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What is eyebrow lamination, and why might you want it?

We have to admit that there always seems to be a brand-new trend coming out in the world of skincare and beauty. This is particularly true for your eyebrows. One trend that has risen in popularity for eyebrows of late is brow lamination, but what is it, and how does it work? 

What is eyebrow lamination? 

Sometimes eyebrow lamination is called an eyebrow perm, although the process of eyebrow lamination leaves your brows shiny and smooth rather than fluffy. Those who have brow lamination are left with shiny brows, ideal for those worried that their brows are too thin or unruly. 

Whilst eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent procedure; it does not involve needles or colouring used during microblading.  

How do you laminate your eyebrows? 

The first thing that your eyebrow technician will do during the process is applying a cream to your brow, which lifts the hairs. Then the hairs will be brushed upwards, which helps to pull them into a uniform vertical direction.  

After this, they will apply a neutraliser product which will remove the “perming agent” and will seal your brows into place.  

The final part of the process is to apply a nourishing oil, which will prevent skin irritation and dryness of the hairs on your eyebrows—caused mainly by the chemical perming agent.  

Why choose brow lamination?  

Already have your favourite eyebrow procedure or product? Not sure that you want to make the switch to brow lamination? There are many great benefits to brow lamination that you may not have thought about. 

It is quick and easy and, for the most part, can be done in about an hour. The effects of brow lamination are temporary and, if you want them to really last, you will need to repeat the process every couple of months. The treatment doesn’t cost as much as other eyebrow treatments. But still has excellent results.  

Brow lamination is ideal if you are worried that your eyebrows look thin and sparse. This could be due to your age, or it could be down to the fact that you have overplucked them or over waxed them in the past.  

Some people choose brow lamination if they are worried that their brows lack shape or unevenness. They may also pick it if the brow hairs are unruly or tend to go in different directions even if they are brushed down, and gel is used.  

If you are thinking about having brow lamination, then you need to take your time to make sure that you find the right place to have it done. You want to ensure that they are experienced in the process, that they are licensed and regulated.  

They should be able to show you a portfolio of their work, and they will be able to advise you on what treatment is right for you and whether you are likely to have any side effects or need to have follow up treatments.  

You can book eyebows Lamination Treatment at our Blow Dry Bar in London

How to deal with greasy hair

Ho to deal with Greasy Hair

Do you constantly wash your hair, use specific shampoos, but always end up with greasy hair after a day?

If you feel like you are going crazy and there is no other way than to wash your hair every day, you are in the right place! In this article, we will suggest to you how to solve the problem of oily and greasy hair!

Thanks to the sebaceous glands that are on the scalp, in normal situations sebum is produced which is able to perform a protective action with respect to external aggressions: however stressful situations, hormonal variations and wrong diet can lead to imbalances.

When excess sebum occurs, the hair is flat, shiny and greasy. Washing your hair too often does not help, especially when wrong products are used.

Here are the effective remedies for a new “hair” routine capable of restoring beauty and lightness to your hair.

Cleaning your Scalp

The shampoo is often thought to be sufficient to properly cleanse the scalp, but this is not the case, especially if you notice greasy hair after a day.

In fact, on the scalp, especially if in the presence of a lot of hair, styling residues, excess sebum, dust or dead cells tend to accumulate, difficult to remove only with shampoo and which, over time, tend to suffocate the scalp worsening the situation.

For this reason, it is important to start using a deeper scalp cleaning, able to smooth and refresh the skin. To do this, just look for peeling or exfoliating shampoo.

Use the right shampoo

Use the right Shampoo

Promising advertisements can draw attention to products that don’t really help solve the problem. To help hair health, look for a shampoo for frequent use in pharmacies or in natural products stores or also in salons, the shampoo you are looking for is not very foaming and is also useful for those who go to the gym or does fitness because it can be used every day.

Reduce quantities!

According to the studies on average, we use excessive quantities of shampoo, with the risk of weighing down the hair and causing damage to the scalp. To decide the right amount of product, of course, it is important to consider case by case: the equivalent of a walnut can be enough for medium lengths. Soaping the head completely with large quantities of foam is a very nice look… but … it is not good and, moreover, it worsens the problem of greasy hair.

How to wash the hair

No rushing! To wash hair well using the right amount of shampoo, the technique is essential. Massage the scalp with slow, circular movements. Do not forget the area of ​​the neck and ears, then act from the head to the tips. Finally, rinse with abundant water so as to eliminate all traces of shampoo. Although it is a common habit, it is preferable to avoid a second wash: one will be more than enough.

Hair stylist chelsea

Let the experts deal with the style

When having naturally greasy hair is recommended to let an experienced hair stylist doing your hair as they they know how to properly style your hair without exaggerating with the blow dryer obtaining a great style for your hair that will last at least 3 days.

You can book a blow-dry in our blow dry bar in London 

How To Regrow Thinning Eyebrows

How To Regrow Thinning Eyebrows

Your eyebrows may be a small part of your face but they can have a huge impact on your overall look and confidence. Looking after your eyebrows and keeping them neat and tidy can also be quite difficult which is why our threading service is so popular. But what should you do if you notice your eyebrows starting to thin?

Can you regrow thinning eyebrows? Well, the good news is you can sometimes but the first thing you will need to do is to find out why your eyebrows are thinning in the first place. This could be for a number of reasons one of the most common being over-tweezing.

Tidying and neatening up your eyebrows requires care, patience and practice many people who do their own eyebrow care fall victim to overdoing it and thus causing their eyebrows to look very thin. Some people also just naturally have thinning eyebrows so even with proper care your eyebrows can start to look thin again after a while.

Eyebrow hair will grow back normally but it can take a while the average time for an adult is around 60 – 65 days. However, if the area has been tweezed a lot then the hair follicles might be damaged which could mean it will take much longer or the worst-case scenario is that they might not grow back at all.

Eyebrow hair follicles are very sensitive which is another good reason to come to us for your threading and eyebrow care as well as skincare and many other treatments. But if your eyebrows simply aren’t growing back or you would like to try and speed up the process what can you do about it?

Growing Your Eyebrows – What Can You Do? 

There are many different ways you can attempt to regrow your eyebrows but be warned no one method has a 100% success rate.

There are many popular home remedies out there that people will swear work one of the most popular being castor oil treatments.

While this might be a popular remedy and plenty of blogs and social media posts highlight it there is very little evidence that it actually works. So, don’t get your hopes up with this one.

There are other similar eyebrow and eyelash growth serums available which are again a little flimsy when it comes to evidence.

To ensure your best chance of success stick with more scientifically-backed solutions. Minoxidil treatments are one popular choice, these treatments do help promote hair growth however they usually come in a liquid form rather than a mousse or spray. So, using a Minoxidil treatment around your eyes is likely to be very difficult.

Many people instead opt to use Latisse which is the first FDA-approved product designed to help eyelashes grow longer, thicker and stronger. These benefits are also passed over to eyebrows as well you’ll be glad to know.

There is a lot of evidence to show that Latisse treatments can help eyebrows look and feel much thicker and fuller.

How much of an effect it will have can vary but it can tackle the issue of thinning eyebrows quite well.

Although you might need a threading treatment from us afterwards if the Latisse causes them to grow more than you expected! But at least you won’t have thin eyebrows anymore.

The problem with Latisse is that it is only available through a prescription so it can take some time to actually get it. Many people who use Latisse also find they need to keep applying it afterwards as well or their lashes will quickly start to thin out again.

