton nail design is just what your nails need. Especially if you are dressing up as a skeleton for trick or treating or as a part of your Halloween costume.

For those who are not sure what they are dressing up as, or whether they are dressing up at all, and want to create a Halloween esque look that they love, then Ombre nails might be a great idea. You need to work with relatively dark colours if you want to really make sure that your nails look spooky enough, however, a dark red and a purple, or even black are going to work really well together.

A truly creative look for Halloween nails is nails with stitches, the best way to create this look is to use a light base colour which can then be topped with a glitter top and some Frankenstein like stitches next to your cuticles. We really like the fact that these nails are pretty, but that they are still in keeping with the rest of Halloween style. Perfect for a party or for a night out.

Worried that you won’t quite be able to achieve the most amazing Halloween looks for your party or event? Well, why not come and see us here at Aer Blowdry Bar for our Halloween Makeup, nails and hair event.

Held on Saturday 31st October from 3:30pm to 7:30pm you can transform yourself into whatever spooky look is on your mind. We have 5 professional and talented make up artists on site who specialise in face-painting. Not only this but we will also have a beautician to tackle nail art and hair stylists who can help to transform your look. If this wasn’t enough there is prosecco and a truly party atmosphere, which will get you in the Halloween mood.

We are open to both men and women, so why not come along as a couple and have a Halloween inspired makeover. We can help you to feel your best, even if your main aim is to look your worst.

Halloween Makeup Idea

Halloween Make-up Ideas 2019

Whilst Halloween is a great time of year, for those who struggle with costume or make-up ideas it can be a relatively stressful time. After all, you are going to want to make sure you make an impression, but, for most people, you are going to want to still look great. Particularly if you are heading to a party or event.

Halloween Makeup London

There are plenty of people who will pop a pair of cat ears on and call that their outfit, but what about those of us who want something a little different? Something that is really going to stand-out.

These people are going to want to get some make-up inspiration to really make sure that they don’t blend in. To help inspire you, we have put together some of the best Halloween make-up ideas for 2019. All to make sure that you look and feel amazing come to your Halloween party, event, night out or simply just if you are planning on trick or treating with your kids.

Halloween Makeup London

An evil mermaid

Glitter might not seem like it is particularly terrifying, but given a Halloween twist it can be pretty impressive. Mermaids are a great Halloween option, sure, they can be cutesy, but if you mix in some darker coloured glitter, maybe even with a drop or two of fake blood, then you are going to create a sea monster that is going to have people fishing to find out how you created your look.

Skull face

Now, this may seem like an obvious one, but more often than not, the old ones are the best. The great thing about skull faces is that they are easy to mix with a suit or something black, making a Halloween costume, not to mention the fact that there are so many variations and styles out there to choose from, that you can definitely make sure that you put your own spin on things. You can also use this as the basis for a couples costume idea, as it works for both men and women.

Pennywise the clown

Not for the faint-hearted, not only is this make-up style pretty darn terrifying, but it can be tricky to do too. There are lots of guides online to help you to recreate this monster clown look, but you may find that you need to give yourself plenty of time to try and recreate this (or even better, find someone else who can do it for you).

A broken doll

There seems to be more and more doll based horror films at the moment, which means that dolls are becoming scary again. You can opt for a simple doll face make-up if you are short on time, just don’t forget the red lips and freckles. However, if you want to give it a spooky spin, then why not opt for a broken doll instead? It is the same base, but you add in plenty of cracks and lines to your face, which can make your face appear even scarier.


Zombies may seem obvious, but there is a reason why they keep appearing in the Halloween make-up rundown time and time again. Zombies are scary, that is a fact, and there is so much that you can do with this style that it is easy to customise. Some may opt for a Walking Dead realistic zombie, whilst some may decide that a more cartoony, green zombie is a better approach.

Pop art person

Most of us love the art prints made famous by Andy Warhol, however, you might not realise that you can bring this look to life using some careful make-up techniques and a whole lot of bright colours. We really like this idea for a party as it is not only different, but it is a sure-fire way to get noticed too.


For those who are short of time, or are not feeling particularly creative, a vampire might be the best option. For this look you are going to need incredibly pale skin which you then need to team with bright red lipstick and some dark and dramatic eyes. Then you will be one step closer to creating a vampire look which will have Dracula himself impressed.

We hope that these ideas have helped to inspire you for your Halloween plans. The trick is to try and think about not only what you can do, but also the amount of time that you have. You also want to think about the type of event or party that you are going to, as you are going to want to keep it suitable.

If you think that you could do with some support when it comes to making the most amazing Halloween look, then you might want to come and check out the Halloween event at Aer Blowdry Bar.

We have organised a spooktastic time on Saturday the 26th and Thursday the 31st of October. Not only will you be able to book in to have your hair styled by one of our amazing team, but we are also offering appointments with a beautician, for amazing Halloween nails and slots with one of the 5 make-up artists who will be transforming guys and girls into ghosts and ghouls.

If this wasn’t enough we also have Prosecco and a party atmosphere, which means that you are sure to leave our London based blow dry bar, not only looking great but also ready to hit your party or event too.

black tie event hair

Hair inspo for a black tie event

When you are attending a black tie or formal event, you are going to want to make sure that you look your best. The dress is going to need to be on point, as will the make-up and to go along with both of these things you also need to think about your hair.

So, how can you make sure that your hair looks amazing? Why not check out our top hair inspo for a black tie event and see if you can find your ultimate hair do?

The half up, half down bump

A half up and half down hairstyle might not be the most exciting to rock for a formal black-tie event, however, we believe that you can really vamp it up with a bit of volume. In order to create this style, you need to bring together half of your hair in the normal half-up style, before paying attention to the crown, teasing it so that it creates almost a mini beehive effect, before adding some curl to the hair that is still down.

Rock it down and straight

Whilst a black tie event hairstyle will often be an up do, that doesn’t mean that these are the only hairstyles that you have to choose from. Sometimes, the ideal hairstyle is a simple and sleek style. If you are looking for a simple hair style, then why not opt for a blow dry for your hair? This will make sure that your hair looks beautiful, but that it is not too fussy either.

Give the simple ponytail a revamp

You might not think that a ponytail really screams out black tie event, however, there are ways that you can transform and revamp a simple ponytail into something that looks a whole lot classier. The thing to remember with a ponytail is that you need to inject volume into it, we highly recommend curling it before you pop it up as this will instantly add volume, another tip is to tease the crown and this will help with volume too.

Make an entrance with glamorous waves

There is a reason why you often see celebrities walking the red carpet rocking glamorous waves. They are not only simple, but they are beautiful and elegant too. The easiest way to create these large and loose waves is to use hot rollers on dry hair, not only are they easy to use, but they give you the most perfect look at the end of it. The trick with these waves is that you should never rush them and you should treat them with care. It also looks great if, when they are set, you bring them around to one side to frame your face.


A less than messy, messy bun

A messy bun might sound too casual for a black tie event, but the great thing about messy buns is that they actually work for formal events as well as heading to the shops. The trick is the amount of attention and volume that you add into the hairstyle, this will transform the style. If you are lacking volume in your hair then we recommend that you curl your hair before you tackle this hairstyle, it is also going to make sense that you use a foam ring (or donut) in your hair as this will help form the bun.

Another top tip for adding to this particular style is to wrap around the base of the bun with something sparkly as this will up the glamour.

The classic low chignon

If Kate Middleton wears a hairstyle then chances are that it will become popular, thankfully, she seems to be more than happy to be seen with simple hairstyles that you can recreate at home. We love seeing her with a low chignon, a style that sits just on the nape of her neck. Not only is this particular style elegant and beautiful, but it is also easy to do yourself at home, you are just going to need to make sure that you have plenty of bobby pins to hand in order to secure this.

Be the queen with a crown of braids

There is nothing to say that you cannot rock a cute look for a formal event. Particularly if it is a beautiful crown of braids. A hugely Heidi-esque hairstyle, to create this you are going to need to braid either side of your hair before bringing it over the top of your head and pinned down the other side. This will create a cute little crown style which is textured and is going to look beautiful, particularly if you team it with some dramatic and detailed earrings.

Step straight off of the Paris runway with a French twist

Another elegant and simple hair do is to have a French twist. These twisted hairstyles will ensure that your hair has texture, but it will also help you to ensure that it is off of your face, ideal if you plan to do some dancing. A top tup pori with this particular hairstyle is to ensure that you bring a small can of hairspray in your bag as there is a good chance that throughout the evening you may have some strands come loose.

A black-tie event calls for a special hairstyle, of course, if you feel prepared to do it, then you can try to tackle at home yourself, however, if you are worried that things are not going to work out as they look on Pinterest, then perhaps you should think about asking for expert help.

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar In London, we are able to provide you with a blow dry and up do service that is hard to beat. Dedicated to making sure that your hair looks beautiful, we will help you to create those styles that you dream of.



thin hair blowdry

Thin hair? Why not see if a blow dry can help

Sad about thin hair? Why not see if a blow dry can help give it bounce and volume?

worried about thin hair

Thin hair isn’t something that many people are going to want in their life. After all, when you think about beautiful hair, you are likely to think of hair that is full, thick and with plenty of bounce.

Some people may decide that extensions are going to be the only way to achieve the thick hair that they are searching for. However, here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we believe that there is another way.

Whilst the humble blow dry may be seen as a way to make sure that your hair is dry after washing, it can actually be so much more than this. Blow drying your hair can help with a style, can help with the way that it looks and of course, blow drying your hair can give it the bounce and volume that you are craving.

Always use the right products



The starting point for any blow dry is to ensure that you have the right product at your disposal. You are looking at products that are designed to give your hair volume as well as ensuring that it is sleek too.

You may find that it takes a few attempts to find the right product for you, one that works and that smells great too. Think of it as a primer for your hair if you like.

Without it, you are essentially blow drying your hair naked, which isn’t going to make for happy hair.  You should aim to use a good quality shampoo and a hair-dryer too. Whilst your old trusty may have stood the test of time, you may find that it is not actually helping that much when it comes to creating the look that you are trying to achieve.

Blow dry the roots first

Once you have applied your product to your hair, you are ready to grab your hair dryer and get to the task in hand. One top tip when it comes to blow drying your hair is to aim your nozzle (with the concentrated tip) at the root of your hair, as this will blow the warm air towards the scalp.

Think about the way that your hair normally sits, and make sure that you aim the hairdryer the opposite way. Sounds strange we know, but doing this will ensure that the root stands up straight, rather than sitting against the scalp. If you are finding it hard to reach some of the areas on your hair, then maybe try hanging your head upside down, this will help you get the back of your head and the nape of your neck too.

Zig zag your parting

One more top tip coming your way is all to do with your parting. A straight parting is often going to highlight any sparse areas of hair that you may have, therefore, a much better idea is to aim for a zig zag parting instead.

You can do this with ease using a parting comb, or, if you are stuck without one, a grip will do the job just as well.

Work on your hair in sections

Once you have given your root a blast and it is pretty much dry, it is time to work on the rest of your hair. It is best if you try and separate your hair, working in sections, rather than tackling it all together. Not only will this allow you to smoothly dry it, but it will also stop you possibly flattening those roots that you put so much effort into volumizing.

You should start with the bottom layer of hair, pinning up the rest of it. Grab a round brush and blow dry that section of your hair whilst you pull the brush through. Just remember to avoid the roots. You will need to repeat this throughout the rest of your hair, making sure that it looks as beautiful as possible.

Always, always set before you go

The last step is the finishing touches, something that is just as important as the rest. The thing to remember when it comes to setting the hair, and ensuring that it looks sleek, is that you don’t want to use a product that is too heavy and avoid applying any product too close to the roots, this will not only ruin your hard work but could also make your hair look greasy, which isn’t going to give the impression that you are trying to achieve.

If you feel like your hair needs it, then you could always spritz it with some holding spray, however, in the most part, the power of the blow dry should be enough to keep it in place and look fabulous.

Visit a professional for the ultimate blow dry

Of course, you can give yourself a good blow dry at home, however, if you really want results to be proud of, that are going to stand the test of time, then you are going to want to visit a professional.

Here at aer Blowdry Bar we are a London based salon that specializes in the art of blow drying. If you need a blow dry treat for a special occasion, or simply to give yourself a treat, then we are the place to come.

With our expertise and a whole variety of tools at our disposable, we can ensure that you leave our salon feeling like a million dollars and looking like it too. 🙂



hairstyles in a hurry

The best hairstyles for when you are in a hurry

In an ideal world, you ladies would have as much time as you wanted to get your hair and makeup looking perfect. However, the truth is that sometimes you simply do not have the time to spare when you need to go out.

Does this mean that you have to resign yourselves to boring and dull hair? Of course not. There are a wealth of hairstyles that you can do yourself at home, even better, hairstyles that you can do in a rush. So, to help inspire you, we have put together the best hairstyles for you to try out when you are in a hurry and need to get out of the door.

Twisted ponytail

A ponytail has to be the easiest way to style your hair when you are in a rush. However, the truth is that they can be a little on the boring side. If you want to transform your ponytail then why not try a twister ponytail? All you need to do is gather your hair in a low ponytail don’t tie it up in a ponytail, however, instead twist the base of the ponytail clockwise before securing it in place with bobby pins at both sides.

Ponytail Tutorial:

A messy bun

If you want to pull your hair completely off of your neck and face, then a high bun is going to be the ideal choice. To do this you are going to want to gather your hair into a high ponytail, this should then be twisted clockwise forming a bun, before securing in place, either with a bobby pin or two or perhaps a hair band. The best thing about this particular style is that it doesn’t matter if it is messy, because this is the whole point.

Messy Bun Tutorial:

The quick twist

We like the fact that this particular hair style is easy to do but is also stylish and suitable for heading to work. In order to do this particular style, you need to separate your hair into 3 sections. The middle section should be tied up in a low ponytail, you need to pick up one of the remaining sections of hair, twisting this section around the middle ponytail once. This twisted section will then need to be pulled through the elastic band around the middle section making sure it is combined with this ponytail. You need to repeat this with the other side and then in place with bobby pins.

The Quick twist Tutorial:

Braided headband

If you are a fan of having your hair down, but want to make it a little bit more interesting, then a braided headband is a great idea for you to try out. You will need to take a section of hair from behind your left hair, use this to make a regular braid. It is a good idea to try and pull out the edges of the braid a little as this will give it more volume and make things look textured. The braid should be tied up with an elastic band, the braid should then be led across your head, which forms a headband across your head, this braid can be pinned up with bobby pins.

