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Are you looking for a hair salon which offers the best threading service in London. Aer Blowdry Bar Limited is offering threading services which includes full face, upper lip, facial threading.
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Threading is the removal of unwanted hairs using a 100% cotton thread. Threading has the ability to get super fine hairs, so there is less visible regrowth. We swear by threading as the go to technique to define and shape your eyebrows. On average, eyebrow threading takes 5-7 minutes. Thus it allows technicians to move with more speed than with tweezing. When done by a professional, the result is cleaner, more natural and beautiful eyebrows that can dramatically change the look of your entire face.


full face £50

eyebrow shape £17

middle of brows £5

upper lip £10

lower lip £5

side of face £15

forehead £10

cheeks £10

neck £10

chin £10

upper lip thread 6 pack – £48

Each upper lip thread is £8 ***

eyebrow shape 6 pack – £75

Each eyebrow shape is £12.5 **

** Valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Non transferable and can not be combined with any other offer