Microblading is another way to tackle thinning eyebrows which is also known as eyebrow embroidery which should give you an idea about how it works. Small incisions are made around your eye and pigment is used to create fuller shaped eyebrows.

Once done you will have thick, strong-looking eyebrows that will last for around 12 months before fading away again.

Microblading will give you your desired eyebrows for a time but it can be expensive with initial costs starting at around £500.

Check out our Eyebrows Threading in our London Blow Dry Bar

If that is more than you want to pay then you can also use makeup and fillers to shape your brows to make them look thicker. This won’t last long in most cases but topping them up and shaping them again will usually be quite quick.

So, that finishes up our look at how to tackle thinning eyebrows. There are a lot of ways you can tackle this problem and it’s much more common than many people realise.

Whether you opt to use a hair growth treatment, microblading, or to fill them yourself you can get your eyebrows looking thick and full once more.

Blow dry Bar Kensington

8 reasons why we believe we have the best blow dry bar in Kensington

Now we know that the blow dry bar market is a busy one and there are plenty of other bars just like us in the London area.

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar we really do believe that we have the very best blow dry bar in the whole of Kensington.

Want to know why we think that? Well, we have 8 reasons to share with you. 

We believe in quality 

One thing that is always for sure with us here at Aer Blow Dry Bar, it is that we want to make sure that every client that walks through our doors, walks back out feeling amazing. With this in mind, we always focus on the quality of the hairstyle that we give everyone. We want to make sure that you feel as amazing as possible.

We take our time 

There are plenty of other salons and bars out there that want to get as many customers as possible through their doors on a daily basis, however, this is not the case with us. Sure, we get busy, but it is always our aim to take our time with every single person who comes to us. We never want to rush through your experience, we want you to feel that you have been truly taken care of. 

We are always professional

Whilst we like to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere within the bar, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to be professional. Every single member of our team is dedicated to providing the very best service and making sure that we always approach our customers in the right way. 

Our staff know what they are doing

As well as being great with customer care, the members of our team are all trained and experienced to a high standard. This means that they always are going to know what they are doing or what they need to do for you and your hair. 

You can relax when you are with us

Everyone deserves a spot of pampering and relaxation from time to time and this is definitely something that we can offer at Aer Blow Dry Bar. We want you to be able to forget all your worries, at least for a short while and simply enjoy some time which is all about you. 

We will give you helpful advice

Aside from making sure that your hair looks amazing when you leave the bar, we also can help you to try and keep your hair in the best condition possible in-between appointments. We are able to give you plenty of helpful advice which will ensure that you can take proper care of your hair. 

We cater to any occasion 

Big party coming up? Maybe you are off to a wedding? Fancy a treat just for yourself? Or perhaps you are heading to a job interview and you want to impress? It doesn’t matter what the occasion, with Aer Blow Dry Bar you will be able to find exactly the style that you are looking for. 

We are always friendly and welcoming 

From the moment that you walk through our doors, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. That is why we work hard in creating a warm, welcoming and friendly environment that people love to visit time and time again.

Want to see for yourself just how amazing we can be here at Aer Blow Dry Bar? Why not come and see us in Kensington and see if we are able to deliver all these things and more. 

How to match nail colour with outfit

How to match your nail colour to your outfit

When you are putting an outfit together you are going to need to carefully consider each and every part to make sure that it looks its best. Colours need to complement one another and not clash, else you could end up looking nowhere near as good as you hoped. One part of your outfit that you might not even think about, but that is still important is your nail colour.

But how do you make sure that your nail colour works with your outfit? Especially without making it obvious?

match nails

Match all your nails to really complete the look

One of the most obvious ways to make sure that your nails match the rest of your outfit is to make it match perfectly. You can do this by choosing a nail colour that works perfectly with one of the colours that you are rocking (or the only colour if you have picked something subtle).

Contrast with the main colour in your outfit

nails and outfit

Of course, having nails that perfectly match your outfit is the safest option, but that isn’t always the most exciting of choices. A different approach to take is to contrast your nails with your outfit, think primary colours such as red with a blue outfit or yellow with a green outfit. These colours might not complement each other, but they do work together to create a contrast.

Think about your accessories and match them

There is a good chance when you are putting together your outfit that you will also think about which accessories you want to go for. If your outfit is relatively plain in colour (think white or black) and that isn’t going to work for your nails, then why not match your nail colour to your accessories rather than your outfit?

Stay away from nail art if your outfit is printed

Prints are big in fashion and they look amazing no matter your shape or size. The only trouble with prints is finding anything to match them.

Plain nails might not seem the most exciting of choices, but nail art on your nails might actually clash with the print on your outfit. That said, don’t be afraid to go for some sparkle or a simple stamp as, if you keep it basic, it can actually add into your overall outfit.

Fancy treating yourself to some professional nails that you can be proud of? Why not come and see us at the Aer Blow Dry Bar? Of course, we create amazing hairstyles, but we also have staff on hand to take care of your nails too, offering a range of nail treatments. All of which will really help to make sure that your outfit looks amazing.

Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, which means that you are going to want to make sure that your eyes always look their best. There are a number of ways that you can do this and one of the most popular beauty treatments out there for your eyes are eyelash lifts and eyelash extensions.

Both treatments are known to increase your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. However, they are different and offer different things. Not sure that you know the difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts? Well, take a look at some of the things that sets them apart.

All about eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, the idea of eyelash extensions is that they take your natural eyelashes and transform them. This is not only by giving them additional length, but also volume and thickness too. Eyelash extensions can be made from a variety of materials, include faux-mink, silk and synthetic. Each one has its own price bracket and level of natural look.

The extensions are either applied as a cluster to your natural lashes, or as individual strands of lash-like fake lashes, these are glued in place, much like you would with a strip lash, but only much more complex and they must be applied by a professional who is fully trained and knows what they are doing.

The pros and cons of eyelash extensions

One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that they look amazing. You only have to see someone fluttering their newest lashes to know that they are a worthwhile investment. They are great for people who have barely any lashes or that feel self-conscious about their sparse lashes or short lashes. They also encourage ladies to take a much more natural approach to their make-up, often because they feel happy because their lashes look amazing.

The bad thing about eyelash extensions is that they require quite a look of upkeep too, especially when it comes to washing and drying them to keep them looking at their fluffy best.

All about eyelash lifts

An alternative to eyelash extensions is having an eyelash lift. Essentially, a lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. It takes the natural lashes that you have, no matter how short and stumpy they are and transform them into the fluttery lashes of your dreams. They do this with a chemical solution that is applied to your lashes, before they are glued down to a silicon shield which pulls them up as the chemical solution sets. Lash lifts are usually completed with a lash tint, which makes them look darker as well as longer and curly.

The pros and cons of eyelash lifts

Compared to applying lash extensions, lash lifts are relatively low cost and budget friendly. Whilst they will need doing again, the results usually last as long as 8 weeks (depending on how well your hair holds a curl). This means that they are much better for someone who has a tight budget.

They are also great for those who want a low-maintenance way to make sure that their lashes look amazing. Whilst you should avoid getting them wet during the first 24 hours after the treatment, after that, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet in the shower.

You can even wear mascara on top of your lashes, even after a lift. This means that you can opt for a natural look during the day, then perhaps pop on a bit of mascara for the evening.

One negative to a lash lift, especially when you compare them to extensions, is that you are probably not going to get the same effect as you would with extensions. The results that you can expect to achieve will also depend on your own natural lashes, not exactly ideal if you want lashes that are fluttery and flirty.