Braided Headband Tutorial:

Fishtail plait

A braid is the ideal way to get your hair off of your face and away neat and tidy, however, it can be incredibly trick to master a braid that is more than just one of the standard braids. Thankfully there are some easier options that you can consider, a fishtail braid is one of the best ones to think about.

Not only are fishtail plaits beautiful, but they are easy to do too. You need to split down your hair into two sections, you take a small section of hair from the outside of one section and bring it over into the middle, joining it with the other larger section. You then repeat this with the other side, and keep on going all the way down before securing with a hair band. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to worry about it being messy and this makes the hairstyle even more charming.

How to Fishtail Braid:

A double pony

Sometimes one ponytail is not enough, so, one way that you can make it even better is to double up. You need to start this particular hair style by tying your hair up in a half up and down style. The hair that is down will be hanging behind your ears, whilst the up part will be in a relatively high ponytail. The hair that you have left down will then be scooped into a second ponytail that will sit underneath the first one. You then need to tease the top ponytail to make sure that it looks beautifully messy and full of volume.

Double Pony Tail Tutorial:

Low braided bun

Sometimes you are going to want to have a touch of texture to your hair, whilst still keeping your hair simple and easy to do. A low braided bun could be the ideal answer for you. To start this hairstyle you need to pull your hair back in a low ponytail, this should then be tied with elastic to keep it in place.

The hair should then be braided and secured together. The braid can be taken and wrapped around the base of the ponytail as you would for a bun. The hair can be tucked away ensuring that the loose ends are secured with a bobby pin before giving the entire style a spritz with your favourite hairspray.

Braided Bun Tutorial:

As you can see, your hair can look beautiful, no matter how much time that you have to get ready. Sometimes you just need to think about styles that are going to be easy to do and that you can have looking perfect in no time at all. Ideal for when you need to get out of the door.

Hair Treatments at aer

The top reasons to add an add-on, here at Aer Blowdry Bar

Here at Aer Blowdry bar, we understand that sometimes our clients simply need a treat or two. There are going to be times when you want a straightforward blow dry or up style from one of our amazing stylists. However, there are also going to be times when you want to treat your hair as well as yourself.

This is why we have add-ons as a part of our services. We currently offer three different Hair add-ons that you can choose from, each one giving you something different. But what are these add-ons and what can they do for you?

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment

Kerastase hair treatment

It is no secret that many of us want to have bouncy and healthy looking hair, which is why many people head to a salon for a cut, colour or in our case, blow dry and style. However, if you really want to make sure that your hair is looking picture perfect, you might need to book in for something a little bit extra.

As a part of our add-on service, we offer the popular Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment. Kerastase is a name that is often linked to indulgent and extremely luxurious haircare, bringing the best quality ingredients, with scientific research, which makes sure that you have the very best hair possible.

What is the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment?

Everyone’s hair is different, which means that everyone needs a bespoke blend when it comes to their hair product of choice. Something that the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment is able to offer. The products that are part of this treatment range are boosters and concentrates which can be brought together in over 20 different combinations. Which means that there is going to be a product that works for your hair.

The entire treatment doesn’t take very long and you can start to see the results straight away, which is ideal for those who are short on time, but that want to have the most amazing hair possible.

What are the results?

Thinking about this particular add-on treatment? Want to know the results that you can expect? If you opt for this particular treatment then you can expect your hair to feel smooth and shiny, as well as full of life, thick and bouncy.

Your stylist will discuss with you the products that are going to work with your hair and by using these particular products you should see your hair looking and feeling good for around 5 washes, which, depends on the number of times that you wash your hair, should be a couple of weeks.

Time Out Scalp Massage

Benefits of scalp massage

Our lives are hectic and busy and sometimes we are going to feel completely overwhelmed by everything that you need to do and just life in general, Heading to a hair stylist gives you a chance to slow down and relax, so why not extend that as much as you can with a scalp massage.

We offer a 10-minute scalp massage as a part of our blow dry service, which we feel is the ideal add-on for you to choose as a part of your hair treatment. But what is so great about a scalp massage?

The benefits of a scalp massage

There are a variety of benefits to getting a scalp massage. It helps with dry and flaky scalps as it keeps it lubricated and helps the oils to soak into the skin and stay there. It also helps the blood to circulate in the scalp area too, this is because the fingertips stimulate the scalp into action and get the blood flowing.

Scalp massage is also great for the condition of your hair too. It encourages your hair to grow and strengthens the roots of your hair too, which helps it to stay rather than falling out. Also, as the massage will help to move around the natural oils that the scalp produces, your hair is going to feel soft and in the very best condition possible.

Finally, one of the best things about a scalp massage is that it gives you a chance to sit back and relax. Just close your eyes and chill, after all, you deserve a bit of time to yourself.

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment London

We might not realise it, but our hair is always fighting a battle against everything we chuck at it. Air conditioning, pollution outside, hot water when showering and of course colouring and heat treating our hair, all of these things can have an impact on your hair and leave you with brittle or dry hair.

For hair that has been damaged by the chemical process, you can rest assured that this is going to give your hair the exact look that you are going to want.

Not only is Olaplex going to give your hair an instant lift, but this particular hair treatment is designed to actually rebuild and fix the damage that has been building up for years, permanent damage. Your hair will be stronger and will be much more resilient to any future damage, which means that this particular treatment is definitely a great treat for you.

As you can see, whilst we may be experts in blow dry’s and up styles, there is plenty more that we can offer you when you come to see us for help with your hair.

Whether it is a treatment that gives you sleek and beautiful locks, a scalp massage that is going to help you to relax and unwind, or perhaps a long-term fix for the damage that you have caused to your hair.

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we have everything that you could ever want for your hair, as well as some things that you may not even realise that you wanted and needed.


How to prevent your hair from tangling

When it comes to your hair, no-one wants to look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Sleek, shiny and soft hair is something that we all aim for, but despite our best efforts, sometimes our hair can get a little on the tangled side.

So, how can you try and prevent this? Are there things that you can do to make sure that your hair is a little less tangled and a little more luxurious.

Always give the ends a good condition

Conditioning your hair is a key part of the washing process. Whilst shampoo will make sure that your hair is clean, conditioner is what it needs to get it tangle free and sleek. It is vital that you focus on the ends of your hair, ensuring that they receive a healthy dose of conditioner and that they are properly nourished.

Never forget to brush your hair before bed

Wake up in the morning only to find that your hair resembles a bird’s nest? Well, this is a sure sign that you need to make an effort to give your hair a good brush before bed. Pop your hairbrush next to skin cream or perhaps your toothbrush to serve as a reminder that you need to give your hair a once over every night.

Try to avoid hair products that are packed with chemicals

It might sound obvious, but chemicals are really bad for your hair. Unfortunately, many products that you can buy to try and tame your hair, will be packed full of chemicals. Using these products every day can cause damage to your hair and damaged hair is hair that ends up looking tangled and, well, a mess.

Stop dying your hair so much

Who doesn’t love having a fresh new hair colour? Many of you do, which leads you to dye your hair on a frequent basis. The trouble with hair dye is that it really dries out your hair and this dry hair is much more likely to become tangled. If you can, the main aim should be to dye your hair around 3 times a year, as this will help to keep your hair in the very best condition possible.

Arrange a trim every 3 months

Long hair is something that plenty of you crave, however, even if you are trying to grow out your locks you really do need to keep on top of having it trimmed. Hair needs cutting around every 3 months max, otherwise, you will find that the split ends make an appearance and this will not only leave your hair feeling tangled, but also will remove some of the bounce from it too.

Want to give your hair a sleek and stylish boost? If you do, then why not book in for a treatment with us here at Aer Blowdry Bar? With so many different services on offer, with our help, you can make sure that your hair looks the very best that it can.


How to make your blow dry last longer

We all know how great it is to have a brand-new blow dry. Our hair is going to feel sleek, well styled and just simply amazing. So, it makes sense that we all want to make sure that those feeling last as long as possible.

But how can you do this? How can you make your fresh blow dry last longer?

Try and avoid any humidity or moisture

One of the biggest things that you can do for your blow dry is to try and avoid any moisture or humidity. This will stop the style from dropping and the hair being left frizzy. You might not be able to avoid the wet weather, so, if you do have to go out then you will definitely need an umbrella and you may want to clip up the ends of your hair to ensure that they stay dry.

Wear a loose bun to bed

We all have to sleep but sleeping can cause our hair to become flat. If you want to try and keep it as in shape as possible then a good idea is to pile your hair on top of your head in a loose bun. This will stop your hair from being squashed. It is important that you do not tie your hair up with an elastic tie, as this will cause it to have kinks in it.

Give it a blast with cold air

If you think that your hair is already starting to droop, then it is going to make sense to try and wake it up with a quick blast of cold air. You need to turn your head upside and then turn the cold air on in the hairdryer, never use hot air as this will cause it to lose shape. Once you have done this you will need to give it a spritz of hairspray which will give it body and hold.

Make friends with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an amazing thing, not only is it simple to use, but it also helps extend the amount of time between washes that your hair is going to need. Dry shampoos come in different varieties, some that are designed for light hair and others that are designed for dark hair. All you need to do is give your hair a spray when it feels like it is starting to get greasy and you will be left with more volume to it as well as hair that feels a little bit cleaner too.

Now you know how to keep your blow dry looking as good as possible, then why not book in to see us at Aer Blowdry Bar. We can help to create a blow-dry style to be proud of and ensure that you leave feeling like you are on top of the world. Then hopefully you can take care of it and ensure that it stays that way.


Eyebrow threading for men, a must try!

Eyebrow threading might not be something that you instantly think of when you consider male grooming. However, it may be just the treatment that you are looking for. So, what are the benefits of eyebrow threading for men? What makes it a must try treatment?

What is threading?

As the name suggests, threading your eyebrows involves using two pieces of cotton thread. These pieces are entwined and then moved over your face in a fashion that will remove hairs as they go. It is completely natural and does not rely on the use of any chemicals, which makes it great for your skin. Even skin that is particularly sensitive or prone to reactions.

It isn’t about shaping

We know that one concern for men when it comes to eyebrow threading is that they are going to be left with feminine looking eyebrows. The idea behind eyebrow threading is that it is more about cleaning up your eyebrows, not shaping them. It is designed to clean up stray hairs that have grown around your eyebrows. Particularly those finer hairs that may not seem so problematic, but that can have an impact on how you look overall.

It will brighten up your face

If your eyes look shadowy, then this is likely to give you a dull and tired appearance. Even if you are not feeling that way. Because eyebrow threading tackles those finer hairs that often form around your eyebrow, it is able to give your entire eye area a clean and clear look. This will boost them and ensure that you look awake and ready to go.

It can make you look younger

Now, we are not claiming that eyebrow threading is a miracle worker, however, as you are tidying up those rogue hairs around your eyes, you are likely to look much younger and fresher than you otherwise would.

Threading is gentle yet quick

Of course, individual plucking of an eyebrow is a great way to ensure that you get the exact look that you are hoping for, however, it is incredibly time consuming. Waxing is much quicker, yet the adhesives used during the process can have an impact on your skin, particularly if you suffer from sensitive skin.

So, the answer comes in the form of threading. Threading not only removes hair quickly, but it also provides an accurate and thorough way to remove even the finest of hairs.

One question that we are often asked is whether or not it hurts? Of course, any method of hair removal is going to have some amount of pain associated to it, however, we think that it isn’t that bad, particularly when you compare it to having other parts of your body waxed.

Think you might be ready to brave the thread? If this is true for you, then why not check out not only threading but other men’s skin care treatments that we offer? We can make sure that you look and feel amazing, without having to worry about looking like you have just stepped out of a beauty salon.

Find in HERE the Treatments we offer.

Hot weather hairstyles inspo

Whilst the hot weather is pretty great, particularly for soaking up the sun and grabbing a tan, it isn’t great for your hair. Hot weather can dry out your hair and leave ordinarily beautiful locks looking somewhat like a frizzy lions mane.

So, what can you do to help this? Here at Aer Blowdry Bar we have decided to help you out.

We have put together some of the very best hot weather hairstyles inspo, perfect for you to try out.

Double French Braided Bun

The great thing about French braids is that they pull all the hair back off of your face, yet, if you want them to they can still look soft with a few hairs pulled out. This combination of 2 braids and a bun is a great way to style your hair during the hot weather. We love the idea of rocking this at festivals, as well as on holiday when you will be popping in and out of the pool.

The Top Knot

The ultimate in messy hairstyles, the top knot is not only a fun way to style your hair, but it is also ideal for getting every last strand off of your neck. One thing that we love about the top knot is that it is really easy to do, all you need is a few hairbands (and perhaps a hair donut for an extra oomph). Not only this, but you can also make it look a little different by adding in braids.

The ponytail


Now, this may sound like an entirely obvious choice when it comes to your hair, however, there is no underestimating just how great a ponytail can be. If you are worried about how plain a ponytail can look then you always have the option to curl your hair before you pop it up, or, book in for a sleek blow dry to give your hair a sleek and stylish look.

French Twist

Often the go to hairstyle for weddings or formal events, the French twist is also great for the summer months, particularly if you are heading out for dinner or out for the night. It is a good idea to try and pop some volume into your hair before you tackle this hairstyle and then you should only need some bobby pins and a can or hairspray to achieve the style 🙂

Best of all, when it comes to a French twist, the less perfect that it looks, then the better it is going to be for the summer months.

Hopefully you have found some inspiration on how to ensure that your hair looks beautiful no matter the weather outside.

If you are stuck for ideas or not sure the techniques to these hair styles, then why not book in to see us here at Aer Blowdry Bar? We are experts in hairstyles, no matter the weather and can make sure that you feel amazing.


Worried about thinning hair? Check this out

 Here are some of the reasons why it could be happening

When it comes to being noticed, our hair is one of those things that many people will see first. Which means that we are going to want to make sure that it always looks its best.

Hair that lacks body, or even worse, is thin and patchy can deplete our self-confidence and make us feel pretty down on ourselves. The trouble is, when it comes to thinning hair, you might not always know the root cause of it, as well as how to fix it.

