Meet the team: five minutes with…

Meet the team: five minutes with…

We’re excited to introduce another member of our team as part of our ‘Meet the team’ series.  This month we’re chatting with our stylist Valentino, we hope you guys enjoy this interview!

Why did you want to work in the hair industry?

I always had a passion for fashion and hair design since I was a kid- when I was a child I remember that I was looking at people and imagining them with a different outfit and hairstyle.  When I was 17 I decided to leave the school and start working as a hairdresser. I didn’t care about having a degree or a masters; I wanted to be an artist. I knew from the first day at work that working in the hair industry would be what I would do for the rest of my life.  For me it’s an art, I love to be creative and express myself with it.

What do you enjoy about working at aer?

Aer is a really nice blowdry bar. I love the atmosphere in here…very relaxed…everyone is friendly and calm…the clientele are fantastic!  I love the team! Very professional, always with a smile on the face and always available to help each other…it’s what you call the “dream team”.  For me it’s the perfect place to work as I really enjoy styling hair.  Everyday it’s a pleasure to go to work!

What has been your favourite hair trend of the summer?


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I would say beach waves and also the sleek back and high ponytail has been my favourite hair trend this summer.

Dream client?


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Christina Aguilera.

Number one hair care tip?

– Don’t overwash coloured hair (it can lose it’s sheen quickly with too much washing).
-Avoid very hot water, use shampoo on the scalp only, not on the ends of your hair.
-Brush your hair twice a day, from the bottom up.
-If your hair is damaged put a small amount of a good moisturising oil (pure oil) everyday on the ends.

What is your ideal way to spend a weekend in London?

I love food! So definitely a good restaurant (Italian possibly) to start with.  Mayfair is great to enjoy a good pre-party cocktail in one of many cocktail bars in the area.  If I’m in a dancing mood (always lol) in Kensington there are few places that I love. One of my favourite is “the roof gardens” in Kensington High Street.

Celeb hair crush?

Zayn Malik.


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Fave aer blowdry?

Cape Town


Which film inspires you? 


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Life is beautiful

Holiday Bucket List? 


Thank you to Valentino for this fantastic interview, we look forward to introducing another member of our team to the blog next month!