Which one is best? Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

The thing to remember with both of these treatments is that there really isn’t one that is better than the other. Sure, the results with an eyelash extension are definitely going to be more visible than with just a tint, however, the upkeep is so much more. You really need to think about which is going to match your lifestyle and the time that you have and then you can pick a treatment that is right for you.

If you are not sure which one is going to work out best for you, then why not discuss the results that you want to achieve with an expert? They will not only summarise the differences between the two treatments, but also whether or not they are going to give you the look that you crave.

You can book an appointment with our Beautician in here

Whether you choose an eyelash extension or an eyelash tint, one thing is for sure, you might as well make sure that you feel great all over. Treat yourself to a new outfit, or two and maybe even arrange for a facial or another beauty treatment.

Last, but definitely not least, there is your hair. Come and see us at the Aer Blow Dry Bar and book in for one of our amazing updos or blow dry treatments and you can make sure that you feel absolutely gorgeous, from your head to your toes.

Eyebrow Shapes for your Face Shape

It’s time to talk about eyebrows! Everything that you need to know about your brows!

They may not seem like the most important thing to think about, but your eyebrows are so much more important then you may realise. Not only do they protect your eyes from anything coming from on top of your head, but they also go a long way to creating your look too.

The thing about eyebrows is that it can be hard to look after them properly, and not only this, but it can also be tricky to know which way to go when it comes to shape and style.

Here at Aer Blow Dry Bar, we know a thing or two about hair, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know about eyebrows. So, with this in mind, we have put together our guide to all thing’s eyebrows and all the important stuff that you need to know to ensure that yours look perfect.

How to know which brow shape will work with your face shape

When it comes to our faces, we know that no two are the same, however, that said, there are a variety of different face shapes out there which are similar. Knowing your face shape can really help with the choices that you make for your hair and even for the make-up that you choose too. Another thing that you should never underestimate is how your face shape can have an impact on the eyebrows that you go for too.

So, what style of the eyebrow is going to match your shape of face?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common face shapes and which eyebrows match them.

Round Faces

Those that have round faces (Adele and Kelly Clarkson are two examples of this) need to stay away from other round shapes on their face. Now, of course, an eyebrow is never going to be a circle, but there are some styles which are much more rounded than others. These are not the best option, instead, you are going to want to opt for a high arch in your eyebrow shape also for men, this will stop your face appearing quite as broad and will open up your eyes and lengthen your face.

Heart shaped faces

A heart-shaped face can look truly beautiful, especially on someone like Reese Witherspoon, however, what you will realise about Reese is that she knows which eyebrow shape is going to work best with her face. High arches are a big no-no as they are far too dramatic for the chin area, however, a low arch, slightly rounded and curvier brow is going to be the ideal complement to the top of the face.

Square Faces

When you think of a square face, chances are that you think of someone like Keira Knightley. One thing that you will notice about Keira is that her eyebrows are set in a strong style. This is to ensure that they are balanced and just as attention-grabbing as the stronger lower part of the face, namely the jawline. A barely-there, the thin brow is never going to capture the same level of attention, so this is definitely reason to stay away from this style.

Oval faces

Oval faces are known to be a truly beautiful face shape as it means that everything is in perfect harmony, rather than one part of the face being stronger than the others. In order to keep this balance, those who have oval faces should try and opt for softer eyebrows, as this will keep the balance that is seen in the rest of the face.

Long faces

Long faces like Sarah Jessica Parker are known to be a strong look, those who have long faces will want to opt for an almost straight brow, eyebrows that are flat and long, this will help to widen the face and take away from some of the overall length.

Taking care of your eyebrows

Now you know more about the type of eyebrow shape that you need to be rocking, it makes sense that you are going to need to understand more about how best to take care of those eyebrows.

Always encourage growth

The first thing that you should remember is that your eyebrow hair is just like the hair on your head, in order to make sure that it looks its best, it needs to grow. In order to encourage growth, you need to make sure that you are getting plenty of Vitamins A, C and E in your diet, you also want to try and apply natural oils to the eyebrows too in order to get them to grow better.

Avoid over plucking

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your eyebrows at home, however, it is vital that you never, ever over pluck them. It can be tempting to really go to town on them, especially when they are looking messy, but not only can this lead to you having eyebrows that are not quite the style that you hoped for in the short-term, but you may also find that in the long-term your eyebrows will be thin and you will find that they don’t grow very well.

Visit a professional

Whilst you can tidy up your eyebrows yourself, if you really want to make sure that your eyebrows look perfect, then you are going to need to visit a professional.

You can choose threading, plucking or waxing, all three of these work really well, however, what you need to remember is that a professional is not only going to know the right shape for your face but also be able to carry out the perfect technique to minimise pain and make sure that your eyebrows look beautiful too.

Think that it is about time that your eyebrows had a bit of a makeover? Feel inspired to change them up? Why not book in to see us here at Aer Blow Dry Bar? Based in London and offering a wide range of hair and beauty services, we are the place to come when you want to transform the way that you look and leave feeling like a brand new version of yourself.

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Halloween Makeup Idea

Halloween Make-up Ideas 2019

Whilst Halloween is a great time of year, for those who struggle with costume or make-up ideas it can be a relatively stressful time. After all, you are going to want to make sure you make an impression, but, for most people, you are going to want to still look great. Particularly if you are heading to a party or event.

Halloween Makeup London

There are plenty of people who will pop a pair of cat ears on and call that their outfit, but what about those of us who want something a little different? Something that is really going to stand-out.

These people are going to want to get some make-up inspiration to really make sure that they don’t blend in. To help inspire you, we have put together some of the best Halloween make-up ideas for 2019. All to make sure that you look and feel amazing come to your Halloween party, event, night out or simply just if you are planning on trick or treating with your kids.

Halloween Makeup London

An evil mermaid

Glitter might not seem like it is particularly terrifying, but given a Halloween twist it can be pretty impressive. Mermaids are a great Halloween option, sure, they can be cutesy, but if you mix in some darker coloured glitter, maybe even with a drop or two of fake blood, then you are going to create a sea monster that is going to have people fishing to find out how you created your look.

Skull face

Now, this may seem like an obvious one, but more often than not, the old ones are the best. The great thing about skull faces is that they are easy to mix with a suit or something black, making a Halloween costume, not to mention the fact that there are so many variations and styles out there to choose from, that you can definitely make sure that you put your own spin on things. You can also use this as the basis for a couples costume idea, as it works for both men and women.

Pennywise the clown

Not for the faint-hearted, not only is this make-up style pretty darn terrifying, but it can be tricky to do too. There are lots of guides online to help you to recreate this monster clown look, but you may find that you need to give yourself plenty of time to try and recreate this (or even better, find someone else who can do it for you).

A broken doll

There seems to be more and more doll based horror films at the moment, which means that dolls are becoming scary again. You can opt for a simple doll face make-up if you are short on time, just don’t forget the red lips and freckles. However, if you want to give it a spooky spin, then why not opt for a broken doll instead? It is the same base, but you add in plenty of cracks and lines to your face, which can make your face appear even scarier.


Zombies may seem obvious, but there is a reason why they keep appearing in the Halloween make-up rundown time and time again. Zombies are scary, that is a fact, and there is so much that you can do with this style that it is easy to customise. Some may opt for a Walking Dead realistic zombie, whilst some may decide that a more cartoony, green zombie is a better approach.

Pop art person

Most of us love the art prints made famous by Andy Warhol, however, you might not realise that you can bring this look to life using some careful make-up techniques and a whole lot of bright colours. We really like this idea for a party as it is not only different, but it is a sure-fire way to get noticed too.