To help you understand more about hair loss and thinning hair, we have put together some basic information about why your hair could be falling out, some of which may surprise you.


One of the biggest causes of hair loss has to be stress. Stress can appear in our lives at any point and from a variety of sources, however, if it is long-term and impactful, then you could see your hair making a sharp exit. When it comes to stress-related hair loss, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that the best way to recover is to try and combat the stress that you feel. That isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to feel better and start to get your hair back on track.

Not eating enough protein

Protein is an incredibly important nutrient to have in your diet. Without it, your body will find it harder to regenerate itself, particularly when it comes to growing new hair. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then protein is going to be harder to ensure that you have in your diet, but there are plenty of things that you can eat to try and boost your intake and get your hair growing again.

Your Genes

When men lose their hair, the main reason for this is down to their genes. Surprisingly, the same is true for women too. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do about heredity causes of hair loss, although there are some over the counter products and treatments that you can try out at home.


Anaemia is when your body doesn’t have enough iron. This can have a huge impact on your body, causing issues such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness and pale skin. Another thing it can do is stop your hair from growing and replacing itself, which will lead to thinning hair. The good thing about anaemia is that it can be easily fixed, either by making dietary changes or simply by taking a supplement to up the levels in your body.


Feel that your hair needs a bit of a boost? No matter what look you want to achieve, here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we know exactly how to make sure that you feel amazing as well as look fabulous too. It doesn’t matter if you have thick hair or hair that is thinning, we can transform you and help you to feel your best.

Nails polish trends

2018 Summer Nails Trends We Love!

Having our nails done is a treat that is perfect no matter the time of year, however, there is something extra special about having your nails transformed just in time for a spot of sunshine.

nails trends

Think it is about time for you to treat yourself to a spot of summertime nail loving?

Then why not check out some of the hottest trends that are about to rock your world this summer.

Baby Pink

Okay, so we have to admit that pastel shades might not be the dream for everyone, but if you are looking for a fresh and flirty approach to summer nails then you can’t go far wrong with a touch of baby pink. Think candyfloss and ice cream and you about hit the nail on the head with the right shade to go for this summer.

Cherry Red

Deep, dark and rich with just a hint of fruit. We love cherry red and we are not just talking on our lips. Ideal for taking you from the beach to a bar, red nails make you feel like a sexy senorita, who is ready to dance the night away.

Mermaid Nails

It seems like mermaid inspired fashion and beauty is everywhere at the moment and for good reason too. When it comes to mermaid nails we are thinking beautiful blues and greens with just a subtle hint of glitter, good enough for any sea queen to be seen in!

Gothic Black

Now, when you think of summer nails, chances are that black isn’t the first shade that comes to mind. However, the great thing about black is that it works no matter the time of year. If you are worried about it being too dark and, well just a little drab, then why not add a bright or sparkly accent nail or some delicious stamping over the top? Don’t forget to add a hand crema after the nail polish application. Best of all, when you opt for black you have a shade that works with anything.

Just Glitter

It is no secret that we are partial to a touch of glitter, and sometimes, if you are thinking about what to team with your favourite sparkles, the truth is just to go for it with them alone.

Glitter will not only have you ready for the night out, but will make you feel like a disco princess, even if you are having a staycation this summer, and to be honest, when you see your friends holiday pics, you are going to be thankful to have something to take your mind off of having to stay at home.

Whilst, here at Aer Blowdry Bar we are experts in creating amazing hairstyles, we don’t ever want to limit ourselves to this, which is why we make sure that our clients feel great from top to toe. With this in mind we are proud to offer our amazing nail service, ideal for special occasions, before a holiday, or simply just to make sure that your nails look amazing.

Check out the link:   Nails Services we offer

benefits of lashes extensions

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If there is one beauty treatment that we love indulging in here at Aer Blowdry Bar it has to be lash extensions. Of course, the main reason for this is to ensure that we have flirty, fluttery lashes that are just crying out to be admired, but along with this, there are a whole host of other amazing benefits to opting for lash extensions too.

So, what are they? Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might want to book in for a summer lash extension treat.

Lash Extensions enhance the natural beauty of your eye

Our eyes are one of the features that most people will notice about us, which means that they are a feature that you are going to want to enhance. One of the best ways to make sure that your eyes look the best that they can is with lash extensions. Lash extensions work with your existing eyelashes, making them appear longer and fuller, which is often the exact look that you want to go for.

You don’t have to worry about wearing mascara in the heat

Have you ever spent the night dancing away in a nightclub, only to catch sight of yourself with sweaty mascara streaks all down your face? If this is true for you, then perhaps you ought to consider trying out lash extensions before you head away on holiday.

We love the fact that with them you don’t have to worry about mascara, which not only helps with your make-up regime but also makes sure that you don’t have to battle with panda eyes come to the end of the night lol

They are durable and long lasting

Worried that your lashes aren’t going to last through those hot days at the beach? Well, the truth is, when you turn to an expert for the treatment, you can be sure that they will stand the test of time. No matter how long you dance the night away or sit in the sun soaking up the rays. They will stand strong.

Lash Extensions won’t interfere with your sunglasses

One concern that many women have about rocking lash extensions during the summer months is that they are going to rub and interfere with their sunglasses. Not exactly ideal for the summer. However, the great thing about lash extensions is that you can choose how long to go, meaning that they will work around your own needs.

Thinking that you want to try out lash extensions for yourself? Here at aer Blowdry Bar we take great pride in being able to offer a professional and high-quality lash extension service. Carried out using the best lashes and by experts, you can be sure to leave our salon feeling like a million pounds and looking like it too!

Father's day gifts ideas

Father’s Day Grooming Gift at aer Blow Dry Bar

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we are pretty excited about Father’s Day. Not only does it mean that we get to show our own dear old dad’s just how special they are to us. But we also get to help you to treat your dad’s too.

Father's day gifts

To ensure that your dad feels as great as you think he is, we have put together a guide to all the different grooming gifts that you can book in for him to enjoy. Available in our London Blowdry Bar, all you have to decide is which one you think he will appreciate the most.

Eyebrow threading

men threading

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a touch of grooming. Eyebrow hairs like to misbehave, particularly as you get older, which means that you need to find new and inventive ways to tame them. Eyebrow threading is ideal. Not only does it keep eyebrows neat and tidy, but they also do so with minimal fuss too. Ideal for even the manliest of men.

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Manicures and Pedicures

When it comes to nails, whether finger or toes, the common misconception is the that the only treatment that you can have is to transform them into something bright. This really isn’t true, and to prove it we offer our manicure and pedicure service which is designed entirely for men. Ideal for making sure that your nails are healthy and look their best, it is also great for those men that spend most of their time not taking good care of their hands or feet.

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Eyebrow Tinting

Even men could do with a spot of a tidy up on their eyebrows from time to time. Especially if they have any hair loss or patches on their brows that look out of place. Eyebrow tinting might not be a treatment that instantly jumps to mind with men, however, it can be incredibly useful and ideal for those guys who like to take care of their appearance. Something that is happening more and more nowadays!

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Shampoo and Massage + Blow Dry and Styling

For many men, their hair is their crowning glory. So, if your dad is lucky enough to still have a good head of hair, despite his advancing age, then make sure that you embrace this for Father’s Day. We are experts in all things hair and we take great pride in being able to transform any men’s hair into something that amazing. Not only this, but our shampoo and massage service will ensure that he can sit back and just let any of his stress simply melt away.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to book in your dad for his very own treatment package. With our help, he will not only be able to relax and unwind but also enjoy spending his Father’s Day being taken care of by our expert team too!

ascot hairstyles

The odds are high on these amazing Ascot Hairstyles

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we love welcoming in people who are looking to have their hair styled for a special event. For some, this could be a wedding, a party or perhaps even a day at the races. With Ascot Ladies Day just around the corner, we thought that we would dedicate this blog post to some amazing hairstyles that means that everyone can be a winner on the day. Or at least look like one!


One of the biggest issues with finding a hairstyle for Royal Ascot Day is that you are often going to need a hairstyle that is going to work with a fascinator or hat.

Here are some Ascot Hairstyles Ideas;

Plaits and braids

Ascot braid with Hat

A common misconception is that when you have a hat or fascinator to wear, that your hair needs to then be dull and boring underneath. This really isn’t true, in fact, we think that you can still have some drama and texture in your hair. Without detracting away from the style of your hairpiece. Why not rock some plaits or braids for the day? Not only does this look beautiful, but it will also help to keep your hair pinned back and out of the way.

Keep it sleek

If you are sporting a larger brimmed hat, then you are going to want to make sure that your hair is sleek and perfectly in place underneath. We like the idea of simply having your locks loose, perhaps with a blow dry.

However, another great option is to sweep it off your face with a low pony or a chignon. Essentially, the last thing that you are going to want is loads and loads of clips in your hair, as this will stop you feeling the need to fiddle with it during the day.

Up the style with an updo

Whilst a low chignon may be ideal for a hat, if you are rocking something smaller, then you can afford to go bigger with your hair. An updo such as a high, well-styled bun, not only looks thoroughly classy and elegant, but it also will stop your hair from becoming messy as the day goes on. Best of all, you can team this with a wide range of hats and fascinators, or even just a few simple flowers, to really create a picture-perfect look.

Thinking that you need a little help when it comes to achieving the ultimate Ascot look? If you are in the Kensington area, then why not come and see us here at aer Blowdry Bar. We are experts in working with a range of hair types, creating a look that is not only picture perfect, but great for a day at the races too. You can bet on that!

taker care of your hair on holioday

How to take care of your hair on holiday

When you are on holiday there is a good chance that the last thing that you are going to think about is looking after your hair. However, looking after your hair is something that you need to think of when you are away from home.

Sunshine, warm air, sand, sea and late nights, all of these things can have an impact on your hair. Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we know exactly what it takes to make sure that your hair looks and feels its best, however, as much as we would like to come with you on holiday, there is no chance that we can fit in your suitcase.

So, what can you do to look after your hair yourself when you are on holiday?

We have put together our guide to the things to do alongside resting, relaxing and soaking up the sunshine.

Pack yourself a hair mask

If you are heading away for a week or two in the sunshine, then over the time your hair is going to get dry. In order to give it the nourishment that it needs and stop it going frizzy (and a little crazy) then the best thing to do is to pack yourself a hair mask. If you can try and apply every other day then your hair will thank you. Doing this also gives you the perfect excuse to sit down and read a book for half an hour.

Suggested: Kerastase Soleil Hair Mask (you can purchase this at our salon)

Wash your hair in cold water before you take a swim

There is plenty out there that says that cold water is good for your hair. However, this doesn’t always seem like an exciting prospect when you are at home. When you are on holiday though, and the sun is shining, it probably won’t seem as bad to dip your head in the cold water. The best time to wash in cold water is before you take a swim in the sea or pool. Your hair is only able to absorb so much water at one time, which means that if you have already washed it in cold water, then you will find that the pool water doesn’t take too much of an effect.

Avoid straighteners

Although you are going to want to make sure that your hair looks its best when you are on holiday, heat treatment isn’t likely to be the best idea for you. Straighteners, on top of already dry hair is going to be a bad mixture. Which is why so many people decide to let their hair be au natural when they are on holiday instead. Wash your hair as you would normally at home and then rough dry it before brushing it through with a smoothing cream. If you want to tie it up whilst it dries then a plait is the best idea as this will also give you a gentle wave when you undo it too.

Hopefully these top tips help your hair to look its best on holiday and make sure that you can concentrate on having fun 😉

festival hair

The very best of UK festival hair

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar, we love nothing more than making sure that our client’s hair looks beautiful. No matter the client, no matter the hair type and no matter the occasion.

Despite loving working throughout the year, one of our favourite times of year has to be the festival season. Not only does festival season mean that the weather is starting to get warmer and a whole lot more inviting, but there are also a number of events going on which are a whole lot of fun.

festival hair

Fancy creating your own festival hairstyle?

Let’s take a look at the very best of UK festival hair

Pipe braids

Now, it is true that no festival look would be complete without some braids and this year it is the turn of the pipe braids. Fun, flirty and easy to style, we love the fact that these braids are super tight, which means that they shouldn’t fly away, even if you spend the night dancing away. We also love the idea of incorporating ribbons or threads into pipe braids, as they will give a beautiful and colourful look.

Wave goodbye to floral crowns

hair flowers

Whilst once upon a time floral crowns were the biggest thing in the festival scene, the same cannot be said for modern style. However, just because the floral crown is no more, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a spot of floral charm! Maybe just go for something small and understated, such as pins or clips rather than go for an all-out floral tribute.

Half up and half down

Whilst this hairstyle may remind us of our younger days, it is actually incredibly modern and right on trend for festival hair. You might want to only opt for this look for the first day, as time goes on your hair may start to look messy and windswept. Although, as time goes on, you could always bring the lower half back into a ponytail in order to keep it off your face.


Now, we have to admit that we were slightly excited about the idea of this 80s trend making a comeback, after all, what could be more fun than rocking some crimped hair. If you are not a fan of the frazzled look, then you could instead create some mini plaits in your hair the night before and then in the morning, it will be beautifully crimped and not at all frizzy.

Pastel colours

Finally, we have more of a colour than a style. Festivals are a great excuse to grab out the exciting hair dye and giving yourself a new look. We love pastel colours, they are gentle but they are easy to maintain too.

If you are not sure that you can achieve these amazing results yourself, then why not book in to see us here at Aer Blow Dry Bar? We are experts in a range of different techniques and can make sure that you feel amazing, no matter where you are heading and no matter the look that you want to go for!

The ultimate guide for Summer brides in London

Getting married is the very best feeling in the world. Of course, it can be stressful to think about all the planning, organising and things that you need to do. But one of the biggest things is to make sure that you enjoy it as much as you can. After all, you won’t ever get the chance to do it again. maybe… 🙂

Shop around for the ideal gown

If you are getting married this Summer then chances are that your gown is already sorted, however, if you are waiting until next year then you still have plenty of time to find the perfect dress. The great thing about living in London and organising your wedding in London is that you have plenty of choices. There is a real treasure trove of boutiques through London, which you can visit to find the perfect dress for you.

Plan the perfect hen do

hen do London

Another great thing about organising a wedding in London is that when it comes to your hen do, there are going to be so many amazing choices of place to go. Restaurants, cocktail bars, dancing classes, nightclubs. All of these offer you the best night of your life with you and your girls.

Join a fitness class

London is able to provide plenty of opportunities regardless of the type of fitness that you prefer. There are gyms and fitness classes aplenty, which should give you the motivation to get healthy and also in shape for your wedding day.

Treat your hens to a spot of pampering at aer

Here at aer Blow Dry Bar, we know how important it is to make sure that you and your hens enjoy yourself as much as possible. This is why we offer our salon to rent for the day. Not only do we provide you with the entire salon space, but we will also style your hair including Shampoo, blow-dries and also updos. We also provide bubbles, music and a fun and friendly atmosphere for you all to relax in.

For any inquiry contact us at

Find the ultimate bridal hair expert

When it comes to your wedding day all eyes are going to be on you, which means that you are going to want to feel your best. This is why so many people turn to a bridal hair expert for help.

Just like us here at our Blow Dry Bar 🙂 We understand what it takes to create the perfect bridal hair style and can help you to feel, and look like, a princess on your big day!



As you can see, there are a variety of reasons that being a bride and celebrating your wedding day in London is pretty awesome. Whether it is to plan a hen do, join a fitness class to get toned and healthy or perhaps find your very perfect wedding dress.

However, if you feel that wedding planning is taking its toll on you, then we suggest to visit us, we can help to relax you, to make sure that you unwind and that you have enough time to take care of yourself.

After all, you deserve to pamper yourself during this tricky time. With love, aer 

how to treat frizzy hair

How to Treat your frizzy hair to make it shiny

At our Blow Dry Bar, we understand that your hair might not be in the condition that you want it to be in. There are many solutions to treating your frizzy hair, and we promise that it is completely treatable.

Frizzy hair explained…

Frizzy hair usually occurs when the cuticle layer of your hair has been raised. This allows moisture to pass through the strands of your hair; as a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy. There are various reasons that this happens, including dehydration, sleeping with your hair against drying materials, shampoo that is drying out your hair, and ineffective conditioning treatments.

shiny hair

There are many ways to treat your hair and get rid of that frizz at home.

First of all, try changing your shampoo to one that contains glycerine. Shampoos that have sulfate aren’t great for your hair and should be avoided where possible. Look for a shampoo that has glycerin high up on the ingredients list (this means that there’s more of it in there).

What we recommend; (you can also purchase this at our salon)

shampoo for frizzy hair

Don’t skip your conditioning routine, but make sure it’s right for your hair. Have a chat to one of our salon experts on your next visit and tell us about your conditioning routine. We might be able to give you an idea or two that will help you take away your frizz when you’re not being treated by us at aer.

If you have fine hair, you should be using a lightweight conditioner, whereas, with thick hair, you’ll need a richer formula. Try to use a conditioning treatment mask for your hair at least once a week, as well.


Brush your hair regularly. This will help distribute the natural oils that occur in your hair and help it protect itself. What you’re trying to do is get the oils from the scalp/root area to the rest of your head, so you might want to try brushing your hair with your head upside-down if you have a lot of hair. To do this effectively, use a mixed bristle brush or a boar bristle brush.

You could also keep a dry conditioning spray on you for touch-ups during the day. It’s England, after all, and the weather has no clear setting. Dry conditioning spray is easy to use no matter where you are, and it can help return your hair to where it was before the rain or humidity hit you.

What we recommend; (you can also purchase this at our salon)

dry conditioner for frizzy hair

What can we do for you at our salon? Well, at Aer Blow Dry Bar, we specialise in combining blow drying with various anti-frizz products. Blow drying for frizzy hair might seem counterproductive, but we assure you that our salon experts know exactly what they’re doing.

from frizz to shine

With the right combination of products and a blow dry service done by our experts’ Stylists, you’ll be walking out of our salon with fabulous shiny hair and no frizz to deal with.

We’ll also be able to provide some guidance on how you can keep treating your hair and what might be causing your frizz. Come in and chat with us at your next appointment.

How to maintain healthy hair

Easy Steps to maintain healthy hair

It can be worrying to think about it, we know… but as you get older, your hair can quickly become lifeless and brittle. But it doesn’t need to be that way! There are several simple ways that you can help protect and nourish your hair while you’re aging, helping to keep it vibrant, even after 60.

“Hair is an important aspect of our appearance”

It is natural and is determined at the time of birth. It generates from the number of roots in the scalp. Each hair grows up to a certain length and then stops naturally. It even sheds down at some point. New hair shaft replaces the lost hair and they need to be taken care of.

human hair close up

Hair is a key part in our personal presentation, and excessive use of bleaches, tints, poor nutrition or violent exposure to the sun can cause a loss of their luster and the appearance of double Spikes, which will make your hair look dry, fragile and ill-treated.

So here are some basic tips you should know to maintain your hair healthily

Heat protector

Using heat protector on your hair is the least you should be doing to promote hair health in later years. Anyone who has used heat to style their hair in the past knows how damaging heat can be to hair. Straighteners, curlers, even blow dryers can damage our hair if we don’t protect it first.

The most common form of a heat protection is heat protection spray, balm or cream. Your stylist will apply heat protection spray to your hair before any high levels of heat encounter it. By doing this, they are adding an extra layer of protection to your hair.

“Heat protector” we use most for our lovely clients

Hair Masks

Hair masks can help add moisture back into dry or damaged hair. This makes them a great product to use often to assist your hair while it’s trying to combat the day-to-day stress that it’s put under. To benefit from hair masks, it’s recommended that you use them once a week; alongside other protection treatments and your usual hair care routine.

best hair masks

Which hair mask you should use depends on your hair type. Consider the type of hair you have, the colour, the thickness, and what type of damage you’re trying to help it recover from. For dull hair, you’ll be trying to add shine, damaged hair needs nourishing, and dry hair needs to be hydrated.

It’s always best to go to a salon for professional advice, the most up-to-date products, and to see how a hair mask is properly applied for the best kind of effectiveness.

Balanced Diet

It is highly recommended that a daily diet should be balanced with the adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals to maintain healthy hair and do not forget to drink lots of water.

Natural Hair Care

how to maintain healthy hair

Brushing your hair regularly to stimulate the scalp will keep it looking healthy and lustrous.  A warm oil scalp massage two times a week will help stimulate and moisturise the scalp. Healthy hair is a blessing, so try to treat your hair in the right way for lustrous and healthy looking hair.

Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair: Olaplex treatments

Lastly, there’s OLAPLEX™. Olaplex is the newest hair technology that can be used to repair damaged, brittle, dry or colour-treated hair. It’s more than a conditioning treatment, it’s a product that can permanently heal your hair from chemical damage.

Olaplex treatment

Olaplex can help you rebuild the strength of your hair; perfect for those that suffer from hair which breaks easily, while also fixing damage from years of colouration treatments, which can seriously affect the health of your hair.

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is not tested on animals. Its formula allows the product to seek out broken bonds of the hair that have been damaged.

What Aer Blow Dry Bar can offer you

At Aer, we can offer a range of hair treatments for any hair types. We know that hair needs to be treated carefully, especially when styling using heat or blow drying, so we only use products that we’d be happy to recommend.

Our Olaplex treatments are a cost-effective way to reverse the damage done to your hair over the years, no matter how badly damaged you think your hair might be. Pop into our blow dry bar, or give us a call, and we’ll break down what we can do for you.

face shape

How to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape

The shape of your face matters when it comes to choosing a hairstyle.

Some styles will be far more suited to your face than others, so if you do want to turn heads it’s a good idea to research styles that will be a good match for your individual facial features. Many hair stylists say that the best hairstyles are those that create the illusion of an oval-shaped face. Other factors which can determine what the right style for you include the texture of your hair, your lifestyle and your body shape.

Read on to find out more about choosing the perfect style for your face shape

Women Face shapes

The different face shapes of women

Everyone has an individual look but broadly speaking there are seven key face shapes, namely:

  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Heart-shape
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Oblong

What’s your face shape?

It’s extremely wise to find out what your face shape is before you book an appointment so you have a good idea of what to request from your stylist. You can find out your face shape by measuring the widths of your jawline, cheekbones and brow with a ruler and identifying the length of your face from the chin up to the forehead.

what is my face shape

Who shares your face shape?

If the hairstyle you are interested in is not a suitable match for your face, don’t worry – there are all sorts of different styles you can opt for instead. Those that are unable to determine their face shapes themselves often seek advice from stylists, who can identify their shape and even name famous figures with similar features. Once you finally know what your face shape is, you can look for pictures of celebrities with the same face shape and find inspiration for new hairstyles that way.

There are basic rules, which will ensure a flattering style for everyone:

Those with oval-shaped faces tend to look fine with any sort of haircut, whilst people with heart-shaped faces often opt for bangs or volume around the sides, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes. If you have long face, you may wish to opt for a high-volume cut, bangs or a shorter style. Round faces are complimented well by haircuts that end below the chin, whilst those with square faces can choose haircuts involving curls to soften the appearance of strong jaws. Bangs tend to look fantastic on virtually all face shapes and can take years off your appearance whilst sending attention to the eyes.

hairstyles for my face shape

Face shape Creating a flattering style in details:

  • Round: The main aim is to elongate the face so that it looks more narrow and elegant.
    Add height to the crown but keep style close to sides of head; geometric or squared bobs with longer fringes are good, as long as the length is shorter or longer than chin line.
    Avoid curly perms, flat styles and ponytails.


  • Diamond: Hair should have volume and width at temples. They look best with a half fringe.
    Styles should taper in and layer on to face at the jawline.
    Avoid width at cheekbones.


  • Triangle/ Heart shape: The most flattering styles for both of these shapes are medium length, shaggy straight styles with a half fringe; flicks or curls at jaw line help to balance overall shape.
    Avoid height and tightly pulled back styles.


  • Oval: Regarded as the perfect face shape, they can usually wear most styles well.
    Avoid heavy, block fringes, which broaden forehead.


  • Square: Use soft layers, waves and textured layers, brushed on to face with feathered fringe to soften features and shape.
    Avoid one length bobs and blunt angular cuts.


  • Oblong: This shape requires a style that balances and shortens the face; to achieve this, hairstyles should end at the chin. Layered, curly or scrunched styles add width and softness. Should always wear fringe to reduce length.
    Avoid very flat or severe brushed back styles and ponytails.


A leading blow dry bar in London

At Aer Blow Dry Bar, we can come to your assistance if you do need help with selecting the best hairstyle for your face. We have years of experience when it comes to matching our clients up with flattering hairstyles, and there’s no face shape we cannot work with. Get in touch today if you do need to book yourself in at our blow dry bar in London. To find out more, simply call 020 7244 9499 or send an e-mail to You can also book an appointment online below.




How to pick the best blow dry bar in London for your personal style

London is awash with places to go, new food to try, sights to see that you might have never seen, and places to go that you’ve wouldn’t have thought to go before. All of this is tied up in England’s busiest streets, filled with people going about their day. But have you ever clocked someone with beachy curls even in the middle of winter? Or that salon-fresh style that turns your head?

These individuals are reaping the benefits of London-based blow dry bars, a popular and specific type of salon that could be right up your alley. Of course, it is London, and there are so many salons and blow dry bars to choose from that you might find it a little overwhelming. We’re here to help you figure out what you should be looking for.

What to look for in a London-based blow dry bar

Blow dry bars have become very popular for people who want their hair washed and dried by professionals while being offered amazing service. You may be wondering what to look for in a London-based blow dry bar, well, let us help:

Excellent customer service is one of the most important things in any store or establishment that offers personalised services. With blow dry bars, you should be looking for a place with the satisfied smiles of customers who have been looked after and look great after their visit. Customer service starts when you first walk through their door and shouldn’t end until after your appointment is completely finished.

A blow dry bar should cater to your own personal style while being able to advise you if a look would or wouldn’t work for you. Blow dry bars are the perfect solution when you’re looking for a salon to use before a special occasion. They can make you feel proper pampered and comfortable with any style changes.

Any salon or blow dry bar worth its reviews can pull off any hairstyle, no matter how fiddley or complex. Their team should be full of professional stylists ready to handle your requests and get you ready for a special or fun day. From classy bouncy blow dries with rollers or brushes to edgy short pixie looks, London blow dry bars have you covered.

Stylists at blow dry bars should use modern techniques to help promote healthy hair. You should also be able to ask for tips to keep your hair healthy and full of life, even going as far as to ask for product recommendations.

But that’s still not enough. The salon atmosphere should be friendly and relaxed at all times. You should be able to sink into your seat feeling as chilled out as possible while chatting with your stylists about the day ahead.

Finally, check their reviews to see if the business is recommended, and have a chat with their team over the phone or on social media. We’re in an aging technology; a good salon can definitely keep up.

If you haven’t tried our Blow dry bar based in South Kensington we highly suggest to do so, we promise we will take care of you!


  • Long lasting blow dries
  • Professional Expertise
  • Many Beauty Treatments under one roof
  • Luxurious Hair Treatments
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Comfortable place
  • Bubbles
  • And so on…


5 Trendy Hair Styles to try this Spring

Here at aer Blowdry Bar, we are experts in all things hair. We work hard to discover the latest Hair Styles Trends to bring to our variety of clients. Spring is an ideal time to try out something new when it comes to your hair.

So, with this in mind, we have put together our guide to the 5 Amazing and Trendy Hair Styles to try out for yourself this Spring.

  • Take down those ringlets with brushed out curls

Whilst plenty of people love the idea of having pretty ringlets in their hair, it seems that the trend for curls this Spring is to actually brush out those curls. Brushing them out girls can achieve a soft, romantic look that brings a whole new dimension to curls. However, just beware of the frizz and make sure that you have some product to work through to keep them looking pretty.

  • The Cool Wavy Lob 

It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, this style suits every type! Part your hair deep onto a side and stand out with those awesome looking glossy curls! Create a fashion statement and showcase your style with pride and confidence!

  • Opt for a dirty blonde do

Lighter is better when it comes to hair colour this Spring, with plenty of A-listers going for dirty blonde as their colour of choice. We like to think about dirty blonde as a warm golden blonde instead of warm roots and long luscious colour flowing through it. Not only is dirty blonde a great colour for a number of skin types, but best of all, it is much easier to keep up with than the old trend of platinum.