For those who are short of time, or are not feeling particularly creative, a vampire might be the best option. For this look you are going to need incredibly pale skin which you then need to team with bright red lipstick and some dark and dramatic eyes. Then you will be one step closer to creating a vampire look which will have Dracula himself impressed.

We hope that these ideas have helped to inspire you for your Halloween plans. The trick is to try and think about not only what you can do, but also the amount of time that you have. You also want to think about the type of event or party that you are going to, as you are going to want to keep it suitable.

If you think that you could do with some support when it comes to making the most amazing Halloween look, then you might want to come and check out the Halloween event at Aer Blowdry Bar.

We have organised a spooktastic time on Saturday the 26th and Thursday the 31st of October. Not only will you be able to book in to have your hair styled by one of our amazing team, but we are also offering appointments with a beautician, for amazing Halloween nails and slots with one of the 5 make-up artists who will be transforming guys and girls into ghosts and ghouls.

If this wasn’t enough we also have Prosecco and a party atmosphere, which means that you are sure to leave our London based blow dry bar, not only looking great but also ready to hit your party or event too.


Eyebrow threading for men, a must try!

Eyebrow threading might not be something that you instantly think of when you consider male grooming. However, it may be just the treatment that you are looking for. So, what are the benefits of eyebrow threading for men? What makes it a must try treatment?

What is threading?

As the name suggests, threading your eyebrows involves using two pieces of cotton thread. These pieces are entwined and then moved over your face in a fashion that will remove hairs as they go. It is completely natural and does not rely on the use of any chemicals, which makes it great for your skin. Even skin that is particularly sensitive or prone to reactions.

It isn’t about shaping

We know that one concern for men when it comes to eyebrow threading is that they are going to be left with feminine looking eyebrows. The idea behind eyebrow threading is that it is more about cleaning up your eyebrows, not shaping them. It is designed to clean up stray hairs that have grown around your eyebrows. Particularly those finer hairs that may not seem so problematic, but that can have an impact on how you look overall.

It will brighten up your face

If your eyes look shadowy, then this is likely to give you a dull and tired appearance. Even if you are not feeling that way. Because eyebrow threading tackles those finer hairs that often form around your eyebrow, it is able to give your entire eye area a clean and clear look. This will boost them and ensure that you look awake and ready to go.

It can make you look younger

Now, we are not claiming that eyebrow threading is a miracle worker, however, as you are tidying up those rogue hairs around your eyes, you are likely to look much younger and fresher than you otherwise would.

Threading is gentle yet quick

Of course, individual plucking of an eyebrow is a great way to ensure that you get the exact look that you are hoping for, however, it is incredibly time consuming. Waxing is much quicker, yet the adhesives used during the process can have an impact on your skin, particularly if you suffer from sensitive skin.

So, the answer comes in the form of threading. Threading not only removes hair quickly, but it also provides an accurate and thorough way to remove even the finest of hairs.

One question that we are often asked is whether or not it hurts? Of course, any method of hair removal is going to have some amount of pain associated to it, however, we think that it isn’t that bad, particularly when you compare it to having other parts of your body waxed.

Think you might be ready to brave the thread? If this is true for you, then why not check out not only threading but other men’s skin care treatments that we offer? We can make sure that you look and feel amazing, without having to worry about looking like you have just stepped out of a beauty salon.

Find in HERE the Treatments we offer.

Nails polish trends

2018 Summer Nails Trends We Love!

Having our nails done is a treat that is perfect no matter the time of year, however, there is something extra special about having your nails transformed just in time for a spot of sunshine.

nails trends

Think it is about time for you to treat yourself to a spot of summertime nail loving?

Then why not check out some of the hottest trends that are about to rock your world this summer.

Baby Pink

Okay, so we have to admit that pastel shades might not be the dream for everyone, but if you are looking for a fresh and flirty approach to summer nails then you can’t go far wrong with a touch of baby pink. Think candyfloss and ice cream and you about hit the nail on the head with the right shade to go for this summer.

Cherry Red

Deep, dark and rich with just a hint of fruit. We love cherry red and we are not just talking on our lips. Ideal for taking you from the beach to a bar, red nails make you feel like a sexy senorita, who is ready to dance the night away.

Mermaid Nails

It seems like mermaid inspired fashion and beauty is everywhere at the moment and for good reason too. When it comes to mermaid nails we are thinking beautiful blues and greens with just a subtle hint of glitter, good enough for any sea queen to be seen in!

Gothic Black

Now, when you think of summer nails, chances are that black isn’t the first shade that comes to mind. However, the great thing about black is that it works no matter the time of year. If you are worried about it being too dark and, well just a little drab, then why not add a bright or sparkly accent nail or some delicious stamping over the top? Don’t forget to add a hand crema after the nail polish application. Best of all, when you opt for black you have a shade that works with anything.

Just Glitter

It is no secret that we are partial to a touch of glitter, and sometimes, if you are thinking about what to team with your favourite sparkles, the truth is just to go for it with them alone.

Glitter will not only have you ready for the night out, but will make you feel like a disco princess, even if you are having a staycation this summer, and to be honest, when you see your friends holiday pics, you are going to be thankful to have something to take your mind off of having to stay at home.

Whilst, here at Aer Blowdry Bar we are experts in creating amazing hairstyles, we don’t ever want to limit ourselves to this, which is why we make sure that our clients feel great from top to toe. With this in mind we are proud to offer our amazing nail service, ideal for special occasions, before a holiday, or simply just to make sure that your nails look amazing.

Check out the link:   Nails Services we offer

benefits of lashes extensions

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If there is one beauty treatment that we love indulging in here at Aer Blowdry Bar it has to be lash extensions. Of course, the main reason for this is to ensure that we have flirty, fluttery lashes that are just crying out to be admired, but along with this, there are a whole host of other amazing benefits to opting for lash extensions too.

So, what are they? Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might want to book in for a summer lash extension treat.

Lash Extensions enhance the natural beauty of your eye

Our eyes are one of the features that most people will notice about us, which means that they are a feature that you are going to want to enhance. One of the best ways to make sure that your eyes look the best that they can is with lash extensions. Lash extensions work with your existing eyelashes, making them appear longer and fuller, which is often the exact look that you want to go for.

You don’t have to worry about wearing mascara in the heat

Have you ever spent the night dancing away in a nightclub, only to catch sight of yourself with sweaty mascara streaks all down your face? If this is true for you, then perhaps you ought to consider trying out lash extensions before you head away on holiday.

We love the fact that with them you don’t have to worry about mascara, which not only helps with your make-up regime but also makes sure that you don’t have to battle with panda eyes come to the end of the night lol

They are durable and long lasting

Worried that your lashes aren’t going to last through those hot days at the beach? Well, the truth is, when you turn to an expert for the treatment, you can be sure that they will stand the test of time. No matter how long you dance the night away or sit in the sun soaking up the rays. They will stand strong.

Lash Extensions won’t interfere with your sunglasses

One concern that many women have about rocking lash extensions during the summer months is that they are going to rub and interfere with their sunglasses. Not exactly ideal for the summer. However, the great thing about lash extensions is that you can choose how long to go, meaning that they will work around your own needs.

Thinking that you want to try out lash extensions for yourself? Here at aer Blowdry Bar we take great pride in being able to offer a professional and high-quality lash extension service. Carried out using the best lashes and by experts, you can be sure to leave our salon feeling like a million pounds and looking like it too!