  • Take it back to the good old days with schoolgirl plaits

Do you remember those days when you would run out of school with messy undone plaits? Well, get ready to step back in time with this seasons plait approach. Gone are the neat and tidy plaits that we all favoured last season and instead things are lose and a little bit untidy, ideal if you are not a pro at styling your hair.

  • The bob is here to stay and this time it comes with a bang

The bob is a hairstyle that really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, which we have to say we are more than just a little happy about. The one main difference that the bob of this season boasts is a fringe. Fringes are the ideal way to add texture to this particular hairstyle, you can go choppy, light, heavy or swept to the side, whichever you think will suit your face better.

More Trendy Styles…

  • Rock the granny look with headscarves 😉

Granny chic is always making a comeback and it seems that for Spring 2018 it is going to be a hairstyle. Plenty of the SS18 runways boasted a whole lot of printed silk headscarves and we have to say that we are big fans of this look with a low chignon that bounces at the crown. The best thing about headscarves is that they help you to cover any bad hair days or greasy hair days too.

  • Angular blunt Bob

This looks amazing if you have straight hair. Blunt is the trend today, this hairstyle looks simple however it is appealing and very eye-catching. 

Fancy a new hairstyle and not sure where to start?

Why not book in to see us at our blow dry bar in London? We know exactly what it takes to make sure that you have the perfect hairstyle possible, and will help you to feel as fresh and new as a newborn lamb. Just without all the frizz!



As the flowers start to bloom, days start to get longer and the sun begins to shine, we can finally start looking forward to our favourite season: Spring! We’re sharing our favourite looks and ‘must-haves’ this season, in order to make your version of spring as colourful as possible!

1 – Bright Lipsticks. Nothing screams spring more than a colourful lip does. Nudes and reds get us through the cold seasons, whilst corals, hot pinks and orange shades are the perfect choice for spring. They work just as well with a full face of make up as they do with the ‘no make-up’ look!


2 – Spring Manicure. Spring is the perfect season to experiment with new nail colours, and subtly switch from your dark reds to pretty pastels to compliment the season and the sun! And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try nail art in order for your manicure to pop more?!


3 – Fresh Blooms. It’s a fact that flowers lift moods and make the place look prettier. Now that days are longer and it starts getting lighter earlier, why not make the most of that natural lighting and get some fresh blooms?! They certainly lift up spirits and change the look of the overall room!


4 – Hair Masks. After a long, cold winter, we think it’s always a good idea to freshen up for the season ahead. Whether that’s in the form of a hair cut, change of hair colour or a hair treatment, it will make you feel so much better and refreshed! Hair masks are a handy product to have at home and it means you can give your hair some TLC every once in a while. Both the Kerastase Resistance Masque Therapiste and Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque will nourish your hair and get you ready for the season ahead. Both of these can be purchased at our London blowdry bar.




Whether you’re in need of some pampering before spring is in full swing or just want to treat yourself after the longest winter, we’re here to make you look and feel the best version of yourself this spring! For more information on our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


You might be thinking but why a post on updos…? No reason, just because upstyles for hair are cute and we wanted to bring you the latest inspiration for you to come in to our London blow dry bar to recreate these styles. With wedding and hen-do season approaching, this might be useful if you’re creating a Pinterest inspo board! So, which styles are your favourite? We’d love to know below!

1 – Halfway There. If you love having your down but want to do something slightly different, why not opt for these styles? Give a girl a curling wand we can recreate those gorgeous effortless beach waves!


2 – Messy Pony. If you’re not the full updo kind of gal, don’t worry! Messy ponytails and buns work just as well for those with medium to long hair. If you’re looking for something less sleek and going for the more ‘back-combed’ look, mix it up by adding a soft, subtle, messy braid to break it up a little.


Recreate any of these styles with us at our Chelsea blow dry bar! Whether you’re looking to book in with us for a simple wash and blow dry, an upstyle for hair or a hair treatment, we’ve got you, girl! Feel and look the best version of you this season by getting ready with us! To book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.



With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re bringing you the latest pamper packages at our London blowdry bar, for you and your mum to have a girls’ day out, treating yourselves! What better way to spoil your mother than treating her to a blowdry, manicure, with a glass of bubbly in hand?! And this is just one of our packages… It doesn’t get better, right?! Keep reading to find out which package is best suited to you and mamma bear!

1 – Pamper Package For One. The perfect package if you’re away during Mother’s Day but still want to treat your mum to make her feel special. For just £55, you can treat her to a blowdry, manicure and a glass of bubbly at our Chelsea blowdry bar!


2 – Pamper Package For Two. Spending Mother’s Day weekend at home and have no plans yet? Why not treat your mum and yourself to a pamper package?! For £100, you can both get blowdries, file + paint, as well as two glasses of champagne. What better way to spend Mother’s Day weekend than to spoil each other rotten?!


3 – Chill Package For One. Is your mum not feeling a manicure or getting her nails done?! No problem! We also offer the aer chill package which consists of a blowdry, head massage and a glass of bubbly for £45 – all for mama bear to be in full relaxation mode!


4 – Chill Package For Two. It’s no secret that we all love a little relaxation time after a busy week. If you and your mum agree on this, then this is the perfect package for you both! At £90, we offer two blowdries, two head massages and of course, two glasses of bubbly to save the day!


So, what better way to spend Mother’s Day than to treat your special one to one of our packages? Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time together or are in need a little relaxation time, we’ve got you covered! If you’re not able to come into store for these services, an aer gift card will be available to purchase and use for future services. Our Mother’s Day offers are valid from the 6th-11th of March. Book via our website or by mentioning Mother’s Day Packages when making an appointment. If you want to find out more information on our Mother’s Day packages, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


As promised to bring you three inspirational influencers each month, below are our picks for February! We would love to hear your suggestions too! Send us your top 3 favourites to for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page and be part of our amazing giveaways at our London blow dry bar! Our top 3 picks this month…

Ayda Hadi

Ayda’s Instagram: ayda.hdi

Ayda’s YouTube:

Ayda’s blog: Ayda Hadi

We recently discovered Ayda and we’ve been crushing on her ever since. From her classic looks to her voluminous, always so perfect blowdried hair, we love her and her impeccable style! Even when she’s having a ‘bad hair day’ she carries herself beautifully – lucky for some!? You can now remove those bad hair days with us at our London blow dry bar!

Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen’s Instagram: kathleen_barnes

Kathleen’s blog: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

If you’re looking for a SoCal girl with an amazing sense of humour and style; Kat is your gal! There’s not a single day where she looks the same and she’s always mixing it up with the pieces in wardrobe, which we love! From straight to wavy hair and low sleek buns, Kat truly inspires us.


Isaya’s Instagram: elaisaya

Isaya is another new discovery and we are obsessed! From her effortless braids to her messy (but oh so gorgeous) hair, she tops our list this month! Her style is so chic yet effortless, someone who could get out of bed, throw anything on and still look 100%. We love!

Are you more of a waves kind of girl with long hair, or short and straight?! Whichever you are, we can recreate all your preferred looks at our Chelsea blow dry bar. Not only do we offer hair services but we also have an amazing beauty bar offering manicures, men’s grooming, eyelash services and massages! For more information on our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.

man-icures, and many other services!

As some of you may or may not know, we don’t only offer services for ladies, but also for gentlemen! With the recent increase of men wanting to look good, feel good and look after their appearance, we wanted to be part of this huge trend. So, if you want to come in with your other half, brother or male friend, why not do so?! Now the both of you can get pampered at our London blow dry bar!


1 – Man-i-Mondays. Or any other day of the week! With the constant 9-5 grind, our hands can get super dry (yes, this is aimed at you men too!), nails can get long, and hands can generally look untidy. So why not get a quick tidy up at our nail bar whilst your other half gets a blow dry?!


2 – Threading. We all know the importance of ‘eyebrows on fleek’, and this goes for men too in some cases! Whether you want them completely reshaped or just a tidy up, we’ve got you covered at our Chelsea blow dry and beauty bar!


3 – Massages. We recently introduced massage services at aer. From eye soothing, neck and shoulder massages to Indian head massages, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up during your lunch break or post work!


So, what better way to end February than to treat yourself to these services at our London blow dry bar, whilst your other half treats herself to a blow dry? If you’re both in need of a little pampering, or simply need a quick 20 minute pick-me-up, then these are perfect for you! To enquire more please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


For those who follow us on Instagram, you will know we hosted a giveaway last week in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day week at aer! Whilst the winner will be announced in tonight’s Instagram post, we thought we’d give you all a little insight into what treatments you could get with an aer gift card! So, are you in need of a little pampering session or a pick-me-up? We’ve got you covered at our London blow dry bar!


1 – Classic Blowdries. You can never go wrong with a classic blowdry if you’re looking to spend that gift card on something but you’re unsure of what treatment to get. Having a big girls night out? Going to a Valentine’s date with your other half? Our signature blowdry will not disappoint for any occasion. Perfect for all hair lengths!


2 – Manicures. Feeling slightly under the weather this dull February? Lift yourself up by treating yourself to a manicure or pedicure! At our Chelsea blow dry bar, we have a wide range of colours to choose from that you’ll want to return for a new manicure every week!


3 – Beauty Treatments. Have you had a chance to try our new treatments yet? From eye soothing massages to Indian head massages, you can unwind and relax for a whole 25 minutes! We also offer eyelash services and threading if you’re looking for a tidy up.


Stuck as to what to choose? Yep, we thought so! If you’re that lucky winner tonight, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from using our gift card… And for all those who entered, THANK YOU! There will be future giveaways so make sure you keep an eye out for them! To enquire more about our services and availability, please email  Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite romantic, inspirational hairstyles for this special occasion! We will also be hosting a gift card giveaway on Instagram tonight, so for those who follow us there, make sure you enter for the chance to win a gift card and pamper yourself at our London blow dry bar!

1 – Accessories Galore. Nothing screams romantic as much as hair accessories do. Be it sparkly or floral, you can’t go wrong with either of these! Perfect for an engagement party or a wedding occasion. Ideal for those with medium to long hair.


2 – Tie Me Up. Upstyles for hair can be oh so romantic too! From understated braids included in your updo, to parts of your hair falling lightly from the sides, this is the perfect look for date night and special occasions.


2 – Effortless Upstyles For Hair. Effortless looks are often the ones that turn out to look the best, don’t you think?! From messy high ponytails to low sleek ones and tidy low buns, recreating these styles won’t disappoint! If you’re struggling for time and need to get to dinner with your other half as soon as, then this is the perfect option for you! Ideal for those with medium to long hair.


Are you Valentine’s inspired yet?! We hope you are! At our Chelsea blow dry bar, we can recreate any of these hairstyles for you, as well as you bringing tons of #inspo to aer and for us to work our magic on you! For more information regarding our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


A new month comes attached with fresh and new ideas, which is always so exciting! And things are getting even more exciting here at aer, because this month, we’re launching new beauty services at our Chelsea blow dry bar! Our beauty bar has always been packed with amazing treatments such as manicures, pedicures and eyelash treatments – but this year, we wanted to include something different and really give our customers a taste of really getting pampered! So, what are we waiting for? Keep reading to find out all about our newly added beauty treatments!


1 – Eye Soothing Massage. The perfect little treatment for those with tired eyes, dark circles and eye bags. If you’ve had a long week, then this is ideal for you! You’ll feel instantly refreshed in 20 minutes! If you work around the area, then this is the perfect pick-me-up treatment for just £25.


2 – Head and Shoulder Massage. Possibly one of the most relaxing treatments known. Need a little de-stress session during your lunch break or after your 9-5 job? Then this is perfect for you! Whether you’ve got knots that need to be eased or just want to treat yourself, this will make you feel instantly refreshed in 20 minutes, at just £25.

3 – Indian Head Massage (No Oil). Indian head massages have been around for a really long time, proving signs of improvement in many areas. The massage increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which stimulates hair growth – I mean, who thought a head massage would increase your chances of growing your hair?! Amazing! This treatment is with no oil, lasting 20 minutes for just £25.


4 – Indian Head Massage (With Almond Oil). Not only would this increase nourishment and stimulation for hair growth, but the use of almond oil on hair adds extra nourishment and strength to the hair. Almond oil is also known for treating hair loss and damaged hair. A few drops go a long way and will add silkiness and shine, as well as hydrating the scalp! This treatment lasts 30 minutes at just £35.


So, what better way to start February than to treat yourself to these new beauty services at our London blow dry bar? If you’re in need of a little pampering, or simply need a quick 20 minute pick-me-up, then these are perfect for you! To enquire more please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


It’s not a joke when you hear people say January may just be the hardest month of the year. With the festive season behind us, crazy cold temperatures, dark and dull days ahead of us, who can blame us for thinking in such a way? At our London blow dry bar you can beat the blues by going ‘Blow-Dry January’ with us! If you follow us on Instagram, you will know we’ve had some amazing offers all throughout the month of January, so since this (not so lovely) month is coming to an end, so are our offers. But don’t fret! You still have 7 days to redeem any of the below in store or online…What are you waiting for?!

1 – Happy Hour. Monday to Friday, from 12-4pm, you can get 15% off all services! This includes eyelash services and mani/pedis! But our personal favourite, the big, classic bouncy blowdry! Here are some inspo pictures taken at our Chelsea blow dry bar. Trust us, our stylists won’t disappoint working those blowdries! Book online by entering code winterblues

2 – Olaplex Treatments. If your hair is feeling a little rough or damaged, this may just the perfect treatment for you. It’s reparative and rebuilds broken hair bonds. At aer, this service includes treatment, wash and rough dry at £45. Book online by entering code olaplex18


3 – Mani & Pedi. If you’re just looking for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ and your nails need a little TLC, then this is the perfect offer for you to beat the blues! At just £12, you can have your nails filed and painted and £15 to file and paint your feet! You’ll have an array of shades to choose from that you won’t even know where to begin! Book online by entering code nails18


So, what are you waiting for?! Whether it’s a wash and blow dry, a manicure or eyelash extensions, get over the blues with our amazing offers, only for 7 more days so catch them whilst you can! For more information on all of our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


It’s been a while since we covered topics such as who to follow on social media and the ‘it’ girls right now. With social media being such a huge part of our lives and with the constant distractions of Instagram stories, Snapchat and Twitter, we’ve decided to focus on this topic by bringing you a blog post talking all things influencers once a month. The Blog List will cover our top 3 must-follow beauty, fashion or lifestyle bloggers. We want to make this as interactive as possible, so we would love to hear your suggestions too! Send us your top 3 favourites to for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page and be part of our amazing giveaways at our London blow dry bar! Our top 3 picks this month…

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin’s Instagram: negin_mirsalehi

Negin’s YouTube:

Negin’s blog: Negin Mirsalehi

We’ve been obsessed with Negin since day one! From her fashion style to her flawless make-up and amazing travel shots to her incredible hair! We absolutely love the way she styles it. Her waves always look effortless and chic, as do her upstyles whenever she decides to go for a high ponytail or bun!

Arielle Charnas

Arielle’s Instagram: somethingnavy

Arielle’s blog: Something Navy 

Arielle is most of all, an inspiration. Her NYC simple yet chic style has gained her millions of followers on all her social platforms. Not only does she showcase amazing outfits, but we get to see a little bit of NYC with her! Her hair is ultimately gorgeous, always sporting effortless waves with a middle or side parting which we love!

Sazan Hendrix

Sazan’s Instagram: sazan

Sazan’s YouTube:

Sazan’s blog: Sazan

If you’re looking for an exotic SoCal girl with amazing lashes, hair and style; Sazan is your gal! There’s not a single day where she looks the same and she’s always spicing things up with either her hairstyles or make-up looks. From long to short hair, curly to straight, she’s done it all and we love! She truly inspires us.

Are you more of a waves kind of girl with long hair, or short and straight?! Whichever you are, we can recreate all your preferred looks at our Chelsea blow dry bar. Not only do we offer hair services but we also have an amazing beauty bar offering manicure, male grooming and eyelash services! For more information on our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


For those who missed anything related to the Golden Globes last Sunday, we thought to do a little recap for you! We absolutely loved the message of the entire event, the fact that the majority of A-list celebrities and influencers wore black to support the Time’s Up movement. Oprah’s speech was incredibly powerful and moving, so here’s to believing and hoping that we see change in 2018! It goes without saying that award season comes attached with some of the best hair styles, make-up and fashion looks. So here are some of our favourites! What are yours? We would love to know.

1 – Tie Me Up. Upstyles for hair are incredibly popular during award season. Whether it’s a low, messy bun with loose hair strands at the front or a sleek updo with a middle parting; we’ve got you girl! Recreate these looks with us at our London blow dry bar. Perfect for those with medium to long hair!


2 – Straight. We all know that straight hair never goes out of style. Whether you style it with a middle parting or side parting, you will always look timeless and elegant with straight hair. Why not mix it up and add a bit of volume to the ends or the roots by blowdrying it straight first?! Recreate this look with us for casual events, or simply as a mid-week pick-me-up!


3 – Timeless Waves. In recent years, we’ve seen big hair and waves make a comeback whilst straight hair isn’t the most popular. With lots of us trying to have it all – volume, curls/waves and thickness, the timeless blowdry is the perfect choice if you’re looking to recreate any of the below looks. If you prefer less volume and thinner curls, the curling wand is your best friend! However, if you’re the type of gal that prefers big, voluminous hair with thick big curls, then a big bouncy blowdry is all you need!


It’s always inspiring to see all the hair and make-up during award season and this was no different. At our Chelsea blow dry bar, we can recreate any of these looks for you, for any occasions you need. Additionally, we also offer beauty services; I mean, why only get a blow dry when you can also get a manicure?! And let’s not forget the amazing January offers! With the holiday season over and the blues upon us, it’s only fair you treat yourself and we spoil you! Check out our offers on our website. For more information regarding our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499. 


Happy New Year all! We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating and getting ready! (if you got aer ready at our London blow dry bar, make sure you tag us in your Instagram pictures for the chance to be featured on our feed!). And what better way to start this year’s post than to highlight the key hair trends for 2018? Take your pick, we sure do love them all!

1- Au Natural. Givenchy opted for natural, simple waves with a side parting. The focus was to enhance texture and for the look to resemble ‘sexy bed hair’. To achieve this look with slightly more volume, mix it up by using a curling iron.



2- The Classic Ponytail. A low ponytail with either middle or side parting… never gets old! Such a classic look and easily achievable, perfect for both day and night occasions. If you’re looking for something more sleek, just add some hairspray and you’re good to go! Perfect for those with medium to long hair.


3- Effortless Chic. Does this remind you of a French, super effortless but chic, Parisian lady?! We love! The subtle, understated waves throughout. If you’re not the type of gal who likes to have the neatest hair, try backcombing it slightly to achieve a flyaway/messy look.


4- Modern Glamour. Who doesn’t love a bit of glam, right?! A sleek blow dry with the perfect amount of volume which screams clean, simple and polished. Achieve the entire look by styling your fringe too!


5- Fishtail Braid. Braids are one of those things that will never go out of fashion. They always make a comeback one way or another! Braids are great to incorporate if you’re going for a ‘sporty yet girly and chic’ look.


These are only a few of the biggest 2018 hair trends yet, with part 2 to come! At our Chelsea blow dry bar, you can recreate these looks and bring us your latest inspirations for us to recreate for you. Why not step out of your comfort zone this year and mix it up?! New Year, New You?! For more information regarding our services and availability, please email Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.

GOODBYE 2017… HELLO 2018!

As we wave goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018, we wanted to recap and share with you some of our favourite hair and beauty moments which we hope inspire you for New Years Eve! Our London blowdry bar will be open from 10am till 7.30pm to get you gals ready from head to toe. From bouncy blowdries to upstyles for hair, eyebrow tinting to threading, lashes to manicures… we’ve got you covered! It’s only fair we shared some #nyeinspo with you before the big day, are you ready?!

1- The Classic Blowdry. The timeless blowdry that never goes out of fashion! Whether you have short hair, medium hair, are brunette or blonde, at our London blow dry bar we can recreate any of these gorgeous looks ensuring you leave looking and feeling like the best version of yourself on NYE (and every other day!)


2- Upstyles For Hair. If you’re the type of gal who regularly has amazing hair and gets blowdries often, you might want to step out of your comfort zone by opting for an updo. Upstyles for hair are ideal for those with medium to long hair, but here at aer we can make short hair work too! Why not mix it up and accessorise it out with sparkly hair accessories?!


3- Manicures On Manicures. We all know it, red resembles festive, as well as being a classic, all year-round nail colour. But that being said, red isn’t for everyone, especially if the nails clash with the outfit! Nudes are a safer option for those who haven’t decided what they’re wearing yet, so we’ve rounded up both of our favourites! Which one will you go for? At aer, we have a vast selection of colours that you’ll struggle to choose just one!


So these were some of our favourite 2017 looks which we predict are going to be a hit in 2018 too! We hope we’ve inspired you for NYE and can’t wait to welcome you at our Chelsea blow dry bar for a range of treatments! Whether it’s a quick pick-me-up blowdry, an upstyle for hair, a manicure, eyelash threading or tinting…we’ve got you girl! We can’t wait to see what you all look like on Sunday! If you’re getting ready with us at aer, don’t forget to tag those images for the chance to enter future giveaways and be featured on our Instagram page! Please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499. Wishing you all a great last week of 2017, and hope to see you on Sunday with a glass of bubbly in hand!



Christmas and New Years couldn’t come round any sooner! Can you believe Christmas Eve is just 5 days away, and we’ll be leaving 2017 behind in a few days too?! If you still haven’t sorted out your beauty plans for NYE, don’t fret! Our Chelsea blow dry bar is now taking bookings for NYE which includes in-store make-up services. You will be able to get fully dolled up with us, from start to finish… with a glass of bubbly in hand of course! Express make-up consisting of the eyes and lips will be available for just £35. If that, however, isn’t doing it for you, you can opt to have a full face makeover for just £55! And you know, because of this New Years shindig you might even want to throw some glitter and amazing lashes on, each for just £12! We’ve put together a few party make-up looks just to inspire you, we look forward to welcoming you to aer and recreating these looks for you!

1- The Natural Look. A full face of make-up is not always for everyone, therefore some people might choose to go for a more natural and understated look which works great for both, day and night! If you’re looking for some simple eye shadow, mascara and a subtle lip, the Express Make-Up option is perfect for you! What are you waiting for? Book with us now!


2- Heavy Eyes. Who doesn’t love a statement eye look, right?! From tons of eye shadow options to lashes and glitter, we offer add-ons for just £12! This looks always works best with a softer lip, accentuating the eye/brow area a lot more! Why not go for the whole package and get your brows perfectly threaded too?!


3- Bold Lip. You can never look overdressed with a bold lip, it’s just such a classic, statement look! From deep, rusty rose tones to bright red and taupe, we’ve got you covered at our London blow dry bar!

At our Chelsea blow dry bar we can recreate all the make-up looks you’re inspired by to make you glow, look and feel the best version of yourself this New Years. There is still time and we’re still taking bookings for Christmas Eve and NYE, don’t miss out! For more info regarding opening times and to book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


With the holidays approaching as fast as they are, we couldn’t help but share our favourite hair and make up ideas for NYE, because you know how much we love to inspire you guys, right!? Our Chelsea blow dry bar is now taking bookings for Christmas and NYE, including in-store make-up services. You will be able to get fully dolled up with us, from start to finish… with a glass of bubbly in hand of course!

1 – Hair Ideas.

Are you after something understated yet something bold? If so, this upstyle for hair is right up your street! Back-comb it just the right amount to get that ‘messy’ effect. If you want to doll up even more, why not try a jewelled hairband to go with it? It’s the sparkly season after all! This hairstyle is perfect for those with medium to long hair!

We all love a good, simple blowdry. So if you’re the type of gal who loves dancing and her hair is always everywhere, this is the perfect style for you! Tuck one side behind your ear and bring as much hair as possible to one side if you want to look as chic as ever!

Got to love the messy braid! If you’re the sort of girl who likes having the majority of her hair down but want to achieve something different for these special festive days, then this may be the perfect look for you! Bring it to the side slightly to attract more attention to the hairstyle. You can also choose to have a middle or side parting for this!

It’s NYE, which means… Sparkle overload! Something so simple as this can go such a long way, attention to detail is everything and these are the little things people will notice! Why blend in when you can stand out? Sparkle as much as you can on your hairstyle!


2 – Make-Up Ideas.

Bolder on the eyes, softer on the lips and cheeks, perfect for both day and night parties!

Go bold or go home! A red lip never gets old. If you go for this shade, try and keep it softer in the eyes if you’re transiting from a day to night look!

Super bold. Definitely a ‘red carpet’ inspired look for those who attend huge parties which involve some serious gown dressing up! To enhance the look more, pull your hair back entirely and go crazy with the eyes and softer on the rest of your face!

The definition of understated. Because a lot of us gals still love the minimalistic look! Regardless of whether you’re attending a day or night event, a simple and minimal look never goes out of fashion.


At our London blow dry bar we can recreate it all the looks you’re inspired by to make you look and feel the best version of yourself this Christmas and New Years. Whether you’re looking to come in for a wash and blowdry, a mani pedi or for eyebrow threading, we’ve got you covered! We’re now taking bookings for Christmas and NYE, don’t miss out! Why get ready in bits when you can have it all under the same roof? To book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


As you all know if you’ve been following us, is that we like to write and let our readers know about the latest events happening in London. We enjoy sharing the looks with you; whether it’s the style, the hair or the upstyles, we enjoy sharing what we were inspired by with all of you! Since award season is upon us, we thought we’d cover the British Fashion Awards which happened earlier this week. Keep reading to find out who some of our favourite ladies were in the red carpet!

1- Kaia Gerber. Kaia chose a very sleek hairstyle, having one side tucked behind her ear, accentuating the other side of her hair. She also chose to go for slight bouncy ends which we absolutely loved! This hairstyle can be perfect for all the upcoming Christmas do’s, so don’t miss out and book your place at our London blowdry bar!


2- Irina Shayk. Irina chose two different outfits, one for the actual red carpet and a second one for the afterparty. One thing that remained consistent was her updo! She chose upstyles for hair for both occasions which we absolutely loved! We’re obsessing over the high pony-tail which she could easily pull to the side as well as the messy high bun! This is ideal for medium to long hair, if you’re looking to keep your mane out of your face! Perfect updo for a New Years party we think?!


3- Charlotte Olympia. One of our favourite looks! Charlotte was the definition of glamorous at the awards! Her hairstyle was elegant, understated and classic. The perfect hairstyle for short to medium and long hair. Add a few sparkly accessories and you’re good to go this Christmas!


Feeling inspired?! Yes, we thought so! These hairstyles and upstyles for hair are perfect for the festive season, and our Chelsea blow dry bar has got you covered! Feel and look the best version of you this party season by getting ready with us and recreating some of these looks! To book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


With so much excitement and hype about Black Friday, we thought it was only fair for us to join and be part of it all! I mean… because who doesn’t love a good discount, right?! For this week only, here at aer, we are offering 15% off all services! Woohoo! So, since there’s tons to choose from when you walk into our Chelsea blowdry bar, we thought we’d share some treatment inspiration with you to really make the most of your Black Friday week!

1 – The timeless blowdry. No matter how many services we provide, our ladies love to pop into our blowdry bar for that timeless blowdry. From big bouncy blowdries, to soft waves and sleek blowdries, we can make it happen for you! You’ll leave our blowdry bar as refreshed as ever, and so will your hair!


2 – The understated mani. Yes, we know Christmas is coming and all, but we love a good understated, subtle manicure. From nudes to soft shades of pink and mauve, get the perfect manicure with us at our London blowdry bar! What better time to get those nails sorted than Black Friday week?!


3 – Eyebrow threading. Who else is with us?! It’s all, indeed, about the brows! From reshaping them to just giving your eyebrows a nice tidy, we’ve got you covered! And you know, if you’re not feeling the whole threading thing, our beauty bar offers other lash and brows services!


We know how crazy Black Friday week can get whilst shopping in stores, so why not wind down with us whilst still getting those amazing discounts?! To enquire more please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.



What would be your ideal day out? Is our London blowdry bar providing beauty treatments one of your options? Think carefully… You might want to make it one! Here at aer we believe you can have it all, a girl’s got to get pampered, you feel us!?

During the recent EMAs Awards and other Red Carpet events, we definitely saw a big trend in dark prominent eyebrows and long, luscious lashes, so we decided to put together some of our favourites to inspire you!