Father's day gifts ideas

Father’s Day Grooming Gift at aer Blow Dry Bar

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we are pretty excited about Father’s Day. Not only does it mean that we get to show our own dear old dad’s just how special they are to us. But we also get to help you to treat your dad’s too.

Father's day gifts

To ensure that your dad feels as great as you think he is, we have put together a guide to all the different grooming gifts that you can book in for him to enjoy. Available in our London Blowdry Bar, all you have to decide is which one you think he will appreciate the most.

Eyebrow threading

men threading

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a touch of grooming. Eyebrow hairs like to misbehave, particularly as you get older, which means that you need to find new and inventive ways to tame them. Eyebrow threading is ideal. Not only does it keep eyebrows neat and tidy, but they also do so with minimal fuss too. Ideal for even the manliest of men.

More info here

Manicures and Pedicures

When it comes to nails, whether finger or toes, the common misconception is the that the only treatment that you can have is to transform them into something bright. This really isn’t true, and to prove it we offer our manicure and pedicure service which is designed entirely for men. Ideal for making sure that your nails are healthy and look their best, it is also great for those men that spend most of their time not taking good care of their hands or feet.

More info here

Eyebrow Tinting

Even men could do with a spot of a tidy up on their eyebrows from time to time. Especially if they have any hair loss or patches on their brows that look out of place. Eyebrow tinting might not be a treatment that instantly jumps to mind with men, however, it can be incredibly useful and ideal for those guys who like to take care of their appearance. Something that is happening more and more nowadays!

More info here

Shampoo and Massage + Blow Dry and Styling

For many men, their hair is their crowning glory. So, if your dad is lucky enough to still have a good head of hair, despite his advancing age, then make sure that you embrace this for Father’s Day. We are experts in all things hair and we take great pride in being able to transform any men’s hair into something that amazing. Not only this, but our shampoo and massage service will ensure that he can sit back and just let any of his stress simply melt away.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to book in your dad for his very own treatment package. With our help, he will not only be able to relax and unwind but also enjoy spending his Father’s Day being taken care of by our expert team too!


man-icures, and many other services!

As some of you may or may not know, we don’t only offer services for ladies, but also for gentlemen! With the recent increase of men wanting to look good, feel good and look after their appearance, we wanted to be part of this huge trend. So, if you want to come in with your other half, brother or male friend, why not do so?! Now the both of you can get pampered at our London blow dry bar!


1 – Man-i-Mondays. Or any other day of the week! With the constant 9-5 grind, our hands can get super dry (yes, this is aimed at you men too!), nails can get long, and hands can generally look untidy. So why not get a quick tidy up at our nail bar whilst your other half gets a blow dry?!


2 – Threading. We all know the importance of ‘eyebrows on fleek’, and this goes for men too in some cases! Whether you want them completely reshaped or just a tidy up, we’ve got you covered at our Chelsea blow dry and beauty bar!


3 – Massages. We recently introduced massage services at aer. From eye soothing, neck and shoulder massages to Indian head massages, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up during your lunch break or post work!


So, what better way to end February than to treat yourself to these services at our London blow dry bar, whilst your other half treats herself to a blow dry? If you’re both in need of a little pampering, or simply need a quick 20 minute pick-me-up, then these are perfect for you! To enquire more please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


A new month comes attached with fresh and new ideas, which is always so exciting! And things are getting even more exciting here at aer, because this month, we’re launching new beauty services at our Chelsea blow dry bar! Our beauty bar has always been packed with amazing treatments such as manicures, pedicures and eyelash treatments – but this year, we wanted to include something different and really give our customers a taste of really getting pampered! So, what are we waiting for? Keep reading to find out all about our newly added beauty treatments!


1 – Eye Soothing Massage. The perfect little treatment for those with tired eyes, dark circles and eye bags. If you’ve had a long week, then this is ideal for you! You’ll feel instantly refreshed in 20 minutes! If you work around the area, then this is the perfect pick-me-up treatment for just £25.


2 – Head and Shoulder Massage. Possibly one of the most relaxing treatments known. Need a little de-stress session during your lunch break or after your 9-5 job? Then this is perfect for you! Whether you’ve got knots that need to be eased or just want to treat yourself, this will make you feel instantly refreshed in 20 minutes, at just £25.

3 – Indian Head Massage (No Oil). Indian head massages have been around for a really long time, proving signs of improvement in many areas. The massage increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which stimulates hair growth – I mean, who thought a head massage would increase your chances of growing your hair?! Amazing! This treatment is with no oil, lasting 20 minutes for just £25.


4 – Indian Head Massage (With Almond Oil). Not only would this increase nourishment and stimulation for hair growth, but the use of almond oil on hair adds extra nourishment and strength to the hair. Almond oil is also known for treating hair loss and damaged hair. A few drops go a long way and will add silkiness and shine, as well as hydrating the scalp! This treatment lasts 30 minutes at just £35.


So, what better way to start February than to treat yourself to these new beauty services at our London blow dry bar? If you’re in need of a little pampering, or simply need a quick 20 minute pick-me-up, then these are perfect for you! To enquire more please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


Christmas and New Years couldn’t come round any sooner! Can you believe Christmas Eve is just 5 days away, and we’ll be leaving 2017 behind in a few days too?! If you still haven’t sorted out your beauty plans for NYE, don’t fret! Our Chelsea blow dry bar is now taking bookings for NYE which includes in-store make-up services. You will be able to get fully dolled up with us, from start to finish… with a glass of bubbly in hand of course! Express make-up consisting of the eyes and lips will be available for just £35. If that, however, isn’t doing it for you, you can opt to have a full face makeover for just £55! And you know, because of this New Years shindig you might even want to throw some glitter and amazing lashes on, each for just £12! We’ve put together a few party make-up looks just to inspire you, we look forward to welcoming you to aer and recreating these looks for you!

1- The Natural Look. A full face of make-up is not always for everyone, therefore some people might choose to go for a more natural and understated look which works great for both, day and night! If you’re looking for some simple eye shadow, mascara and a subtle lip, the Express Make-Up option is perfect for you! What are you waiting for? Book with us now!


2- Heavy Eyes. Who doesn’t love a statement eye look, right?! From tons of eye shadow options to lashes and glitter, we offer add-ons for just £12! This looks always works best with a softer lip, accentuating the eye/brow area a lot more! Why not go for the whole package and get your brows perfectly threaded too?!


3- Bold Lip. You can never look overdressed with a bold lip, it’s just such a classic, statement look! From deep, rusty rose tones to bright red and taupe, we’ve got you covered at our London blow dry bar!

At our Chelsea blow dry bar we can recreate all the make-up looks you’re inspired by to make you glow, look and feel the best version of yourself this New Years. There is still time and we’re still taking bookings for Christmas Eve and NYE, don’t miss out! For more info regarding opening times and to book, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.


It’s November, which officially means the countdown for Christmas has begun. What better way to celebrate the upcoming party season than to inspire our readers with an #aergiftguide for your friends, family… and yourself! Our London blow dry bar offers an extensive range of services, but we’ve picked our favourite ones for this party season to share with you, with love!

1 – Blowdries. Our blow dry bar in Chelsea is known for our signature blowdries. From big bouncy ones to understated ones, if you have a gal pal who is #blowdryobsessed, why not treat her this Christmas? We all love a little pampering, especially a good wash and blow dry… don’t we?! Below, we’re sharing some of our favourite signature blowdries – from short hair to long hair, we’ve got you covered!