1 – Brow so hard. A huge trend we’ve seen in the recent years is dark, prominent eyebrows which make a statement. The ‘could I please get my eyebrows thinned’ days are way behind us! At aer, we offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting. You can choose these services individually or as a package, saving a little bit of £ and not having to worry about when to make your next appointment! You can find more details regarding prices directly on our website.


2 – Luscious lashes. We all love our lashes looking good, don’t we!? Well, say no more. At our Chelsea blowdry bar we offer 5 lash services, including lash removal. Our beauty bar offers semi permanent lash extensions which last between 6-8 weeks. We also do cluster lashes which lasts 10 to 14 days… Say whaaaat?! If you’re going on holiday and need those lashes to look on point, we would highly recommend! Nobody wants to be putting on tons of mascara in the sun, so this is a great alternative option. Lastly, our beauty offers lash curl and lift services, both lasting from 6 to 8 weeks – just imagine, not having to wear mascara or worry about your lashes for 8 weeks! Heaven right!?


From dropping in for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ blowdry to spending the entire afternoon getting your brows, lashes and nails done, come and catch a breath of aer with us! With the party season round the corner, you’ll want to make a statement with those beautiful brows and lashes, and we’ve got you girl! To enquire more, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.



It’s November, which officially means the countdown for Christmas has begun. What better way to celebrate the upcoming party season than to inspire our readers with an #aergiftguide for your friends, family… and yourself! Our London blow dry bar offers an extensive range of services, but we’ve picked our favourite ones for this party season to share with you, with love!

1 – Blowdries. Our blow dry bar in Chelsea is known for our signature blowdries. From big bouncy ones to understated ones, if you have a gal pal who is #blowdryobsessed, why not treat her this Christmas? We all love a little pampering, especially a good wash and blow dry… don’t we?! Below, we’re sharing some of our favourite signature blowdries – from short hair to long hair, we’ve got you covered!


2 – Hair treatments. These are great if you’re looking to go all the way with repairing damaged hair or just need a pick-me-up before the real cold hits us! We offer the Olaplex hair treatment and the Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment. For more info on these treatments, you can visit our website and find them under ‘services’.


3 – Nail Bar. Here at aer, we LOVE a good manicure! The perfect way to relax and feel fresh, because we all know there’s nothing like a #freshmanicure! Show us your nail inspo and let’s get creative with colour! Alternatively, if you prefer the simple and understated look, we’ve got you covered too!


So many ideas and so exciting! If none of these tickle your fancy when treating your friends or yourself, we also have a beauty bar offering lash and brow services. You can view all our products and services on our website. Our gift cards are perfect for someone special. They are available in any amount, and can be sent over email or collected in-store. Email us on or call 0207 244 9499 to make a purchase.


You know the drill… As one holiday ends, the world (and the shops) start preparing for the next one. If you’re a Londoner or reside in the city, then you definitely can’t have missed the big Christmas lights around Oxford Circus, whilst Selfridges’ windows and outer walls are covered in Christmasy decor. So, it only felt right that we joined too and began sharing some of our favourite party styles! In our blow dry bar in London we can recreate all these looks for all the upcoming events… from work Christmas parties to New Year’s eve – we have got you covered! For #majorhairinspo keep reading, we’re sharing some of our absolute favourites upstyles for hair for the party period!

1 – All the way up. These are the perfect upstyles for hair if you are the more sophisticated type. Not to neat, but not too OTT either. Perfect for those with short to medium hair. Mix it up by adding a sparkly hair accessory to complete the party look! #blingbling


2 – Messy ponytails. If you’re not the full updo kind of gal, don’t worry! Messy ponytails work just as well for those with medium to long hair. If you’re looking for something less sleek and going for the more ‘back-combed’ look, mix it up by adding a soft, subtle, messy braid to break it up a little.


Our blow dry bar in Chelsea has got you covered for the party season! Whether you’re looking to book in with us for a simple wash and blow dry, an upstyle for hair or a beauty treatment, we’ve got you, girl! Feel and look the best version of you this party season by getting ready with us! It might seem far far away… but it’s going to come round pretty fast! To book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


With Christmas time quickly approaching, we’re sharing some of our favourite lashes picks with you, to inspire you for the party season! Get inspired and join us at our London blow dry bar to recreate these looks!

1 – Lashed out. Get inspired by letting your hair down and really working on those lashes. To achieve these looks, try out our lash lift treatment which will instantly elevate your look! Our lash lift treatment tends to last between 6-8 weeks. Perfect for evenings out and for daytime au natural! Complete this look by trying out our eyelash tinting treatment to create a darker look!


2 – Upstyles for hair x Lashes. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much we dig upstyles for hair! Specially during the party season when they’re at full swing. Lashes tend to stand out a lot more if your hair is tied up. Our lash curl treatment is perfect for this occasion, lasting from 6-8 weeks! If you’re feeling spontaneous, why not try our eyebrow tinting and threading to complete the look?!


These ladies are giving us major #lashinspo which we can’t wait to recreate for you in our blow dry bar in Chelsea! From eyebrow threading to eyebrow tinting and our lash services, we can create the perfect Party Look for you! To enquire more, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


If you follow us, you must know by now how excited we get about Halloween or any festivity really. Whatever the holiday, it gives you an excuse to dress up, buy all sorts of unnecessary items and potentially if you’re feeling brave enough, colour your hair crazy! Crazy coloured hair can look even better if styled properly, so in this week’s post we’ve put together a series of looks which really inspire us. At our Chelsea blow dry bar, we are able to recreate all these looks for you… Keep on reading!

1 – Braids, come at me. With all the different shades of colour, braids often look amazing. The lighter and darker tones blend. These hair styles are totally making us want to colour our hair… You feel me?!


2- Total updo. Is it just us, or does coloured hair look so much better in an updo?! We love the striking and edgy effect it creates. Mix it up by adding subtle braids and backcombing it slightly to create a ‘messy’ look.


3 – Halfway there. If you ask us, we find half updos so chic. Whether you’re just after the hair grips or a messy top knot bun, it can instantly elevate your look. How much more fun are all these hairstyles with coloured hair?!


Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your hair, so why not do it with us at our London blow dry bar? Recreating all these looks can be fun, especially during our Halloween special event where there will be lots of make-up artists to complete the full Halloween look for you! And if you’re not into any of this dressing up shindig… why not just pop in for a good old blow dry and manicure?! We would love to see you at aer! Please email for more information on time and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


This time of the year is always so awkward, with summer ending and the colder months approaching upon us, it is safe to say the most exciting part of October is HALLOWEEN! If you didn’t join us last year in London for our Halloween special, you missed out… but don’t worry, this year we’re doing it all over again and we can’t wait to see you all in our blow dry bar in London on October 28th! There will be bubbles, there will be music, and of course amazing make up artists who will get you Halloween-ready! Oh, and the best part?! If you’re worried about leaving your boyfriend/insta-hubby at home, we’ve got you covered!!! Ladies & Gents both welcomed to get ready with us and our fabulous make-up artists at aer! Since we’re so excited and can’t wait, we have put together a few inspirational images which we hope will inspire you too! What look will you be going for…?

1 – Halloween with a touch of GLAM! The perfect excuse to get dressed and dolled up. Some girls aren’t into the whole ‘looking scary’ thing, so we’ve put together a few glam (with a side of spooky) looks that might help you this Halloween! Because you’ve got to sprinkle that glitter everywhere, right?!


2 – Spooky-licious couples. We all know how fun it is to dress up with your other half, so we thought, what better way than getting ready together!? With a glass of bubbly in hand, you both can look spooky-licious this Halloween! All about that #couplegoals life.


3 – Real scary. And finally, for those who want to really frighten people, they can get ready with us too! From fun glittery make up to spooky make up designs, we’ve got you covered this Halloween!


Can you tell how excited we are about our Halloween special event?! We can’t wait to bring lots of talented people together on October 28th for an afternoon of laughter, fun and amazing art! All these looks can be recreated with us, why not step out of your comfort zone this Halloween and try out something new?! We’d love to see you at aer! Please email for more information on time and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


As you all know, transitional periods can often be tricky. Whether it be a fashion style rut, or a hair style rut, they always seem to pop up during the transitional months. So our solution to overcome it is to give yourself some major TLC and pampering sessions! From treating yourself to a manicure in London, a wash and blow dry or simply to get your eyebrows tinted, here at aer we’ve got you covered! To get those of you who are in a transitional rut out of it, we have put together a series of autumn inspired looks which might just help you feel like yourself again… You know what they say, new season, new you!

1 – Switch it up. This is what a new season is all about. Different cuts, colouring and most importantly, styling! It’s always fun to switch it up and style your hair differently; and what better time to do it than during a transitional period? Mix it up by creating messy waves with subtle braids or a top knot, you will look très chic!


2 – Manicure Mondays… and everyday! Nothing screams ‘new you’ more than a fresh manicure. In our blow dry bar in Chelsea, we offer a variety of brands and we know how important it is to have a tidy up once in a while! For transitional periods, we opt for bolder colours which we love!


So… whether you’re looking for a little pampering session or a quick pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered at aer. We can make you feel and look like you are no longer in a rut! All of these looks can be recreated with us, please email for more information. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499. Visit our website for more info on the services and products we provide –


If you’ve been following the shows during Fashion Week in Milan, then you will know Donatella Versace’s show left us all rather nostalgic. She brought back the ‘original’ supermodels from the 90’s and it was so exciting to see them walk the runway together again! Since this week’s post is all about throwbacks, we thought we’d put together some of the best looks and hairstyles those original 90’s models once rocked.

1 – Naomi Campbell. O M G – her mane! Regardless of the hair length or style, she always managed to pull it off. From 20’s soft waves to 90’s straight hair obsession, there’s no doubt Naomi looked amazing in all hairstyles.


2 – Claudia Schiffer. From major highlights to layers, her hair always looked gorgeous! The full fringe was her staple look in the 90’s, as well as a messy updo, which, regardless how messy it was, always looked so glam.


3 – Cindy Crawford. Definitely our favourite model of the 90’s! With such beautiful and versatile hair, Cindy rocked some of the best laid-back hairstyles in the 90’s. From messy backcombed hair to tight waves, she always pulled off the styles and looked as chic as ever.


One thing we feel regardless of the time that has passed, is that these hairstyles can definitely be recreated with a twist now. Get any of the 90’s inspired look with us at our London blow dry bar. From upstyles to bouncy blowdries, we’re here to help you achieve the look you want! Please email for more information. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499. Visit our website for more info on the services and products we provide –

hair half up half down


As London Fashion Week comes to an end, we’ve decided to share our favourite looks straight from the runway! From intricate braids to sleek updos, we’ve put together a few of the most inspirational runway hair styles, all of which can be achieved at our London blow dry bar!

1 – Braid Alert. Preen and Bora Aksu are amongst the designers who chose braids for their SS18 shows at LFW. The variation in braided hairstyles shows how creative you can get with your braids and there is no reason for them to be boring! Whether it’s a low messy braid or a subtle one wrapped around your low bun, you can rest assured that you will look chic regardless.


2 – Sleek updos. Can these ever look bad? We don’t think so! At our blow dry bar in London we love upstyles. They’re easy to achieve and instantly elevate your look. If you’re attending an event, we personally love the last two! Naeem Khan and Jeremy Scott chose the below sleek updos for their runway shows.


3 – Wave it up. Remember the days where only straight hair would debut the catwalks?! Well, those days are long gone! Messy waves are a favourite amongst hairstylists and this is no different for runway shows. Mix it up by adding subtle braids in between your waves or creating an edgy look with a wavy fringe – no doubt that will speak for itself! Adam Selman and Jill Stuart ensured their models’ hair game was strong during the shows, and they definitely didn’t disappoint! If you are interested in Fashion look at the Latest Fashion for Men.


Did you attend London Fashion Week this season? If so, we would love to know your thoughts on your favourite runway looks and what styles inspired you! At our London Blow Dry Bar we can recreate all your favourite looks for you and your girls! Get in touch by emailing for more information.


Preparing For London Fashion Week, September ’17

September is officially here, and we all know what that means! Fashion month craze is once again upon us. The best part about Fashion Week is all the pampering and ‘treating yourself’ you can actually get to do. With shows starting remarkably early and continuing through the entire day, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your hair, nails and lashes done! To make it easier for you to achieve these looks, we’ve recapped some of the best street styles from NYFW that we hope to be recreating for you in our London blow dry bar this week!


1 – Soft Waves. Probably one of the biggest hair trends right now. Ideal for short, mid and long hair, this hairstyle won’t disappoint. It elevates the entire look and gives you that glam feel! The soft waves are incredibly versatile too and if you’re the type of girl looking to keep hair off your face during shows, a half-up messy bun also looks chic with this hairstyle.


2 – Straight Blow Dry. One of the easiest looks to achieve – a sleek, straight blow dry! Straight hair will never go out of style, so if you are looking for something simpler and faster to achieve, this is definitely your go to look! Mix it up by elevating the look with a little bit of volume and trying out different partings.


3 – Sleek Updo. One of the key parts of Fashion Week is to feel comfortable whilst looking all chic and glam at the same time. If you ask us, the easiest way to achieve this is by creating a sleek updo! Whether it’s a ponytail or a messy bun, upstyles are a major trend right now ideal for mid and long hair.

Whether you are looking to come in first thing in the morning or during show breaks for a ‘pick-me-up’, here at aer we’ve got you covered! We are open from 7:30am till 7:30pm, making it convenient for you to get the complete LFW look at our blow dry bar in Chelsea, not having to worry about doing it yourself! I mean, why not catch a breath of aer during the craziness of Fashion Week?!

Looking After Coloured Hair In The Sun

The summer is here and finally with warmer days, it’s starting to feel a bit more light and fresh outside. If you’ve got coloured hair, this means you’re much more prone to it getting dried out in the sun and you have to take extra special care of it. We offer a range of treatments in our London blow dry bar and these are crucial to prevent breakage and restore shine and moisture. Before a blow dry, you can treat yourself to a personalised Kerastase Fusio Dose or Oribe hair treatment. We also offer Olaplex, the infamous hair treatment that repairs colour treated, damaged or brittle hair.

If you’ve bleached it or opted for balayage, the salt water, sea and chlorine aren’t things renowned for keeping your hair in great condition. But, you can have fun in the sun and still keep your tresses looking good. Here are some tips:

Give it a rinse!