2 – Hair treatments. These are great if you’re looking to go all the way with repairing damaged hair or just need a pick-me-up before the real cold hits us! We offer the Olaplex hair treatment and the Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment. For more info on these treatments, you can visit our website and find them under ‘services’.


3 – Nail Bar. Here at aer, we LOVE a good manicure! The perfect way to relax and feel fresh, because we all know there’s nothing like a #freshmanicure! Show us your nail inspo and let’s get creative with colour! Alternatively, if you prefer the simple and understated look, we’ve got you covered too!


So many ideas and so exciting! If none of these tickle your fancy when treating your friends or yourself, we also have a beauty bar offering lash and brow services. You can view all our products and services on our website. Our gift cards are perfect for someone special. They are available in any amount, and can be sent over email or collected in-store. Email us on or call 0207 244 9499 to make a purchase.


With Christmas time quickly approaching, we’re sharing some of our favourite lashes picks with you, to inspire you for the party season! Get inspired and join us at our London blow dry bar to recreate these looks!

1 – Lashed out. Get inspired by letting your hair down and really working on those lashes. To achieve these looks, try out our lash lift treatment which will instantly elevate your look! Our lash lift treatment tends to last between 6-8 weeks. Perfect for evenings out and for daytime au natural! Complete this look by trying out our eyelash tinting treatment to create a darker look!


2 – Upstyles for hair x Lashes. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much we dig upstyles for hair! Specially during the party season when they’re at full swing. Lashes tend to stand out a lot more if your hair is tied up. Our lash curl treatment is perfect for this occasion, lasting from 6-8 weeks! If you’re feeling spontaneous, why not try our eyebrow tinting and threading to complete the look?!


These ladies are giving us major #lashinspo which we can’t wait to recreate for you in our blow dry bar in Chelsea! From eyebrow threading to eyebrow tinting and our lash services, we can create the perfect Party Look for you! To enquire more, please email for more information on our services and availability. Alternatively, you can book online or call us on 02072449499.

aer’s Lash Bar: Our Eyelash Services And What We Offer

Eyelash extensions have been around for a while, but recently they’re getting more and more popular. With so many different options available from LVL lash lifts to cluster clashes, you can find the perfect style for you. Individual lash extensions are currently our favourites because they look incredible and when properly applied, cause no damage to your natural lashes creating an effortlessly glamorous look.

Here’s a breakdown of our lash services and what we offer at our blow dry bar in London so you can decide which one is the best fit for you!



Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a revolutionary eyelash treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier natural looking lashes. The lash extensions are applied with a strong lash glue to the lash only, and  The bond is designed to last until the natural lash has finished its cycle and both the natural lash and extension will fall out together.

Avoid using oil based products, rubbing on your eyes regularly or tugging on the lashes harshly – this may cause extensions to fall out faster. Infills are needed to maintain a full look, and lash extensions typically last 6-8 weeks. Everyone’s natural lash cycle is different so how often you get infills will depend on your individual cycle.


Image from Nouveau Lashes


Slightly different to lash extensions, cluster lashes are clumps of lashes bound together in a “v” shape. Clusters come in various densities as well as lengths. Additionally, since cluster lashes apply several eyelash extensions at one time, application time is shorter than individual extensions. These are a good option if you’re looking for something temporary and don’t want lashes that last too long, as these typically last 10-14 days. The main difference between cluster and individual lashes is that lash extensions are curled like natural lashes, whereas cluster lashes are made up of a few strands fanning out – this makes them more difficult to blend in with your natural lash line. They’re better for a dramatic look!



Image from Treatwell



A lash curl is a long-lasting treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting them from the root and giving them a natural curl. A silicone pad is used to lifts each lash individually which adds an appearance of volume to your eyelashes. If you’re thinking about this treatment, it’s great if you already have relatively straight lashes and don’t often need to use lash curlers! If you combine this treatment with a lash tint, you don’t even need to worry about mascara! It lasts 6-8 weeks so it’s great if you’re looking for something long term that you don’t have to top up or worry about.


A lash lift is a lifting technique designed to give you longer-looking lashes. Previously, perming rods were used but now with new technology and materials, silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only. Unlike a traditional lash perm, this creates a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open. Similarly to the lash curl, the results are immediate and last 6-8 weeks. It creates a mascara-type effect so you don’t have to top up or worry about your lashes for two months!

Photo From Nouveau Lashes

There’s no better than leaving a salon and feeling confident and really happy with your new style. Eyelashes really make a difference to your beauty routine – think about how much time you would save every morning if your lashes were ready to go as soon as you woke up!

We really want to give you to pick the perfect eyelash style for you. At our blow dry bar in London we offer a range of different lash treatments and we’d be more than happy for you to come in for any other service or offer you advice if you’re not sure what the next step should be! We’d be happy to help you find the treatment or style that is right for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email for more info.

Book online or call 020 7244 9499.

Lashes we love!

With our lash services in full swing at our London blow dry bar, we’re sharing some of our lashes we love picks for Spring!

Gorgeous Lily Collins giving us serious lash inspo for Spring!

Warmer weather is on approach and with blue skies and blossom in the trees all around London we’re excited for summery days and later nights!  Forget the mascara, it’s all about the natural look this season.  To achieve this, why not try our lash lift or lash curl treatment. A lash curl is suited to those with straight lashes giving them a natural curl eliminating the need for eyelash curlers or mascara. Complete the look with an eyelash tint if you are fair or have lighter lashes.

A lash lift works on giving the illusion of length allowing the eyes to appear more open too!

If you’re looking for something more glamorous, why not try the semi permanent lash extensions for longer, thicker, curlier lashes.

Make your lashes stand out with an upstyle just like the beautiful Keira Knightley!

Our cluster lashes treatment at our blow dry bar in London are perfect for a day or night out, whether it be a weekend wedding or birthday drinks alongside our upstyles for hair service this flirty lash style has got you covered! With several eyelashes applied at the same time, this treatment saves time and has you ready to go before you know it!

For instant glam try our cluster lashes service, seek style inspiration from the stunning Olivia Culpo.

To read more in detail about each lash service check out our blog post here, or have a look at our website. What are you waiting for?  Book in with us and flutter those lashes

Images: Pinterest 

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, be sure to take advantage of our special packages at our London blow dry bar and spoil your mum with a lovely treat!

Book in for one of our packages over March 24th- 26th at our blow dry bar in London;

Mother + Daughter pamper package – £110

2 blowdries, 2 file + paint, 2 glasses of champagne 

Mother + Daughter chill package – £90

2 blowdries, 2 ten minute head massages, 2 glasses of champagne 

Book in for our packages here.

You can also purchase one of our gift cards for any amount, collect via email or in-store.  Treat your mum, she deserves it this weekend! Click here for more details.

Whether you’re spending it with your mum, friends or loved ones, have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! x

Images: Pinterest 

Men’s grooming

It is no longer frowned upon for men to spend as much time in the beauty aisle as women – we have seen a big increase in the amount of male beauty products and services available.  So today we’re talking all things men’s grooming!

Influencer Gregory DelliCaprini Jr after his aer blowdry 

We recently had male influencer Gregory DelliCaprini Jr (@gregoryvelvet) visit us for a fabulous blowdry at our blow dry bar in London, check out his site here.

Behind the scenes with @gregoryvelvet on Insta Stories.

So guys listen up, men’s grooming is where it’s at and we hope to inspire you with some of our treatments that may suit you at our London blow dry bar!


Do you have slightly longer hair? Looking for a professional hair wash and dry and to save yourself time; our expert stylists will be on hand to offer you a wash and blowdry to get you ready for the day or night!


Looking to tame those unruly brows? Why not try our eyebrow threading service to tidy them up?  For more on our London  eyebrow threading services check out our post here.  As well as offering eyebrow threading in London for men, we also offer full face threading too – from upper lip threading to chin and neck threading check out our range of threading services here.   


Tidy up those hands with some nail maintenance! There’s more about our nail services here or you can call 020 7244 9499.

We hope to see you in-store soon!

Images:, Instagram- @gregoryvelvet, Google images 

Eyebrow threading

Today’s post is for those of you who are new to eyebrow threading, whether you’re looking to try it out or are simply just curious to know more about this treatment, read on!

At our London blow dry bar we are offering a special package for eyebrow threading newbies; three brow threads in three months for £45.

At our blow dry bar in London, in addition to eyebrow shaping and tintingeyebrow threading is on the menu!

Are your brows unruly, lost their shape or looking for a refresh, we are here to help with our Bring Back your Brows service! This ancient Indian hair removal practice can help to define your brow shape which in turn adds definition and structure to your face.  It is often underestimated how effective properly shaped brows can be to your overall look. As part of our London eyebrow threading service we create your perfect brow arch using a cotton thread and twisting technique our therapist will beautify your brows over the course of the three months with three appointments.  On average the process only takes about 5-7 minutes due to the fast technique used!

Threading is all about precision and attention to detail, it’s able to reach even the tiniest of hairs right from the follicle with a 100% cotton thread giving you a really polished look upon completion, there is also less visible regrowth of hairs.  It is also better for the skin around your eye due to it only targeting the hair leaving little chance of irritation.  Here’s some celeb brow inspo to inspire you!

Jourdan Dunn

Kourtney Kardashian

Margot Robbie

This is the perfect package to getting your brows back on track!  If you would like to know more or to book in for our Bring Back your Brows three month package, please call us on 020 7244 9499.

Images:, Cosmopolitan, Getty images, Pinterest 

Locks & Lashes

We can’t believe we’re almost through January, the new year is in full swing and we don’t want you to miss out on our fabulous winter packages.  This week we’re talking locks and lashes, two of our favourite treatments available at our blow dry bar in London.  So we’re happy to share that you can now book the two together as part of our winter packages;

aer blowdry and cluster lashes (half set) = £55/£60 (for long/thick hair blowdries)

aer blowdry and cluster lashes (full set) = £80/£95 (for long/thick hair blowdries) 


Individual lashes are applied on top of your natural eyelashes with a special adhesive by our technician, creating a very realistic effect.  Lashes should last between 6-8 weeks with refills at around 3 weeks.  If you are new to eyelash extensions we recommend you check out our Flutter those lashes blog post here talking about our new Lash Bar with everything you need to know about this treatment and what to expect.  Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7244 9499 or email

To inspire your locks and lashes look, we’re leaving you with our top picks for blowdries and lashes.  Don’t forget to take advantage of these fabulous packages, finishing on February 10th.

Celebrate making it through January Queen Bee style with beautiful hair waves and long lashes!

We couldn’t blog about lashes and hair without including another style icon, none other than Brigitte Bardot.  Why not recreate her classic sixties look with a beautiful bouncy blowdry and lash extensions, topped off with some flattering cat eye liner!

To continue your sixties vibe, after day two or three of your blow dry pull your hair back into a low bun adding some volume at the front.  By this point your hair will have plenty of texture too. Complete this look with a pair of statement earrings, perfect for a night out!

If you’re looking for something simple and sleek, seek inspo from lash lover Kim Kardashian; wear your blow dry straight and glossy tucked behind the ears to accentuate your lashes for maximum impact!

Images: Google images 

Winter Packages

Blowdries and manicures go together like coffee and cake, you can’t really have one without the other; that’s why we’ve introduced some exciting winter packages at our London blow dry bar.

To beat the winter blues we are offering the following packages at our Kensington store;

Blowdry & manicure for £55 or £60 for long/thick hair

Blowdry & gel manicure for £65 or £70 for long/thick hair 

Valid until February 10th

At our blow dry bar in London we have a range of blow dry styles to choose from.  Flick through our iPads in-store to find your favourite or check out our Lookbook here for hair inspo!  If there’s a particular style you have in mind, feel free to bring along your own ideas and our expert stylists will be on hand to recreate your dream style.

We use both Essie & CND nail polishes at our London blow dry bar, with a fabulous colourful selection to choose from in both ranges!  Sit back at our nail station and treat your winter hands to some much-needed therapy.

To inspire your colour choices for your London manicure check out some of our suggested combinations for different occasions;

Date night

Classic bouncy blowdry and glossy red nails are sure to wow your date.  Blonde hair creates an even more glamorous look with this style too!

Everyday neutrals 

Busy week ahead full of meetings and catch ups with friends?  Opt for a neutral nail colour such as a gorgeous nude, grey or pale pink and a no fuss blowdry.

Matchy match

We love this elegant look of matching your nail colour to your hair colour.  This gorgeous dark brown is perfectly suited to blogger Lolita’s beautiful brunette hair colour and chic blowdry.

Up your game!

Have you an upcoming glamorous party or event?  Go for a metallic shimmer for your nails and a textured blowdry, accessorising with some sparkle or floral embellishment.

At our blow dry bar in London we are also offering blowdry and lashes winter packages including;

Blowdry and cluster lashes (half set) for £55

Blowdry and cluster lashes (full set) for £80

These packages are also available until February 10th.

Book now to avoid disappointment and treat yourself this January with these fantastic offers. Book here or call 020 7244 9499.

Images: Google images, Pinterest, Nylon, Instagram: @aerblowdrybar, @lolitamas, @fairytalekiss_

New Year Hair & Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year to all our clients and readers!

For our first post of the year we’ve decided to share ten of our New Year Hair & Beauty Resolutions that will inspire you in 2017 to help look and feel your best.

1. Ditch the mascara

With the introduction of our new lash bar at our Kensington store we have several options to enhance your lashes so you can say bye to clumpy mascara or smudged eyes at the end of the day. Read more about our eyelash service at our London blow dry bar here.

2. Save time

The hours saved on washing and styling your hair by simply booking a blow dry are many! Sit back and let us do the work for you with a wash and blowdry London style, leaving you with beautiful hair ready to go for that early morning meeting or after-work drinks.  A good blow dry lasts up to four days allowing you to make the most of your hair style. Book in for one of our blow dry options here or why not try our upstyles for hair service.

Gorgeous blogger Jade from @fairytalekiss looking beautiful after her aer blowdry. Check out Jade’s blog here.

3. Give your brows the attention they deserve

Brows are extremely important for framing the face and and can often be easily overlooked.  In addition to blowdries we offer eyebrow threading in London and eyebrow shaping and tinting.  Read more about these services here.

4. Stop biting your nails 

A popular New Year’s resolution, let our manicure services help you achieve this one! If you opt for a gel manicure your nails will be protected with durable polish making them difficult to bite! Your nails will also have a chance to grow due to this longer lasting manicure.  Book here.

5. Look after your locks

As well as blowdries you can purchase one of our add-ons such as a blissful scalp massage or luxury hair treatment such as the Kerastase Fusio-Dose.  We also have a wide selection of luxury products at our blow dry bar in London to care for your hair from Kerastase to Oribe that can be purchased in-store.