The first step for looking after colour-treated hair in the summer is to give your hair a good rinse before you get in the pool/sea. This is because wet hair is actually less absorbent than dry hair so this little trick reduces damage from chlorine. Easy enough!

Condition, condition, condition!

We can’t say enough about leave-in conditioner – it’s a lifesaver for dry hair anyway, so of course it would work wonders for hair that’s been coloured and dried out even more. If you know you’re going out, try to prevent the damage by adding conditioner before you leave the house. It adds a layer of protection!

Cover up that mane!

Whether you’re going for a scarf or a hat, we recommend covering your hair when you’re out in the sun to avoid damage. If your scalp can retain moisture and you’re provided with extra UV protection, you’re already preventing the damage. The perfect way to look after colour-treated hair!

Opt for the oil

Another way to coat the hair with a layer of protection? Coconut oil! To seal in moisture and make it harder for the other stuff to cause any damage (chlorine mainly!), this is the stuff to put on. It helps with hydration which is what colour-treated hair needs.

Use suntan lotion

It protects your skin so it makes sense that it would protect your hair! Add this to your routine while you’re on holiday and massage it into your scalp to protect your coloured hair that extra bit.

Credit: NDTV

Rinse and repeat

As soon as you’re done with your beach or pool day, it’s a good idea to wash your hair as soon as possible. Why? This removes any build-up and gives you a chance to restore your hair before any real damage is caused. Use lots of conditioner!

At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to give your hair the love and attention it needs. As well as blowdries and cuts, we also offer a range of haircare treatments and we’d be happy to help you find the right one for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

aer’s Lash Bar: Our Eyelash Services And What We Offer

Eyelash extensions have been around for a while, but recently they’re getting more and more popular. With so many different options available from LVL lash lifts to cluster clashes, you can find the perfect style for you. Individual lash extensions are currently our favourites because they look incredible and when properly applied, cause no damage to your natural lashes creating an effortlessly glamorous look.

Here’s a breakdown of our lash services and what we offer at our blow dry bar in London so you can decide which one is the best fit for you!



Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a revolutionary eyelash treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier natural looking lashes. The lash extensions are applied with a strong lash glue to the lash only, and  The bond is designed to last until the natural lash has finished its cycle and both the natural lash and extension will fall out together.

Avoid using oil based products, rubbing on your eyes regularly or tugging on the lashes harshly – this may cause extensions to fall out faster. Infills are needed to maintain a full look, and lash extensions typically last 6-8 weeks. Everyone’s natural lash cycle is different so how often you get infills will depend on your individual cycle.


Image from Nouveau Lashes


Slightly different to lash extensions, cluster lashes are clumps of lashes bound together in a “v” shape. Clusters come in various densities as well as lengths. Additionally, since cluster lashes apply several eyelash extensions at one time, application time is shorter than individual extensions. These are a good option if you’re looking for something temporary and don’t want lashes that last too long, as these typically last 10-14 days. The main difference between cluster and individual lashes is that lash extensions are curled like natural lashes, whereas cluster lashes are made up of a few strands fanning out – this makes them more difficult to blend in with your natural lash line. They’re better for a dramatic look!



Image from Treatwell



A lash curl is a long-lasting treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting them from the root and giving them a natural curl. A silicone pad is used to lifts each lash individually which adds an appearance of volume to your eyelashes. If you’re thinking about this treatment, it’s great if you already have relatively straight lashes and don’t often need to use lash curlers! If you combine this treatment with a lash tint, you don’t even need to worry about mascara! It lasts 6-8 weeks so it’s great if you’re looking for something long term that you don’t have to top up or worry about.


A lash lift is a lifting technique designed to give you longer-looking lashes. Previously, perming rods were used but now with new technology and materials, silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only. Unlike a traditional lash perm, this creates a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open. Similarly to the lash curl, the results are immediate and last 6-8 weeks. It creates a mascara-type effect so you don’t have to top up or worry about your lashes for two months!

Photo From Nouveau Lashes

There’s no better than leaving a salon and feeling confident and really happy with your new style. Eyelashes really make a difference to your beauty routine – think about how much time you would save every morning if your lashes were ready to go as soon as you woke up!

We really want to give you to pick the perfect eyelash style for you. At our blow dry bar in London we offer a range of different lash treatments and we’d be more than happy for you to come in for any other service or offer you advice if you’re not sure what the next step should be! We’d be happy to help you find the treatment or style that is right for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

Short Hair And Why We Love It

Short Hair And Why We Love It!

August is here and summer is the perfect time to make a drastic change. We know that committing to a new style is a tough decision and one that you’re likely to think about for a while before you know whether you’re certain or not but at the moment, we’re all about short hair. We know that when you’re considering it, you’ll be wondering whether short hair will suit you, how short you should cut it and how long it will take to grow back if you don’t like it and there are so many other questions that we’d love to answer for you to help you feel more comfortable. Pop into our blowdry bar in London for some advice if you’re thinking about taking the plunge.

At the moment, we’re really loving the shorter hair style. Maintaining long hair can be difficult and if you find it a struggle or something that takes up too much of your time, opting for the chop might be the right thing for you. To see if it’s the right look for you, have a look at some of our favourite celebrities currently rocking the shorter style. Whether you want to wear it down in loose waves or dead straight, this is a versatile look that is really on trend at the moment.


Instagram | Dua Lipa

Instagram | Maya Jama

Instagram | Rita Ora

Instagram | Olivia Culpo

Instagram | Kristen Cavallari

There’s nothing better than leaving a salon and feeling confident and really happy with your new style. The medium chop is the best option, (and looks great as you can see above) if you want a change but don’t know if you’re ready to completely ditch your long locks.

We really want to give you the chance to pick the perfect style for you. At our blow dry bar in London we offer a range of different haircare treatments and as well as blowdries and we’d be more than happy for you to come in for any other service or offer you advice if you’re not sure what the next step for you hair should be! We’d be happy to help you find the right treatment or style for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info. Short hair, don’t care!

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

All About The Braids: 12 Styles We Love

All About The Braids: 12 Styles We Love

Festival season is a big time for braids but our favourite thing about this style is that it’s popular all year round – it’s easy to maintain, stylish and keeps your hair out of your face. This week, Alicia Keys unveiled her new look – bright, colourful braids. This got us thinking about all of the plait and braid hairstyles that we have yet to try and want to create this summer. With such a range of options from ponytail and boxer braids to fishtail and French, it’s hard to know where to start for the perfect plait hairstyles. Here are 12 looks we love for the ultimate braid inspiration:

Alicia Keys |

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

Our braid bar gives you the chance to pick the perfect style for you. At our blow dry bar in London we offer a range of different haircare treatments and as well as braids, we’d be more than happy for you to come in for any other service! We’d be happy to help you find the right treatment or style for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

Bridal Hair: Our Favourite Looks

We love wedding season and now that we’re in the summer months, it’s the perfect time to start looking at some of our favourite styles. With so many things to look forward to, how you’ll be having your hair on your big day can be a difficult task. To take the panic out of your wedding hair, pop into our blowdry bar in South Kensington and have a chat with our team so we can make your vision a reality. We’re also happy to offer inspiration and ideas, depending on what it is you’re looking for. A simple up-do, a cute bob or a soft wave are all looks that we love to create.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. A low ponytail is classic and timeless:

Credit: Getty Images

2. A braid is sophisticated but also low maintenance:

3. A soft, loose curl with a delicate floral headband is a classic to-go:

4. A soft up-do with loose waves at the front and a headband is elegant and combines two styles together:

For picture perfect hair, come and visit our blow dry bar in Kensington. We know that picking an outfit, flowers and a venue are all tough but deciding how you want your hair? That’s a challenge we can help with. Whether you want something on trend, something classic and timeless or a mix between the two, we’d be happy to help on your big day!

At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to accommodate your bridal hair needs wherever possible! We really love making your special day as wonderful as possible, and our team are full of ideas. As well as bridal upstyles, we also offer hen parties at our London blow dry bar.  If you would like to hire the store, we also have this option. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.




Summer Loving… For Your Hair

During these summer months, hair naturally gets drier and needs a bit of TLC. With braids, pinning and lots of heat to create perfect curls, it’s important to look after your hair as much as possible. Getting rid of the glitter and removing the stubborn dents will need more than a quick wash, and this would be the ideal time to come in to our blow dry bar in London for one of our hair treatments.

Before a blowdry, you can indulge yourself with a personalised Kerastase Fusio Dose or Oribe hair treatment. We also offer Olaplex, the infamous hair treatment that repairs colour treated, damaged or brittle hair.

We’ve come up with five ways you can look after your hair at home in the summer months before coming in for a much deserved treatment!

1. Get that shine back

Use a protein-based moisturising treatment at least once a week. This will restore moisture and elasticity.

2. Protect your scalp

If you find that your scalp is dry and flaky, sunburn and dehydration are both possible causes. By wearing a hat in the sun and applying suntan lotion to the skin on your parting, this can help relieve dryness and itchiness. Massaging coconut oil and leaving on overnight can also help.

3. Make that snip

With split ends, there is no way to get rid of them other than cutting them off. Being in the sun, swimming and using heat on your hair are all causes but with regular conditioning treatments and trims every six weeks, split ends are less likely to occur.

4. Moisturise!

If you’ve noticed your hair isn’t at it’s healthiest, moisturising is crucial. Sun-damaged hair needs a lot of attention and a concentrated hair-conditioning treatment or mask can make all the difference. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse for soft, shiny locks.

5. Be gentle

Brushing out your hair roughly and not being gentle with it is another way that hair can get damaged really quickly. Things like using a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, applying a leave-in detangler and sleeping in a silk hair cap or on a silk pillow are additional things you can do to keep your hair healthy on holiday.


At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to give your hair the love and attention it needs. As well as blowdries and cuts, we also offer a range of haircare treatments and we’d be happy to help you find the right one for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

Bridal Upstyles

Wedding season is upon us! As the weather starts warming up and flowers start to bloom ahead of the long awaited summer, it’s time to get excited for dresses, invitations, corsages and of course hair!

Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest we’ve got your bridal upstyle covered!  At our blow dry bar in London we have selected upstyles for hair for each.  We hope this will provide you with some gorgeous inspiration ahead of the big day.  Enjoy!


We are in love with this soft upstyles, with loose hairs at the front of the face.   It’s perfect to adorn with summer flowers, jewel hair clips for a more contemporary vibe or as they are!

Mother of the Bride

At our London blow dry bar we love these elegant chignon buns, perfect for the Mother of the Bride!


This contemporary take on bridesmaids hair with the fishtail boxer braids style will turn heads for all the right reasons!

Wedding Guest 

If you’re a wedding guest this summer, why not go for a classic half up/half down style or if not we love these two different takes on the low hair bun.


At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to accommodate your bridal hair needs wherever possible!  As well as bridal upstyles, we also offer hen parties at our London blow dry bar.  If you would like to hire the store, we also have this option. Please email for more info.

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Sun Awareness Week: Haircare in the sun

As part of Sun Awareness Week which is taking place this week until Sunday 14th; we are sharing our top tips for your haircare in the sun.  Whilst the sun can give your hair beautiful highlights and glow, it can also be extremely damaging, causing dry, faded and limp hair.  In order to retain that sun kissed glow with gorgeous healthy hair, at our blow dry bar in London we have put together some of our favourite haircare tips to ensure protection from those harsh UV rays!  Planning for summer holidays? Read on for your haircare guide.

  • Hair treatment. Before you jet off, be sure to book in for one of our nourishing hair masks or heat treatments at our Hair Spa at our London blow dry bar to lock in hair moisture and get your locks holiday ready! Complete your treatment with a blow dry and you’re ready to go.   Read more about our hair spa and treatments here.
  • Kerastase Soleil Range.   Before you jet off, stop by our London blow dry bar to pick up this fantastic Kerastase range.  From the hair mist for very dry hair to the anti-damage shampoo, this treatment is great to protect coloured hair in the sun too!


  • Wear a hat, the sun is at it’s strongest between midday – 3pm so be sure to cover up and protect your hair during those times especially.

  • Keep hydrated.  Make sure you drink lots of water to nourish your locks and maintain their moisture.
  • Use the cooler setting on your hairdryer.  Your hair has already been subjected to enough heat so tone down the setting on your hairdryer to avoid further damage.
  • Wet hair. Before you get into the pool or sea, use the shower facility to wet your hair – it absorbs a lot less chlorine and salt rather than dry hair.
  • Hair mask.  Sleep with an overnight hair mask to rejuvenate your locks. Check out the Kerastase Soliel Range in-store for some great options.
  • Relax! Whilst on holiday, it’s important to give your hair a break from it’s everyday routine, free yourself from styling tools and let your hair loose!

We hope these tips have inspired you to consider your haircare routine for this summer of if you’re off on holiday! And if all else fails, embrace the beach babe look!

To book into our Hair Spa, call 020 7244 9499 or visit We also offer beauty treatments to get you holiday ready from manicures to London eyebrow threading, we hope to see you soon to catch a breath of aer!


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Met Gala 2017 Hair & Beauty Round Up

Never plan anything the morning after New York’s annual Met Gala ball, you’ll end up being late due to all that Instagram scrolling!  This year was no different, mid scroll we were mesmerised by Rihanna’s extravagant look and surprised at Kim Kardashian’s understated dress and makeup; as usual we weren’t short of surprises!

In case you haven’t had time for a good browse, here are our top Hair & Beauty looks from this year’s Met Gala extravaganza, enjoy!

Starting with Rihanna, who never fails to disappoint when it comes to making an entrance. Rihanna’s dress was made from bonded laser-cut satin inspired by 18th century punks! Complete with fuschia pink eye make up and an elaborate top knot, Rihanna rocked her statement beauty look just as much as her incredible dress as well as staying true to the Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons theme.

Gigi rocked a tousled upstyle and cat-eye for her gorgeous look!

Behati Prinsloo’s tumbling hair waves are giving us serious hair envy!

We are obsessed with Zendaya’s incredible hair and and bold lip.

Lily- Rose Depp’s glossy upstyle and gorgeous pink dress is the perfect combination! We love this look!

Supermodel Queen Gisele glows with this lovely high ponytail, showing off her gorgeous earrings.

Surprising everyone with a more demure, understated look, Kim Kardashian teams her neutral makeup and poker straight hair with a white Vivienne Westwood dress.