6. Invest in your hair

77% of women say they have a better day when their hair feels great, whilst 71% of us admit we lack confidence on bad hair days (Stylist magazine, July ’16).  By purchasing our 6 or 12 blowdry packs you are saving money as well as investing in your hair styling, providing your hair with the right care and styling throughout the year! More info on our aer packs here or give us a call on 020 7244 9499 to book.

7. Eat more fruit & veg

Yes we agree this is a rather predictable one but it’s so important for healthy hair and skin! Apples are great for fighting hair loss and adding volume to thin hair.  Try eating figs to strengthen your hair and minimise breakages.

8. Switch up your catch ups with friends 

Instead of your usual cafe, why not switch it up this year?! At our blow dry bar in London check out our calming catch up space and grab a coffee with friends whilst being pampered!

9. Enhance your hair colour 

We have recently introduced the revolutionary hair colour service Olaplex to our Kensington blow dry bar.  Give your hair a boost for the new year and book in for this popular treatment here.

10. Try something new

Our expert team are always on hand to advise you of the best possible styling for your hair. With their advice step outside your comfort zone and try a different blow dry style to your usual choice or one of our upstyles for hair.  Or why not branch out from your standard manicure colour or beauty service. You may surprise yourself!

We look forward to seeing you at our London blow dry bar soon!

Images: Pinterest, Google images, Instagram (@aerblowdrybar, @fairytalekiss, @kerastase_official).

Eyebrow tinting

As you may know, in addition to blowdries we offer a range of beauty treatments at our London blow dry bar.  This week we wanted to share the benefits of one of our popular services, eyebrow tinting.   Bored of penciling in your brows, want more definition to your face?  Eyebrow tinting at our blow dry bar Kensington store is just what you need!


Treatment area at our London blow dry bar

What are the benefits of eyebrow tinting? 

If you are fair or have fine brows then an eyebrow tint can help to enhance your brows, add thickness and frame your face better.

If you’ve over plucked your brows in the past and they are now uneven or in need of some thickness, a tint can help create a fuller illusion.


If you’ve noticed discolouration to your brows (as we get older our brow hairs can change colour) a tint would be perfect to conceal these.

Always on the go? If you haven’t got much time to pencil in your brows every day and want a quick solution, tinting is the answer!  Save time in the mornings and avoid the risk of smudging your penciled-in brows throughout the day by getting a professional eyebrow tint.

Lastly, if you just want more definition, colour and structure to your brows tinting is the way to go!  Even if you have dark brows, an eyebrow tint can pick up on hairs you didn’t realise you even had! Enhance your facial features and add volume to your brows.

How does the treatment work? 

This treatment is quick and painless.  Using a semi-permanent vegetable-dye the tint lasts for 3-4 weeks.



Eyebrow Queen Cara Deleveigne


Emma Watson


Emilia Clarke


Mila Kunis

Images from Pinterest.

At our blow dry London bar we offer a package for 6 eyebrow tints for £48 or an individual eyebrow tint is £12. You can also book an eyebrow tint in conjunction with an eyelash tint for £23.  For more info and to book click here.

Flutter those lashes

They say that eyes are windows to the soul, so why not dress them up and flutter those lashes!  To help you do just that we are thrilled to introduce our lash bar! Our new lash service at our blow dry bar in London offers semi-permanent lash extensions, cluster lashes, lash curl/ lash lift treatments and lash removal.


You may have a few questions about these treatments so read on for more info.

What are semi-permanaent lash extensions? 

An individual eyelash is applied directly to the top of the natural eyelash with a special adhesive by a technician.  The client will be lying down with protective patches around the eyes. If you are fair you can take advantage of our eyelash tinting London services prior to the application of lash extensions.  The eyelash extensions usually last between 6-8 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions Winnipeg MB

At our blow dry bar Kensington salon we offer both full set and half set options, with a refill after 2-3 weeks. A full set of lashes takes 1 hour 15 minutes and a half set about 45 minutes.

Natural eyelashes grow from the root so will not be affected by the application of semi-premanent lashes because they are applied on top of the lash. They can be worn regularly if the correct maintenance and aftercare is followed.

How about cluster lashes?

At our blow dry bar in London we also offer cluster lashes which are bound together in a “v” shape applying several eyelash extensions at a time with a shorter application process than the individual lashes.  These cluster lashes last around 10-14 days and the treatment takes 15 minutes for a half set and 30 minutes for a full set.


What is a lash curl/lash lift? 

These treatments are designed to give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl or lift without the need for eyelash curlers; lasting around 6-8 weeks the procedure takes an hour to complete.


At our London blow dry bar we also have lash removal services, for prices click here.  You should always have your eyelash extensions professionally removed.

Any one of these treatments at our London lash bar are fantastic for events, parties and weddings.  If you are an active person who is an avid gym goer or a busy mother who does not always have time for makeup these treatments could be just what you’re looking for.

As part of our November Specials we are offering a complimentary eyebrow tint with any lash bar service.  This includes eye lash extensions, cluster lashes and eye lash perm/curl.

Available every day from 10am-7pm except Tuesday and Sunday.

Please call 0207 244 9499 or book online here.

Get your spook on!

Pumpkin spiced lattes, autumnal leaves all around and dark chilly nights; Halloween is coming so it’s time to get your spook on!

It seems like anything goes for Halloween these days! Celebs go all out whether it’s Heidi Klum dressing up as a giant butterfly or Beyonce as a bumble bee, get creative and think outside the box.


Image credit: Queen B as a bee for Halloween

Nothing is out of reach and the more creative you are the better. Scary, cute or fantastical we hope these celeb ideas will help you decide upon your costume. But if all else fails you can always grab a white sheet and throw it over your head!

To get you makeup ready we are offering a day of Halloween makeup on Saturday 29th October 3-8pm in our London salon where we are collaborating with makeup artists In Your Dreams.  For more info call 020 7244 9499 or book online here.


How fun would it be to dress up as Cher from Clueless in her signature classic yellow plaid suit?!


Image credit: google images

Harry Potter

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this surely has to be your favourite time of the year?! Choose from an array of characters at Hogwarts or unusual creatures, and remember don’t forget your wand!


Image credit: google images


Kourtney Kardashian and her kids dressing up as super heroes last Halloween! Why not do the same with you family or a group of friends?!



We love this Maleficent costume from blogger Carrie of Wish Wish Wish, those horns are killer!


Image credit: Instagram @wishwishwish

Harley Quinn

Check out this makeup tutorial by My Pale Skin on Youtube of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad film, click here.


The Fash Pack 

Kim and co dressed up as the ultimate fashion pack including Anna Winter and Karl Lagerfield last year, why not create your own scary Vogue editor look!


Image credit: Instagram @kimkardashian

101 Dalmations’ Cruella de Vil 

Iggy Azalea as Cruella de Vil!  Got a pair of plaid monochrome trousers- you’re half way there with this look!


Image credit:


Gigi Hadid looking amazing as Sandy from Grease at one of Heidi Klum’s Halloween parties.


Image credit:


It seems that every year there is always a fun interpretation on the ‘creepy doll’ theme and we’re loving Fergie’s look dressing up as a creepy Pageant Queen doll!


Image credit:

The Flintsones

Jeremy Scott in orange and black as Fred Flinstone.


Image credit:

Movie stars 

Kimberley Stewart as Uma Thurman’s famous role in the iconic film Pulp Fiction.


Image credit:

Day of the Dead

Adriana Lima worked this selfie with her Day of the Dead face paint and floral crown.


Image credit:


Main blog header image by Lauren Gherardi (